What is KGR and how to use Keyword Golden Ratio?

what is KGR

KGR, Keyword Golden Ratio is a golden and magical technique to rank your website high in organic search by google. It is a dream of every blogger or website owner to rank their website on the top.

The Keyword Golden Ratio is the easiest hack to uncover the words with the lowest competition. The speciality of the method is that you give you the results in less than 48 hours. Your website may get ranked in the top 50 with the use of such keywords.

The main reasons for using KGR:-

  1. Helpful to beginners: – The early website owners get the ultimate guide and easy tricks to start. From the long list of thousands of topics, their list gets narrowed to a few. The website makers also feel motivated when they get a lot of visitors. It encourages you to win faster.
  2. Boost revenue in a short time:- There are many ways to find suitable keywords for your website but you may get delayed in seeing your results. The KGR is the super-fast way to rank up. In a period of 48 hours of using KGR, you can see the results. The traffic is directed to your website and it also helps you earn money through Google Adsense.

How is KGR calculated:-

The Keyword Golden Ratio is the ratio of # of allintitle results by the search volume. The superficial procedure to upgrade the website.

In this method, the Keyword golden ratio is divided into three ranges to estimate the level of the words. The three ranges are <0.25, 0.25-1.00, > 1.00. In the first word range comes the words which have the lowest competition. The keywords in this category are best for usage and are great to boost up your website rank.

The words with low competition would attract traffic to your webpage. In the second range comes the words with moderate competition. These are the words that may or may not bring traffic to your web pages. In the third category falls the words with high competition. This range is defined as bad.

These keywords have high traffic already. If such words are to be used then your content needs to be of the best quality. The best content with good information can only give you results with high competitions.

keyword golden ratio

You are strongly recommended to use the formula and practice only with those words <0.25. You can experiment with the Keyword Golden ratio and the results would be in front of you.

The analysis of the KGR has provided the following major outcomes:-

  1. Rank higher in a short time – Within a short time of about 48 hours, you can rank in the top 250. The Search Engine Optimization rankings matter a lot. The appropriate Keywords along with perfect content would provide your website with exponential growth. 
  2. Shortlist keywords from thousand words – A blogger, website owner has a lot of topics to write upon, and you easily get confused. Using Keyword Golden ration you can make a shortlist of words. The keywords usually get renewed after a short interval and thus can make posts accordingly.

    The demand and the product must match to give stunning outcomes. Content prioritization is the hidden key to success for bloggers and content writers.
  3. Boost the revenue – The affiliate markets that execute the use of content writing to make revenue must make use of KGR. Such people will easily manage to get large audiences and their sales would be maximized. 
  4. Huge organic traffic to the website – The organic traffic would be increased as only our site would be providing the content that people have demand. The traffic seeking for that content would easily come to our site and your site would be ranked on top.
  5. Encourages early website founders with amazing results – The early website will get followed by large audiences. This technique will motivate website owners to work more on their websites.
  6. No link building required – The people who intend to do marketing from their website need to provide links to their content. If we use KGR, no link building would be required as only our website will have that particular information.
  7. No money is spent on advertisements – If someone is making some knowledgeable content or something unique, then there would be no need for spending money for doing google ads.
  8. Other people would not be able to copy your data – Your hard would get paid as it is a manual process and none can snatch your work. Nobody knows how you have done the research and which were we the low competition words you have used.
  9. Start potential profits earlier – As soon as your website is getting top ranks on google you will be eligible to apply ads and earn well.

How to use KGR:-

Step 1. Search niche – You must keep in mind the niche on which you want to write according to your interests. Conclude the topics about which you want to upload on your website. See something relevant to your website and also your past uploads. Think of the new content ideas.

keyword golden ratio 2

Step 2. Shortlist the keywords – Select the keyword with less than 0.25 KGR range. You have a filter like a search volume, PPC, CPC, keyword difficulty, intended keywords, extended keywords, and several keywords.

Set all the filters according to your requirements and set the filters accordingly. You can also use keyword planner, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Buzzsummos, google planner to find the appropriate keyword for your website.

Step 3. Explore the websites which have the content which you are planning to post – Proceed to the webpages which have similar content. Read all that content and select something different and good quality content for your website.

In an advanced google search, you need to check results so type allintitle. In the search, the phrase doesn’t write any quotes and no spaces. Google will show you the number of results available on it for that topic and that keyword. Now using the formula to find the Keyword Golden Ratio calculate the actual ratio.

If the ratio is less than 0.25 then the keyword is perfect to be used. In case the keyword is between 0.25 and 1.00 then you can use it. But remember to keep that particular content quality awesome. If the Keyword Golden Ratio is more than 1 then we recommend you change your keyword.

What is allintitle:-

Allintite is the search engine operator that provides you with the number of results available on the net similar to the keyword written by you. In the google search bar you require to just type allintitle: and then your topic for your article. It is an advanced method of figuring out the number of results already written on google for content.

You can even find out the content read their content and make unique content. Just remember not to use any quotes or space while searching for results.

what is KGR 1

How long tails keywords can benefit you:-

Let’s take a simple example. A simple word movie has a high search volume and there would only be the established companies’ content showing on the top. Now if you chose to trend movies then the search volume gets a bit decreased and now your content can be shown but not on the top.

If you choose trending movies in 2020, here only that content will be shown which will be of the year 2020. If you write about the movies of 2020 and anyone only wants the movies of 2020 your website will be shown on the top.

The keyword trending movies in 2020 has a low search volume but the audience who want such content will come to your website. This will give a boost in your website rank in a shorter time.

Loopholes in using Keyword Golden Ratio technique: –

It is well said no merits without demerits. A good thing always has a bad side as well.

  1. Overuse of the keyword- If we keep on repeating a particular thing anyone can get irritated and frustrated. In our context, the reader is only reading and we don’t even know each other, there is no eye contact as well. Our aim should be attracting more audience and also keep the existing once happier.

    The over usage of keywords will make the article look unfriendly. An ideal article should use the keyword not more than 3-4 times, one in the heading then in the main part of the writing.
  2. No ranking of the keyword – Sometimes the low-volume keywords are so low that there is no article for them. If you find that there is no article similar to your keyword, then it is a bad sign. You should not use that keyword.

    I mean that no one is interested in that topic. In that case, you will not seek any benefit from uploading that article on your website. Don’t use that keyword.
  3. Keyword selection – It is not a piece of cake to find keywords. Finding keywords is a skill not all can do. You should use various references a keyword software in selecting an apt keyword for your websites.

    You can also use keyword planner, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Buzzsummos, google planner to find the appropriate keyword for your website.
  4. Trying KGR only once- Nothing can give you desired results in one go. Trying and failing is nature’s rule, but with the keyword golden ratio it is trying and rising. 80% of the time you are using KGR you are boosting upwards your website ranking.

    In 15 % of cases, the website ranking may remain the same or may suffer a small decrease. In 5% of cases, the website is boosted up and you achieve unexpected results. If you are posting just once with KGR don’t wait, just continue for some more time. A plant will not get fruits as it is planted, it needs to grow bigger and bigger.
  5. Long-tail keywords- Kgr mostly focuses on using long-tail keywords. Now two cases may arise, in first the long tail keyword also has a high search volume.

    The second case is that the long tail keyword has no rank and makes the keyword go useless. If the long tail keyword has high search volume you need to improve the quality of content and you have high competition.

What if KGR is less than 0.25 with a high search volume:-

With keyword golden ratio less and high search volume, you must try that post. You can expect it as a chance. It would make that work a bit easier for you. Instead of competing with fewer people, your competition has increased now. So must focus more on the content you are uploading.

Conclusion: –

The Keyword Golden Ratio is a magical method. If you are interested and want to try it out then do small planning to get the best results out of it. Once you start using it stick to your decision. Upload at least 20 – 30 posts after research from KGR.

Select only those keywords with less than 0.25 KGR. Use long tails keywords so that google can filter out other websites and show your website on the top.

This technique is worth it and will surely give you magical boost-ups for your website. The method has 10 x the power of improving your rankings. The affiliate marketers must try this manner to rank up.

They can use the content according to the keywords. This is best for them as ranking it their most important goal. In the end, we would say that remember that it is not only the keywords that bring ranks and traffic.

It is the quality of content and the information and knowledge you are giving to others. You must also know the skills for keeping the audiences engaged in your webpage.

The style of writing should be friendly and also interesting. You have to attract large audiences and keep the existing users happier and satisfied.