50 YouTube Video Ideas To Get Your Inspired

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YouTube Video Ideas for Creators

Although it may sound like a lot of fun, being a YouTube creator is not easy. It takes hard work to succeed. Success means engaging your audience through entertaining videos. This is where things get tricky and you will surely like our suggested YouTube Video Ideas. It’s amazing how fast you can run out content ideas for your channel. These 50 video ideas will help you get started with your channel.

50 Video Ideas for YouTube Creators:

  • #1: Create an Introduction
  • #2: Create opinion videos
  • #3: Review a product
  • #4: Interview someone
  • #5 – Respond to Someone’s Opinion Video
  • #6 – Give Tutorials
  • #7: Take a Q&A session
  • #8: Read a Book
  • #9 – Review a Movie
  • #10 – React to a Trending Video

#1: Do an Introduction

An introductory video, if you have not done one yet, is a must. This is where you introduce yourself to your audience and tell them what type of videos you plan to make.

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#2: Create Opinion Videos

Opinion videos can be a great way for you to get noticed and ride the trending topics. A video can be used to discuss a hot topic in your niche.

#3: Review a Product

To entertain and inform your audience, review a product that is new or in demand. If you want your review to be valuable, you must keep it honest and engaging. A recurring series could be created of review videos.

#4: Interview Someone

You should look for opportunities to interview other content creators and influential figures within your industry. This will give you new content and attract the interviewee to your channel.

#5: Respond to Someone’s Opinion Video

Another YouTuber might also ask you to create a video in response to their opinion video. Are you in agreement with them or have you got something to say? Send us your thoughts via video.

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#6: Give Tutorials

According to the report, 51% of American YouTube users use YouTube to learn how to do specific things. Pew Research Center. You could make tutorial videos if you are an expert in a particular subject.

You might be able to teach them how to make a certain look using makeup, craft something or use a specific product. You have the opportunity to make recurring videos with tutorials.

#7: Have a Q&A Session

Ask your viewers to pose a question via the comments section or social media. Then compile them into a Q&A video. You can choose to focus on a particular topic or compile an AMA (Ask Me Anything).

#8: Review a Book

If you can keep the video content interesting and entertaining, book reviews make excellent video content. Tell your audience about a book you like, dislike, or just recently read.

#9: Review a Movie

You can also attract people by reviewing movies. You should choose a movie that is in fashion and make the review entertaining with jokes and expressions.

#10: React to a Trending Video

Is there an hot video ? Film your reaction when you see it for the first-time to make a reaction video.

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#11: Create a Parody Video

If humour is a part of your channel identity, parody videos can be huge hits. To entertain your viewers, parody a movie, show, YouTube video or music video.

#12: Host a Giveaway Contest

Giveaways are a great way to attract new viewers or engage your existing customers. Your audience will value the reward you offer.

#13: Participate in a Challenge

Every now and again, the internet is flooded with new challenges. Participating in a trending challenge can increase your channel’s visibility.

#14: Give a Studio/Room Tour

Let your viewers take a tour of your studio or room so that they can get to know you better. You can show them how you make your ideas come to life.

#15: Show off Your Collections

Are you a collector of baseball cards, comic books or coins? You could make a video showing off your collection to your viewers if you have one.

#16: What’s on My Phone?

Make a video that shows your viewers which apps you have and what you use the most.

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#17: What’s in My Bag?

Show your viewers what you have in your bag to help them get to know you better.

#18: A Day in the Life of…

To show your audience how a day in your life is, create a video. This allows them to get to know each other better and gives them a glimpse into what goes into making the videos.

#19: Create a Comedy Short

28% of American YouTube users use YouTube just for entertainment purposes. To engage them, give them fun and funny content. A comedy short would be a great way to entertain your audience.

#20: Make List Videos

Because the information is easier to digest, lists perform well. You can create list videos that list your top tips and favourite things from a specific niche.

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#21: Record Your First Impression

Create a first impressions video to show your genuine reaction to a product that is new in the market. Let them know your opinions and thoughts so that they can make informed purchasing decisions.

#22: Discuss Your Career

Do a video discussing your career, if you are not a YouTube creator.

#23: Discuss Your Hobbies

Have any hobbies your viewers may be interested in? Talk about them in a video.

#24: Do a 30-Day Challenge

A 30-day challenge, unlike the trending challenge that you did earlier, is where you try to complete something every day for 30 days. You could try to lose weight in 30 days or draw something everyday for 30 days. The challenge will also give you the opportunity to create recurring content.

#25: Do a Throwback

Throwback videos are a great way for YouTubers with a lot of content to share their past. Combine clips from old videos and add some commentary.

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#26: Create a Myth-Busting Video

There are many myths in almost every niche. For example, sugar makes children hyper or microwaves cause cancer.

#27: The History of…

Exploring the history of topics that interest you can be very entertaining. Make a video about the history of a brand, product, or other topic relevant to your niche.

#28: Discuss Niche-Relevant News

You can keep your content up-to-date by finding the most recent news in your niche and discussing it through a video.

#29: Compare Two Products

Comparative videos are a great way of creating review content that doesn’t focus on one product. Your audience will find your reviews more helpful if they can compare two products that are very similar and you give them your recommendation.

#30: Preview a Product

Brands may grant you early access to products if you have established some influence. Make a preview video to show your viewers what it is like.

#31: Provide Little-Known Tricks

Create a video that demonstrates how to use a trick or hack you think your viewers would find useful.

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#32: Create Animated Explainer Videos

Learn some fascinating facts about how things work, such as how chicken nuggets were made or how alcohol affects your brain. Make an animated explanation video from the information.

#33: Do Something Outrageous

Sometimes content with shock value can be just what you need in order to attract an audience. You can do something crazy (but not necessarily dangerous), like tearing apart your phone to find what’s inside, or shaving your head.

#34: Document Your Interesting Experiences

What happened during your last shopping trip to a major retail store? Did you go to a disappointing event? You can share your experience on your YouTube channel.

#35: Create In-Game Skits

You can create in-game skits if you are a YouTuber who makes gaming content. You can record your gameplay and add funny commentary to make it entertaining for your viewers.

#36: Discuss Trending Rumours

Do you hear rumors about product launches, updates, or new releases in your niche? Make a video about them and speculate on what you think.

#37: Create Comedic Dubs

Did you come across an old advertisement, movie, or TV show? You can either make comedy skits or add humor to the clips.

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#38: Give a Tour of Your City

Do you have any favorite haunts you’d like to share with your viewers or do they not exist? Perhaps you have interesting historical facts. You can take your viewers on a tour through your favorite places in the city.

#39: Turn Your Personal Experience into an Educational Video

How many years did it take to repay your student loans? Perhaps you have achieved your fitness goals by making a few lifestyle adjustments. Your personal accomplishments and life experiences could be valuable video content to share with your viewers.

#40: The Benefits of…

Do you have a favorite ingredient that you can’t get enough of? Perhaps you have a unique lifestyle you want to share with others. You can make a video that highlights the benefits to get your message across.

#41: Create Skits of Relatable Situations

People love to see videos they can relate too. Make skits that show situations that are easily understood by your viewers, but with a humorous twist. You could deal with difficult clients or pets.

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#42: How to Overcome a Challenge

Do you have a unique way to solve a common problem? Share your solutions and ideas with others, whether it’s about how to remove stubborn stains or how you can manage time.

#43: Get Your Viewers to Challenge You

You could challenge your viewers to be daring by participating in a trending or 30-day challenge. Ask them to comment on your post or to mention you on Twitter. Then, go through their challenges to find the most feasible.

#44: Try Unusual Foods for the Very First Time

You can try Surstromming or eating durian. You might find it entertaining to see how your audience reacts when you first try foods with unusual textures or smells.

#45: Attempt to Follow Instructional Videos

To give your viewers a real-life take on popular how to videos, test the viability of tips and instruction provided by YouTubers. Make a video where you try to follow the instructions. Then, talk about what worked and what didn’t.

#46: Create a Fail Compilation

Make a list of failures that are relevant to your niche, whether it be video games, design or fitness.

#47: Record an Unboxing

YouTube’s Unboxing Videos are very popular among content creators. You can create your own videos and unbox a product you have purchased or received from a company.

#48: Invite a Guest

A great way to reach a larger audience is to co-create content with other YouTubers. Invite another YouTuber in your niche, or someone you have become close friends with, to be a guest on the channel.

Instead of interviewing them as discussed previously, explore the city together, sing a song, cook, or try new things.

#49: Do a Live Stream

You can live-stream your viewers and build trust by taking them along on the journey. Live streaming could allow you to share your experiences with your viewers and answer their questions.

#50: Build on a Crowdsourced Idea

Final, think of video ideas that are based on the needs of your fans. Ask your fans what type of videos they would like to see. Take these suggestions and create new content that appeals to your audience.

Final Thoughts

These 50 video ideas can be used in a variety of niches. These ideas can be used to help you find your niche. A YouTuber might challenge themselves to use a console they don’t like for 30 days.

A YouTuber who is a foodie could set a challenge to eat healthy for 30 days. The key is to be creative with these concepts and ideas.