Best Paid Traffic Sources to Increase Sales

Best Paid Traffic Sources

You know the saying that paid search has died? It’s false. Paid search is growing at an unprecedented rate. Why? Businesses are seeing a lot more success with paid traffic sources.

It is not surprising, considering 16 to 49% say they click on text, video and shopping ads. Contrary to popular belief, people are not blind to ads and will avoid them.

Although this may be true for some ads, it is not the truth. There are many people who actually want what you are selling.

If you’re hesitant about setting up a paid search campaign before, don’t be. Paying traffic sources are proving to be a huge success for businesses around the world.

Digital advertising spending in the US is expected to exceed traditional ad spend in 2019. It is estimated that it will be $130 million.

Best Paid Traffic Sources

These ads are worth a lot of money because they deliver results. They wouldn’t be paid if they didn’t work.

Best Paid Traffic Sources 1

You know the saying that paid search has died? It’s false. Find the best paid traffic sources that will help.

Paid Search is growing at an unprecedented rate. Why? Businesses are seeing a lot more success…

It is important to identify the most reliable sources of paid traffic with decent ROI and then run your campaigns based on them.

Here’s a list with the top traffic sources online that will help you create effective paid advertising.

The Best Paid Traffic Sources to Drastically Increase Your Sales

Google Ads

Google currently controls 65% web traffic. Google Ads has a 100% return on investment average.

Google Ads is easy to set up. You will need a landing page (page that visitors land on when they click through your ads), quality keyword-targeted copy and a reasonable budget.

Google Ads

If you do this correctly, your ads will appear in the top three positions of all targeted keywords. You should be careful about your cost-per click. This is the downfall of Google ads.

The cost-per-click is high because everyone is competing for valuable SERP real estate.

The amount you pay for each click on your ad depending on the industry or niche can reach as high as $135.

This means that if you have 1000 people click on your ad within a month, Google will pay $135,000 in ad fees. Google doesn’t care if they purchase your product.

Although it is quite costly, this is still one of the most effective paid traffic sources online. Google is already an integral part our daily lives, so this shouldn’t be surprising.

Google ads are so powerful that more than 70% of all web users will call a business from the Google ads.

Because the company values every ad placed on its platform, they vet all ads. If your ads aren’t high quality, they won’t approve them.

Google cares a lot about the quality of your ads. This is called a quality score. Ads that are approved tend to have near perfect quality scores. When setting up your ads, keep this in mind.

Bottom line: As long as you follow their quality guidelines, your ads can go live and you will reap the benefits of your investment.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. It has the potential to be one of your most valuable, paid traffic sources.

Officially known as Instagram for Business, it boasts over 400 million active users ,and has more advertisers than Twitter.

Instagram Ads

The incredible engagement and return on investment of Instagram as a photo sharing social network platform is impressive.

Because it is a very popular platform, the cost-per-click fluctuates between $0.50 to $1.50.

The platform has more than 2,000,000 advertisers, and is expected to generate nearly $11 billion in revenue this year.

However, returns on advertising spend can reach as high as 3.7X and almost 400%.

This is huge. Advertisers have the ability to set up photo or video ads campaigns. They can also set their target audiences and input the amount they are willing to pay. Traffic will start pouring in.

This guide will help you get the most out of your Instagram Ads campaigns. Videos are a great way to advertise on Instagram because they’re so popular.

These ads often bring in a lot of traffic and engagement to the target site, especially if the video is engaging. You can get the best return on this paid traffic source by using unique features such as Stories Ads and Carousel Ads.

These are a great way to get your advertising dollars to work and they’re very effective.

Facebook Ads

Facebook, Instagram’s parent company is the number one social media platform in the world. Businesses can use it to increase their brand popularity and generate more income.

Facebook Ads

Facebook’s first quarter 2018 revenue was almost $14 billion. Advertisers who used Facebook to generate the majority of this revenue. 30% of marketers believe that Facebook provides the highest return on ad spending.

Despite losing its market dominance, Facebook is still the most popular website on the planet.

Many marketers and businesses use Facebook Ads to market their products. It works. If you make use of it properly, it is one of the most valuable traffic sources.

Facebook Ads have a lot of potential. 68 per cent of Americans use Facebook and billions more worldwide. You must be very smart about how to set up your marketing campaigns.

It is easy to set up your campaign using the intuitive interface and ad platform. The company holds high standards. They won’t accept just any ad you place.

Before they are accepted, they must follow their quality guidelines. Every day, tons of Facebook ads are rejected because they don’t follow the quality guidelines.

Ads must be compliant with standards if you plan to set them up. You should create dedicated landing pages and optimize audience segregation. Pixel integration is also a good idea for remarketing.

This is especially important when you consider that the average CPC on the platform was $1.72. Facebook Ad videos are important. These videos are most popular with the sound off.

Use captions, text overlays and bold text to add visuals to your videos. Your audience will still be able to hear your message even if the sound doesn’t work.

You’ll be pleased to learn that eCommerce stores have a 300 percent increase in clickthrough rates .

These users love to browse these online shops through advertisements and find the right item for them.

Facebook has strict guidelines regarding certain subjects. They ban the promotion of weight loss and internet marketing ads. Your ads won’t be seen if your company falls under this category.

Combining Facebook remarketing and click to message ads can yield great results. This combination will allow you to achieve high conversion rates and a decent return on your advertising spend if you do it correctly.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads is the second most visited website and search engine. It is a great platform for your advertising campaigns. improves the conversion rates of products and services.

YouTube Ads

This platform has 1.5 billion users who watch more than 5 billion videos each day.

YouTube’s relatively new nature means that users can still receive very low CPCs (like $0.02), even though it is relatively new. This is 2 cents per click.

This requires that you get to know your audience. Remember that YouTube viewers are more likely to be interested in videos than those who don’t.

If you plan to funnel some traffic to your site, make sure your landing page has videos that will keep them entertained and informed.

It is not logical to direct them to a website that only has text. You’ll notice a huge increase in bounce rates if you do. If you do this for too long, your site may be banned or punished.

You have many options for video ads. To determine which format is best for you, you might have to test each one separately.

YouTube is a great way to increase your ROI on your advertising dollars. Instead of trying to convince users to buy right away, create a landing page that is compelling and offers a giveaway. In return, they will give you their email addresses.

Although it is possible to sell directly through the ads, it’s less common. YouTube is a great tool to generate traffic and increase revenue.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

CNBC reported last year that Google was losing some market share to Amazon. This may be because more people search for products on Amazon and buy directly from Amazon.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

The ads for this platform are best for sellers or eCommerce-type businesses. Amazon’s Sponsored Products Ads are huge and it looks like it will continue to grow in the coming years.

Amazon is the US’s most popular online retailer, with more 2.9 million visitors in April 2019.

As if this weren’t enough, 66% of respondents to a February 2019 survey stated that they often start product research on Amazon.

This research can often lead to purchases. Amazon’s advertising platform is a great source of paid traffic for third-party sellers and retailers.

Amazon is a dominant player in the product research market. 90% of potential customers visit Amazon before buying anything.

Even if they have seen the product previously, this is still a significant percentage.

If you don’t use Amazon to run your retail business, you are wasting a lot of money.

It is very intuitive and easy to use. It takes little effort, great products and some copywriting skills to get you up and running.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn introduced LinkedIn Profile Targeting last year. This means that you can choose specific members of the corporate hierarchy to see your ads.

You can then create an ad campaign that is only targeted at CEOs. No one else would see the ads but CEOs.

LinkedIn Ads

Although it isn’t as well-known as paid traffic sources like other paid traffic sources LinkedIn has many people searching for specific opportunities. B2B ads are the best for this platform.

It is more easily received by the audience. This, combined with the low advertising costs make it an intriguing option that is worthy of being explored.

Are there other paid traffic sources?

Yes. These paid traffic sources include Twitter Ads and Influencer Marketing. Yahoo Search has also merged with Bing Ads. Other sources include RevContent and sponsored ads on high-traffic websites. Yandex Advertising is another.

Yandex is a great tool for Russian markets. If you are interested in advertising on the Russian market or have Russian-language offers, Yandex is the best option.

These can all be combined with other traffic sources to increase revenue and ROI, especially if the trends are right.

This article is a great resource for information about paid traffic, digital marketing, and market trends.