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Today we see an ever-increase in the digital landscape and websites proliferating at the knot rates.

Whether it is small companies, franchises, eCommerce businesses, or even entrepreneurs, almost everyone is on the internet vying for the target audience’s attention.

They are also trying to ascertain their advertising avenues to maximize all possible conversion paths. However, increased marketing opportunities come to companies that take more significant risks.

Although most companies today have the availability of advertising tools and digital marketing channels, some are still invisible to their target audience.

As a result, the marketers are fighting an uphill battle to progress with their internet marketing efforts.

Increase Conversions, Traffic on your Website, or Both using our Tech-Enabled PPC Management Services in the USA.

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Even social media marketing has become a big hurdle for large corporates. There was a time when social media platforms enabled businesses to reach millions of prospects worldwide without any cost. However, with time, these social media giants have started launching ad regulations that require advertisers to pay more to get their content in front of their ideal customers.

This is a significant problem as not many marketers have the capacity and resources to launch and support ongoing social media campaigns at scale.

Apart from web development and social media marketing, SEO has become a crucial aspect of gaining higher brand exposure. The problem with SEO and other internet marketing strategies is, it takes time, money, and effort to see the results.

In case you are looking for an instant campaign boost and a fast ROI, PPC servicesare a lucrative option.

It helps you maintain complete control of your paid search marketing efforts and acquire positive business outcomes with targeted PPC management.

Criteria to Determine the Best PPC Management Services Provider in the USA

In case pay-per-click (PPC) management companies were like football teams, managers would say, “you’re as worthy as your last campaign.”

No two campaigns are ever the same, which makes PPC advertising a difficult medium to master.

This is where PPC management companies come into the picture.

These companies help businesses create, manage, and optimize their paid accounts and ultimately save their time and money.

However, due to the fierce competition in the industry, it becomes a grueling task to find the best PPC management company.

Here are seven criteria that the best PPC management company in the USA should possess.

1.    How much do they value data, analytics, and results?

PPC is an exciting form of digital marketing as you can directly relate revenue generated to ad spent. Hence, data and analytics are crucial components for the success of future campaigns.

The best PPC management companies comprehend the best ways to utilize numbers to strategize new ideas to improve overall ROI.

They employ what they’re already aware of and what they get to learn about your target market to create high-yield campaigns.

On top of this, they even understand the importance of accumulating as much information as possible and also share that data with you.

In case you do not derive many ideas from their website, you can ask these questions to get relevant information before associating with them:

  • What are the different tools that you employ to evaluate essential PPC metrics?
  • Are you willing to actively share the data and results with us?
  • Will I get independent access to analytics and reporting?
  • Will I get an all-inclusive analytics report as a part of the offer?
  • If the answer is yes, what will be included in those reports?

2.    Do you have any strategic partners and first-party data sources?

The longer you’re in business and the more campaigns you run, the more first-party data you accumulate about your target audience and the way they behave.

However, when it comes to the best PPC agencies, they have an extensive database of their own first-party data as well.

Besides that, they are well-aware of how to predict your target audience’s buying behaviorbased on similar industries and past clients.

They may even tap into first-party data sources to get the pool of information.

Apart from data, smart agencies partner with leading search and social media platforms. This gives them an added advantage to learn about new changes and updates, making them ahead in the game.

So, the strategic partnerships give PPC agencies a comprehensive insight that non-partners do not.

Try to find out about these strategic partners on their website.

If you do not get much information, ask them directly.

3.    Do you have adequate knowledge of local search?

82% of smartphone users turn to search engines to find businesses close to them. The phrases like “near me” help them determine where to go shopping, eat lunch, find entertainment, etc.

On top of that, 76% of those searches result in an in-store visit on the same day.

This shows that your business cannot afford to forego local search by any means.

Whether you employ your business to sell products or meet with clients, it’s essential to show up in search results at the right time.

Hence, I suggest you select a PPC agency with a strong hold over local search (both paid and organic).

You may not get this information on their site; hence, I suggest asking these questions to the PPC agency.

During the first call, ask things like:

  • How do you go about achieving the local paid search objectives?
  • Is it okay for you to produce any local PPC results you’ve achieved for similar businesses?
  • Our objective is to reach out to our local community. Can you tell us how you can help achieve that?
  • What is the best way to measure the success of location-based keywords?
  • Are you employing bid modifiers as a part of a strategy for location-specific queries?

4.    Do you have strong mobile optimization capabilities?

Do you know that mobile devices account for more than half, i.e., 53% of clicks on search ads? This makes it all the more important for companies to use PPC ads accessible on devices of all sizes.

And it’s very tricky to do mobile optimization, especially when combined with ever-changing search and social algorithms.

Hence, it becomes crucial to hire a PPC agency aware of the best way to tackle this transition to on-the-go browsing.

Certain companies may highlight this on their website, while others may not.

So, be sure to ask these questions during the initial phone calls to ensure that they know the mobile optimization stuff.

You can ask things like:

  • Is it possible for you to share any mobile-specific results from previous campaigns?
  • How different do you design PPC ads for mobile and desktop?
  • Once the project gets over do you send across the mobile-optimized copy and display ads or suggestions so that they can be improved?
  • Are you using bid modifiers for mobile devices?

Once the PPC advertising agency provides logical answers to these questions, you can take the final call.

Speaking of the USA’s best PPC advertising agency, one company that has made the right noise and is considered top-notch in this field is Digital Advertisers.

Let’s now look briefly at how we can help you achieve your business objectives in the quickest turnaround time.

Digital Advertisers is a trusted name in pay-per-click internet marketing. Our pay-per-click company partners with different industry players and marketing professionals to increase your lead ratio, grow brand awareness, and reach your goals.

Our PPC management program has been developed in such a way that our clients derive the best results from us. We also ensure the ultimate transparency level during the process.

Our PPC Management Services include

Keyword research & analysis

Our PPC professionals employ various tools to comprehend the customers’ search behavior and predict which keywords they are likely to type in the search box. They ascertain your target keywords and categorize them on the basis of industryrelevance, search volume, and competition. You can always rely on our expert paid search specialists to continuously refine your keyword list to capture your target audience’s interest and search intent.

Landing page conversion optimization

We help you increase the quality and quantity of your leads with our PPC management services’ help. We create attractive headlines, utilize high-performing keywords, craft engaging content, and place clear calls to action (CTAs) on your landing pages.

PPC management

Partner with us and get instant, qualified traffic to your landing pages without any hassle. Our PPC advertisers handle everything from keyword research & analysis, channel strategy & PPC campaign launch to monitoring PPC ads A/B testing.

Paid search advertising

Enroll in our paid search engine’s services and position your brand at the top of the search results page. Our specialists optimize your ad targeting strategies, determine high-value keywords, develop PPC bidding strategies, and track your ROI. With these practices’ help, we help improve your quality score, CTR, and impression share.

Thanks to our intelligent, specialized, and courteous account managers, we are way ahead of our competitors if you are ready to grow your business, affiliate with the best PPC services company today!


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