How Paid Marketing Helps Small Businesses

paid markeing helping small businesses

Investing a huge amount in marketing can be a dilemma for the small business owners as that may shake of their entire budget. But there is a tremendous option for the small business owners and that is pay-per-click marketing. The entrepreneurs can plan to invest in this type of marketing as it will be charged as per the clicks and hence helps to meet the better prospects in a cost-effective way.

Here you can look at some of the paid marketing categories for your small business:

Paid Marketing Helps Small Businesses

Pay-per-click Marketing:

Paid marketing is one of the outstanding strategies to generate the targeted traffic and to convert them into leads as well as get a possibility to enhance the business. This will give a great opportunity to exhibit your ads on Google display network and produce traffic from many other sites. As this says, pay per click, cost may vary according to per clicks you get on your keywords. But, the small business owners can take the advantage from this by targeting the users who have previously shown their interest in what you are offering. So, this can be a cost-effective marketing plan for the small business owners than simply dispersion the promotion messages at extensive unknown spectators.

Shopping Ads:

This is also an amazing and affordable way to promote your ecommerce sites to display the products ads, boost traffic on your website and find better prospects. This is same like the pay per click marketing, as the advertiser will be charged only when the ads are clicked by the customers. The only difference in shopping ads is you can show the users the image of your product, title, price and many more things than only simple text. These ads are created and published on Google and all around the web to make an impact and increase your products selling.

Branding Campaigns:

Branding campaigns represent the companies by knowing their identity such as who are they, what they carry out, what sort of quality they supply, their status for reliability, and more. Therefore, brand marketing is significant to almost every business those who are looking for new developing technologies for providing logistic support for their business. This branding campaign is distinguished between two types of methods, they are: Display Advertising and Video Marketing.

1. Display Marketing: Here the entrepreneur gets an opportunity to display the ads on the Google display network which includes Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Maps and many other channels of Google partners. The small business owners can get a chance to generate good amount of traffic by displaying their ads on such popular domains. This can also lead to build a great brand and earn the trust of the audience towards your business.
2. Video Marketing: This is also a great platform for the entrepreneurs to post their ads in the form of video to attract the customers by developing innovative ads of the products. These ads can be posted on some of the specific channels and on YouTube. Through this you can reach out your audience from wide and pay the amount as per the views.

Mobile App Advertising:

This paid mobile app advertising is to communicate and target the users of Smartphone’s, tablets etc. Here the advertiser can develop an app as per his business need and promote it in many diverse methods such as:

1. Mobile Web: Text tagline ads, mobile Web banner ads, rich media mobile ads
2. Multimedia Messaging Service: audio ads, video ads, short text ads, long text ads, banner ads, etc.
3. Mobile Video and TV Advertising Units: Ad breaks, linear ad breaks, nonlinear ad breaks, interactive mobile video and TV ads
4. Mobile Applications: In-app display advertising units, integrated ads, branded mobile applications, sponsored mobile applications.


This is the most affordable way to advertise and get connected with the visitors who have already visited your website or clicked on your ads. It allows displaying the ads in front of the targeted audience as they start surfing elsewhere around the internet. The re-marketing ads can be shown in the form of text or image to create an interest within those users in order to convert them into prospects. The ads are administered in Google Ad Words and are shown on web pages visited by your target audience that accept Google advertising placements.


Small business owners can get the most benefits, if they follow the paid marketing strategies that are discussed in the above article to meet the business goals.