8+ Best WordPress Author Box Plugins

WordPress Author Box Plugins

The author’s bio box is a common feature that many WordPress websites overlook. The author box is usually located at the bottom of a blog post. It increases the likability and credibility of your website.

Free WordPress Author Bio Box Plugins

You and your authors can be easily viewed by readers. You can also increase your social media influence by adding links to your accounts to the author box. These are only two examples.

The author’s bio box is an excellent way to engage your visitors, much like the comment box.

WordPress Author Box Plugins 2

It’s a shame that so many people ignore the author’s bio box or you can say WordPress author box plugins. Fortunately, there are many WordPress plugins to make it easy.

Today’s post will cover both premium and free author box plugins for WordPress. We hope that you will find the right solution to your needs. We would love to hear about your favorite WordPress author boxes plugins.

WordPress Author Box Plugins

Let’s get to work, without further delay.

No matter whether you are looking for a premium or free author box plugin, you will find the right one here. It all comes down to personal preference and your specific needs.

Make sure to test your authorbox on mobile devices to ensure that everything is working properly.

WordPress Author Box Plugins 5

Let’s take a look at the top WordPress author box plugins.

WordPress Author Bio Plugins

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1. Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box is the first plugin in the lineup. It’s a simple and powerful WordPress author box plugin from WebFactory Ltd. This plugin adds a responsive box to your posts. This plugin allows you to display author’s name and avatar as well as their description.

WordPress Author Box Plugins 6

The plugin styles can be customized to match your theme, giving you a professional and consistent look. The Simple Author Box automatically inserts the author boxes to your posts. You can also manually add the author box to your template files. It supports RTL as well as AMP.

2. Ultimate Author Box Lite

ultimate author box lite

Ultimate Author Box Lite, a plugin that lets you add additional information about your authors using shortcodes or automatically, is a great tool. It can display author boxes on pages, posts, and custom types.

Five templates are included as a starting point. You have unlimited custom color options for more control.

You can also show author avatars on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or create custom images. You can also choose to display the author boxes on certain pages or posts. You get ten social icons and many more features.

3. Ultimate Author Box Pro

ultimate author box

Ultimate Author Box is the paid version the Ultimate Author Box Lite plugin that we previously covered. This plugin was recently updated, adding new features to an already powerful WordPress plugin. It is a great way to showcase and appreciate authors on your WordPress website.

Your authors will shine with the help of excellent options like the latest posts tab, social tabs, icons and avatars as well as profiles, emails, phones, and author names.

Ultimate Author Box was updated recently with more powerful features. You can expect to have a great experience with Ultimate Author Box.

4. (Simply) Guest Author Name

(Simply) Guest Author Name

The Guest Author Name plugin is very useful if you have a lot guest posts. Guest authors submit posts that are under review until they are published. Although you can use a guest author account for many contributors, it can get tedious.

The plugin above allows you to quickly add a guest author and link to their blog to any post. The author box will not appear to your readers in any way.

Simply add the name of your guest author and link to their blog. You can add author avatars if you wish.

5. Starbox – The Author Box for Humans

starbox wordpress author box plugin

Do you want to create beautiful author bio boxes that encourage readers to click through to learn more about you and your authors?

Starbox is a great plugin by Squirrly UK. This plugin has a lot of great features that allow you to create author boxes that actually work.

Starbox has pre-made themes to make it easy to create an author box. You can also place the author box at either the top or the bottom of your posts.

WordPress Author Box Plugins 4

The plugin also includes social profiles, Google and Facebook authorship, rich search snippets, Google search results links, author job title, links to author posts, and more.

6. A Fancy WordPress Author List

a fancy author list

The Fancy WordPress Author List plugin is a great alternative to the author box. This plugin lets you display a list with your authors in a stunning grid that readers can easily access. The plugin also has many other features.

The list of authors can be displayed in the sidebar, page or other widget area.

This plugin encourages healthy competition among authors which is great for your blog. You can also upload your own images and social media icons to the plugin, as well as dynamic effects, to draw new visitors.

7. Author Bio Box

author bio box

The WordPress plugin Author Bio Box packs a punch. This plugin allows you to add author bios, avatars and social media icons. It has a lot of features that make creating beautiful avatar bio boxes easy.

Easy-to-use admin interface makes it easy to create the ideal author boxes for your website with the Author Bio Box. You can adjust everything, including colors and where author boxes are displayed.

8. WP Post Author

wp post author

WP Post author is the best multi-faceted WordPress author plugin. WP Post Author is the brainchild of AF Themes and offers a variety of options including author bios, shortcodes, social icons, and shortcodes.

The plugin allows you to display author’s name and avatar, role, email address, social profile, and short bio under each post.

Depending on your requirements, you can show/hide certain author content. The plugin also includes widgets that enable you to add author boxes to sidebars or other widget areas.

9. Fanciest Author Box

fanciest author box

Fanciest Author Box, a premium WordPress plugin that gives identity to your blog, is available in just a few clicks. Fanciest Author Box, a featured product on CodeCanyon is developed by Slobodan Monic, Dragan Nikolic and the team at ThematoSoup.

Fanciest AuthorBox works straight out of the box. The Fanciest Author Box comes with over a dozen features including shortcodes and widgets, Google Authorship, custom colours, translation-ready, responsive, lazy-load, Google Authorship, custom color schemes, Google Authorship, custom coloring, lazy-load, Google Authorship, social profiles, Google Authorship This plugin is great for both beginners and professionals.

10. Molongui Authorship

molongui authorship

Molongui Authorship, which was brought to you by Amitzy (a passionate and respected WordPress plugin developer), is a complete suite of author box features.

This plugin extends the WordPress default author box in exciting new ways. This plugin is a must-have, especially if two authors are to be credited on the same post.

WordPress Author Box Plugins 1

Molongui Authorship includes many features, including guest authors, multiple authors and related posts, author avatars, a fully-featured authorbox for regular authors, flexible design options, responsive design, flexible designs, and 70+ social media networks.

11. Booster Extension

booster extension

Booster Extension was created by ThemeInWP’s talented team. It is much more than a WordPress author plugin.

This powerful suite of features is perfect for WordPress blogs and magazines. Booster Extension is a plugin that allows you to create author bio boxes.

The Booster Extension plugin includes social sharing buttons that include share count, calculate, display read time, feedback emojis and reaction buttons.

It also has author box with social profiles and the like/dislike button. The plugin can be customized to your liking until it is gone.

WordPress Author Box Plugins 7

A few WordPress author box plugins are free and a small number of premium plugins. Because the author box is a relatively small feature, there isn’t as much competition in the market.

Many plugins have not been updated in many years, so they aren’t eligible for inclusion on our list.

An author box can help you increase engagement on your WordPress website on auto-pilot. This allows your readers to interact with authors and the blog as a whole. You have enough options to add any type or author box to the above list.

What is your favorite WordPress author box plugin? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.