34 Ways To Improve SEO Rankings in 2021

Improve SEO Rankings in 2021 8

From where is your website traffic comes from? Search engine optimization (SEO), if you rely on Google searches to find you, must be at the top. If nobody is able to find you, you wont be able generate leads for your company. So let us find our Ways To Improve SEO Rankings by implementing following steps.

Did You Know 93% of experiences on the Internet Start with a Search Engine? What happens when someone searches?

Googles top search result has 33% chance to be clicked.

This means that if your page is not number one, you are missing out on a third potential traffic.

Even more amazing is the fact that 75% of people will not click on the second page in search results.

Google ranks websites higher than yours because they make a conscious effort at improving their SEO.

Improve SEO Rankings in 2021 7

Its not too late to get started, however.

You can increase your chances of being ranked higher in Google searches by doing certain things.

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These are the top 34 ways you can improve your search engine optimization. These are the top 34 ways to improve your SEO ranking.

1. Speed up your pages loading

There are a few reasons why page loading times are important.

Google will first notice if your load speeds are too slow and will affect your ranking.

A slow website can also affect the way visitors interact with your pages.

Negative interactions can also affect your ranking.

Consider the abandonment rates for websites that take too long to load.

image3 10

Is it too slow?

According to research, 40% of website visitors abandon sites if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Even more surprising is the fact that 80% wont return.

This can have a devastating effect on your SEO ranking as it will ultimately result in the loss of traffic to your website.

On the flip side, people will continue to come back to your site if it loads quickly.

Googles algorithm will detect the popularity of your website and adjust your search ranking accordingly.

It is therefore crucial to optimize your page speed as well as server response times.

You can test the speed of your website using online services like Pingdom, which is free.

This will enable you to test your site from various locations around the globe.

You may need to look at your theme and plugins if your site is slow.

You can transfer to a new host if your slow server is the problem.

2. Produce high-quality content

How often do your websites get updated?

Its likely that you dont have an excellent SEO ranking right now if you havent touched your site since its creation.

You need to provide reasons for visitors to come back to your site in order to drive more traffic and increase its popularity.

Improve SEO Rankings in 2021 2

You must have high-quality, relevant content.

The dwell time factor is another factor that can impact your SEO ranking.

This is the time spent on your site by visitors.

Visitors will stay longer on your site if they find new, interesting, or newsworthy information. This will increase their dwell time and keep them coming back.

Websites with highly informative content tend to have longer dwell times.

Keep your content ideas organized across all document apps that you use.

Another thing to think about

Google Chrome holds nearly 45% of Internet browser market share. This makes it the most widely used browser in the world.

This number will rise because Chrome was the most used browser in 2017.

image9 9

It can improve your SEO ranking if users bookmark your site using a Google Chrome browser.

Visitors will bookmark your site if it has relevant and high-quality content.

3. Optimize your images

Pictures and other images can be great for your site.

If you want to increase your SEO ranking, you must optimize them properly.

This refers to file formats and sizes.

Large images can slow down your page loading speed, which can, as I have said, affect your ranking.

To optimize your images, resize or compress them.

Improve SEO Rankings in 2021 6

Your images can be used to insert keywords, by naming them appropriately.

Lets take, for example, a website selling toiletries and other bath products.

You could instead of calling an image shampoo1, you could call it best shampoo to long hair.

Strategically using keywords in your images title, as well as the caption and description, can be a great idea.

4. Header tags can help you break up your content

Headings can be used to improve user experience on your website.

They help to break down the content and make it easier for you to read or skim.

Headers make everything more attractive, which is always a good thing.

Your website should not be a wall of text. This will discourage visitors from spending time on it.

Your SEO ranking will decline as a result.

You can modify the header tags of WordPress sites.

image1 10

Header tags are used for all of my blogs and websites.

This tool is a must-have if you have not yet started to use it.

5. Get started blogging

Blogs are great for your business.

It is a great tool for lead generation. It helps you to engage with your visitors to your site.

What most people dont know is that blogging can also increase SEO rankings.

Here are the reasons.

As I mentioned above, providing relevant, fresh content can help drive people to your site and give them reasons to stay on your pages.

Blogs are the ideal channel to achieve this.

Improve SEO Rankings in 2021 5

You can attract lots of visitors to your website if you have a loyal reader base.

You can also include other things that I mentioned in my posts, such as images or header tags.

These posts can also include other elements such as keywords, links, improved readability, and keywords. They will be discussed in a moment.

This will positively impact your search engine ranking.

6. Use outbound links

You can increase the credibility of your site by doing certain things.

You can certainly make claims but it is much more appealing if you back them.

All data claims must be linked to authoritative and trustworthy sources.

As you can see, I do this as well.

Heres an example of what I mean from a blog I wrote about Twitter leads generation:

image2 10

All facts in my article are citations to authority sources.

I also made sure that outbound links to these websites were used.

Not only should you link to authoritative sites, but it is also important that all information is current.

The graph I used in this example is from 2017.

Outbound links to resource sites from 2009 are not relevant and will not be as effective for SEO ranking.

Include internal links as well.

These links will take visitors to other pages of your website.

This technique was used in the first sentence.

Click the link to be redirected to another Quick Sprout post. Scroll back up

7. Quality Website Content

Your website content should not be limited to written words.

Although pictures are great, there are many things you can do to increase your SEO ranking.

You might consider adding multimedia elements to your website such as audio, slideshows or videos.

This can all be used to improve user experience.


Consumers want to see more videos.

image6 10

It is much easier to see something than to read about it.

However, there is a direct correlation between videos on your website and multimedia sources. This can impact your SEO ranking.

These features can significantly increase the time spent on your site.

People could spend several minutes on your page depending on how long your videos are.

This will increase your search rankings.

8. Your site should be easily readable

When writing content for your website, keep your audience in your mind.

Use language that is easy to understand if you want people visiting your site and spending time there.

Do not try to sound like a lawyer or doctor, even if you do.

It is important that your content be understood by the majority of readers.

Improve SEO Rankings in 2021 4

Are you unsure if your content can be read?

Online resources can be used to assist.

Readable.com is one of my favorites.

These tools can be used to help you recognize words that are too long or hard for others to understand.

9. Repair broken links

You shouldnt worry about links breaking if you are using authoritative websites for hyperlinks.

It can still happen.

Broken links can hurt your SEO ranking.

It doesnt look right if a link you give to your visitors takes them to an infected website.

To search for errors in links on your website, you can use Dead Link Checker:

image7 10

This can be used to inspect your entire site or individual pages.

Sign up to have your account automatically checked.

If a link is lost or damaged, we will contact you immediately to replace it.

This resource can also be used to monitor websites that are relevant to your industry.

What can this do for your SEO?

If a link is broken on another websites website, you can contact the webmaster and request that they replace it with a link to your site.

Let them know that you are concerned about their site and they may be willing to help.

This will increase traffic to your site. Your SEO ranking will be improved by adding outbound links to your site from other websites.

10. Mobile devices : Optimize your website

Mobile use is increasing, as Im sure many of you are aware.

It is so fast, it has overtaken laptops and computers.

Improve SEO Rankings in 2021

More than 60% of Google search results come from mobile devices.

Google is aware of this and ranks websites accordingly.

Mobile users should be able to access your website.

This is the only way to do it.

Your sites optimization can negatively impact your rankings and user experience.

11. Format your page correctly

When designing a website layout, take your time.

It should be clean, uncluttered, well-organized, and clear.

Think about things such as font size and typography.

Use bold fonts, colored text, and italics sparingly.

Visitors can scan your content easily using bullet points or checklists.

Square offers this example:

image8 9

It is super clean.

They have a simple image and a reasonable amount of text.

It is easy to read the text because of the way it is structured, particularly with bullet points.

Square included subheadings and header tags on their pages, as you can see.

Your website can look untrustworthy if it is overloaded with advertisements, pictures, colors, and blocks or text.

This category also includes site architecture and navigation.

Your SEO ranking will be improved by a clean design and format.

12. Give the correct contact information

Do you feel untrustworthy? Have you ever had trouble finding contact information for a business via a website?

I am certain that I do.

Improve SEO Rankings in 2021 3

This should not happen.

Your contact information should always be visible and easy to find.

It is possible for people to report your website to the authorities.

This will destroy your SEO.

13. Encourage sharing via social media

Every website and business should be on social media.

This is pretty common knowledge.

It is not well-known that people can share links to your site on social media, which can improve your SEO ranking.

Heres a case study from a pest control site in which they ran an advertising campaign that was specifically targeted at increasing social sharing.

image5 10

In just two weeks, the infographic was shared 1,117 time.

The websites organic traffic grew by 15% in the same time frame.

Their SEO ranking also improved.

That was only a matter of a few weeks.

Think about the results that you will see when social sharing is a regular component of your SEO campaigns.

Including social sharing icons is one of the best methods to achieve this.

Also, share your links on social media.

It takes just one click to share the information that appears in peoples timelines.

14. Use keywords

Have a look at these components of the Google ranking algorithm.

image4 10

This formula is heavily dependent on keywords.

Include words that people are likely to search for in your content.

However, it is important to do so sparingly.

Google will notice if you overuse keywords on your website, which can have a negative effect on your rank.

Keywords should be used in sentences naturally.

These can be included in your header tags or in the captions of images.

You should also use long tail keywords. These are three to four words phrases that can be found in a search.

Someone wont search for phone if they are looking for something.

They may also type best phone to text in their place.

Your website will rank higher if the keywords you use match their search.

15. Create click-worthy titles, descriptions

You only have 65 characters for your headline when you are writing search engine titles.

It doesnt matter how great your headline is. If it exceeds 65 characters it will be cut. This is what youll see.

seo titles ctrs

The headlines most important portion is saved, but the rest of it is deleted. Keep it short.

These are some additional tips for creating click-worthy titles.

  • Front-load your titles using keywords- Front-loading all keywords should be done in your titles. Most people will only be able to read your titles.Look at the titles first two words.
  • Its important to be predictable- The title of your page should link to the page that best meets the users expectations.
  • Clear- Your webpage should be able to tell the reader what it is all about in 65 characters.
  • Make it personalDan Shures guide to writing titles is a treasure trove of information. One of his most valuable lessons was to make titles feel personal. Check out his SEOmoz articleAre Your Titles irresistible click-worthy and viral? You should!For great examples.

16. Optimize URLs that are clear, concise, and focused

Your URL does not need to be emotionally charged. Let me explain.

Heres an example Dan Shure used

seo emotions ctrs

Avinashs title tags are optimized for SEO and click rate. It is optimized for SEO due to the keywords digital market and optimized for click rates thanks to the words change of perish, which are very emotive, .

However, his URL does not contain change or perish.

seo urls ctrs

It does not have to, as it is only ranking in digital marketing.

What could you do to improve the title tag? It could be rewritten as follows: Digital Marketing: 2015 Rulebook. Change or perish

This will allow you to move the two keywords forward.

17. Create a fantastic meta description

You must optimize the meta description.

The source code looks something like this:

This form will appear at the bottom of your blog editor if you use a WordPress plugin such as All in-One SEO Pack

all in one seo ctrs

Google makes this simple by providing tips and tricks on creating good descriptions. These are the most important:

  • Use them to make your point!- Use keywords that are relevant to your article as front-load keywords Ask Who? if you enjoy formulas. Ask Who? What? Where? Which? Reporters use this formula to describe places. Its equally useful when writing descriptions.
  • Make them stand out- Meta descriptions should differ from pages descriptions.
  • Keep them shortGoogle restricts meta descriptions to 160 characters.

Although meta description may not be as important as your heading when it comes getting clicks, people tend to not pay as much attention to it. However, it is important for SEO ranking purposes. Dont ignore it!

18. 18.

Although you might think I am crazy, creating a mobile application can boost your SEO .

This is an expensive option but its an investment .

How can an app improve your SEO? Google now indexes apps through Google search using Firebase app Indexing.

Searching for keywords in your niche could lead to people finding your app. This creates juicy SEO.

If you search for reserve restaurant on Google, an app will be on page one.


Your app will automatically become a valuable resource when it appears in a Google search.

The main point is that you can see the benefits to having a Google app with high rankings. Its expensive, but so worth it.

19. Latent semantic indexing (LSI), is recommended.

Latent semantic indexing (LSI), although very powerful, is not widely used. LSI can be a significant SEO booster for your site.

LSI refers to the way search engines find similar keywords to your main keywords. LSI is a process that searches for synonyms of keywords.

If you write an article about Facebook, for example, you would include social media network as an LSI keyword.

Lets have a look at LSI. This TechRadar post is one of the first pages you see when you Google buy new laptop.


You can immediately see that the keyword best laptops is included in the title.

Other keywords and phrases can be seen throughout the article, such as budget or affordable. The post will appear on page 1 if you search budget laptop or affordable laptop.

This article shows how LSI can help improve your SEO. Youll be amazed at how efficient it is.

20. 20.

Although code is great, you also know the dangers of having too many good things.

Search engines will take longer time to crawl sites if they have too much code. The main culprits here are on-page JavaScript, CSS and CSS.

It is important to keep your code as light as possible. This will help speed up your pages load time. A faster load time equals better SEO.

21. 21.

People hunger for knowledge. Many people ask questions on Q&A websites like Yahoo! Answers and Quora.

There arent many solutions. This is where you come in.

It is important to write a detailed, well-written response to a persons question. It is important to provide the most relevant answer and link to your website when possible. Dont be spammy!

This will accomplish two things simultaneously. Youre helping the person who asked. Youre also bringing attention to your links and exposing them to many readers. People will see you as a valuable resource and be more inclined to click on your links.

22. Use infographics

Infographics are a powerful SEO tool. We used infographics at Kissmetrics to generate more than 2 million visitors and 41.142 backlinks. Our infographic strategy continues to be successful:


Two things are required for infographics that are powerful: great design and great contents. Do not forget to include the content in your infographics. Guess what? Many people do. Their infographics arent performing well.

Also, I recommend that you pair your infographic with at most 2,000 words of quality content. Google will not index text in the infographic, so longform content will help you rank higher.

The last tip on infographics.Let them move!


This infographic on cheetahs is one of my favorite infographics. Its not the data thats interesting. Its the way the data and visualizations are displayed within the graphic.

How successful was this idea? Lets say that it was linked to by 1,170 websites. Thats a lot of infographics.

23. 23.

My first year in SEO was spent manually building links. It would take months, if certainly years to see any significant increases in rankings, as my sites were lacking links from authoritative sites.

One day I launched a podcast site, and it was covered by TechCrunch. After a few weeks, the site was ranked on page one for podcast-related terms.

That was when I discovered the power of media. Since then, I have always received press coverage for my companies. This helped them rank higher and more quickly.

How do you get the press? One way to get press is to hire a PR agency such as PR Server. This agency has a performance-based model that allows you to only pay them when you get it to.

Building relationships with reporters is a cheaper way to get media attention. You can increase the chances that they will be interested in your company by helping them with their stories and providing feedback.

You can also use this PR email pitch template if you prefer the cold approach. This is a more difficult but still effective option.

24. Interview

Interviews are the best way to get links. Interviews are a great way to get links. Links will be very relevant as the linking website will usually talk about you or your company.

I understand what youre thinking, because I have a established brand, its easy to get interviewed. It wasnt easy for me when I started, but youre right.

In the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I used to email between two and four bloggers per day about interviews with people from my space.

Most of them didnt respond to my emails or refused to interview me. However, I discovered quickly that they would be more open to giving feedback about other interviews if I sent them an email.

You could, for example, email your comments on the interview if Mixergy interviewed your competitor. You could let them know that you enjoyed the interview and also point out the things with which they disagree. The email would end with a request to interview you for the show.

This tactic should allow you to secure one to two interviews per week.

25. 25.

Its easy to find links in some niches (e.g. marketing, recipes and entertainment).

If you present a compelling case, there are many thousands of blogs willing to link to your blog.

However, these blogs are not available in all niches.

This is when creativity is key.

Linking to related niches is a great strategy.

If you are a plumber for example, there would be many related niches.

  • Home DIY
  • Home decor
  • Beauty/Life (e.g., how to unclog sinks and prevent clogs).

Think of any niche in which you have expertise.

All the usual SEO techniques come back in play, such as guest posting, forum post, etc.

Lets take a look at an example.

Lets suppose you are a home decorator.

Home buying and owning is another niche. This audience is different from the typical home decor enthusiast.

It is possible to write about how home decor can increase the value of your home. This is actually a great long-tail phrase.


What can you do with this information?

You could write content for your site, then ask for a link from the owner blogs/homebuyers. This is a common SEO tactic.

You could also use the idea to write a guest blog post on a well-known site.

It will rank for long-tail keywords that you target, sending you continual traffic. But it will also send you lots of referral traffic from the website you posted on.

Begin by looking at as many niches as you possibly can. Then, find as many ways to add value to these niches.

26. You find it boring? Boring niche?

What can you do with a boring niche?

Is it possible to make home painting fun?

You wont be able to approach the subject if you think it is boring.

There are many ways to make content entertaining.

Brian Dean created a fantastic case study to illustrate this idea. Mike Bonadio runs an SEO agency in NYC. He had a client in bug control-boring.

He created an infographic of high quality on a topic that was very interesting: How bugs can help you defeat pests in your garden. This infographic was picked up by several prominent blogs.


As we have discussed in the previous section, gardening is an alternative niche for pest control.

Mike went one step further and created fun content.

He made bugs fun by focusing his attention on the benefits they can offer.

This is possible in any niche, if you focus on the exciting benefits and unexpected parts of your work instead of the boring.

Do you seal driveways, for example?

Although it may seem boring, imagine creating content such as:

  • How many gallons would it take to seal Leonardo DiCaprios driveway with sealant?
  • The wrong driveway sealant can cost you big. Heres a comparison of the actual cost of paving a driveway

Although I am not certain that they are all real, the point is still there. Make the boring parts of the story an important part of the story but not the main point.

Lets go back to the case study How did it all work?

Its amazing, I would say. Mike reached out and obtained over 60 domains referring to the same niche. He also received hundreds of links.


In addition, he received over 2,100 visits from referral traffic within a short time. His clients website still ranks fourth for the search term exterminator NYC.

Are you able to make your niche more interesting for your customers?This is a difficult task that requires thought. Let me offer another example: Blendtec.

Blendtec sells blenders.

This is not a very sexy product.

You might have seen their Will it Blend? video series.

These videos show how they mix all sorts of strange objects like superglue, iPhones and even skeletons.

Each video they make now has millions of views.

Even more important, these videos are linked to a lot and link back to Blendtecs website. This makes them highly ranked for blender-related terms.

27. Diversify your links

There are many types of links that you can get, including blog roll links and homepage links, blog post links, blog links, link from blog posts, directory, educational, footer, and footer links. SEOs tend to only build one type of link, rather than all of them.

You cant focus only on one type or method of linking if you want to rank highly. You need to build links to your site via directories, blogs, and sometimes even from homepages of other websites. Make sure that the links you build are relevant. These links are likely to have the greatest impact.

Quick Sprout is one example of a number of websites that link to me. This is an example of a news website link, a sidebar hyperlink from a popular blog and a link within an article. All links to my site. This is partly why I get over 50% of my Google monthly traffic.

28. 28.

Local SEO is crucial, especially if your brick-and-mortar company has a brick-and mortar presence.

You can save time and money by creating an account on Google Business.

This allows you edit your business information, verify contact information, add images, monitor customer reviews, and much more.


This could give you an advantage over your competitors who dont capitalize on this resource.

29. BuzzSumo offers link opportunities

BuzzSumo allows you to do the same thing.

Simply enter your search term and youll see a list.

Heres what I get from content marketing:


Click on the View Sharers button to see all articles of interest.


Then, youll see a list with people who shared the article.


These could all be potential contacts with which you might want to build relationships. This could lead to guest-blogging or link-building opportunities.

30. 30.

I dont mean to insult your intelligence, but it is obvious that longer-form content ranks higher than a 500-word blog post.

That you already know.


Heres a trick that you can use to make thin content more interesting.

You might try a shorter post (under 1,000 words). Its quite good, but it never reached its full potential.

Spend 30 minutes beefing it up by adding more content, charts and graphs. Until it is a solid long-form article.

31. 31.

Google pulls news articles from two SERPs: the traditional SERP and the News SERP.

Although you may not have considered Google News a traffic source for your site, I think you will. Its a traffic source!

Take a look at this screen shot


Google news requires persistence, honesty, reporting, cutting-edge articles and regular updates.

Heres how to get your website listed on Google News SERP if youre up for it.

  1. Create a section called News on your blog/site.
    It should be updated regularly, with at least one news post per day.
  2. Publishing authoritative, unique, original, newsworthy content is a must. Set up a Google Alert for keywords related to your niche.
  3. Informational articles, such as guides and how-tos, are not eligible. Every post must be new.
  4. Do not publish aggregated content.
  5. Each news article that you write must be authentic.
  6. Each posts byline must link to the authors profile. This profile should include their contact information as well as links to social media profiles.
  7. Before you start your news section, please follow the Google quality guidelines.
  8. To become a Google News Partner, you must subscribe to a Google account. Sign up for a Google Apps account for $5 per month ( http://apps.google.com/pricing.html).
  9. After publishing substantial content (at least 50 pages), sign up as a Google News Partner.

It may seem slow, but it is worth the millions.

32 32.

That sounds like a lot of work

Its not as hard as you might think.

You can increase the traffic to your website by building your personal brand. My personal brand took me about a decade to build. That personal brand helped me boost traffic and convert high-converting leads. I created several multi-million-dollar businesses.

Its possible to do the same. Heres how.

Share your knowledge and help others.

Register first at Q&A websites such as Quora and Yahoo Answers. Join LinkedIn groups to reach out and contribute to guest authors or other websites in your niche.

Answer questions and help users. Dont promote your business.

Users will request your assistance if your answers are useful. If you start to see help requests, it is time to strike.

Help others, and link back to your site or article when you do.

Your link will be followed by browsers and followers, increasing your site traffic like mad.

Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn are open to linking, while Quora, LinkedIn, Quora, and Quora have strict backlinking policies. Be polite and provide factual, helpful information, no matter what you do.

33. Influencing the influencers

Although you may believe that influencer marketing has died, I can assure that any influencer linking to your post will bring in a lot of traffic.

You cannot approach influencers and ask them to promote your content. Why? Because once they read your first line, the influencer will understand what you are trying to communicate. Its not a good idea.

Every month, influencers get hundreds of requests for content promotion. They can see one from afar.

Here are some alternatives. You can influence and motivate an influencer to share your content.

Let me show you an example of how I did it.

Lets assume Im targeting mens fashion as my keyword phrase. I searched for top blogs about mens fashion and got a lot of great results.


I visited Off the Cuff and discovered it was owned and founded by Christopher Hogan.

Next, I visited Christopher Hogans Twitter page. He seems to tweet often and some of his tweets concern formal fashion in different seasons. (He has 3,300 followers). Although its not the most popular, there is a twist to the story.

This gave me the idea of a content strategy that could be endorsed and shared by many influential people (with over a billion followers).


Heres what I would do next:

  • You can also check out the top blogs. Find out which bloggers have thousands upon thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Check out their tweets and posts. Find their interviews online to find out what motivates.
  • Based on my research, create an article, video, or infographic. If I wanted Christopher Hogan to be influenced, I would create an infographic and write an article about formal fashion for men in summer. My online shop would carry the items featuring my content. Perhaps I could call it Mens Formal Fashion For The Summer Inspired By Christopher Hogan Designs or something similar.
  • Then I would tweet it to him, or post it on his FB Page. If he likes it (which it should, as I spent so much time making it), he may share it. This would bring me targeted traffic with the potential to convert.
  • Even if he doesnt retweet it, I know that I have great content sure to be noticed by men who wear formals in the summer.

This is only an example. This technique has a lot of potential.

Your creativity can be used to create more informative and advanced content in your niche.

Other tools such as Buzzsumo or Followerwonk can be used to locate influencers. You can also use the same technique.

34 Tools outperform content-marketing

What is the most popular way for websites to get links? Content marketing. But that doesnt necessarily mean that its the best way to build links.

My experience has shown that free tools generate more traffic and backlinks over time. This is why it is better than content marketing.

tool traffic

Quick Sprout allowed me to release a free tool that I could use.

  • My pageviews per visitor can be increased from 1.8 to 2.35
  • Reduce my bounce rate from 74% - 63%
  • My time on-site will increase from 2 minutes 10 second to 3 minutes 10 second.
  • Increase customer loyalty

You must make it easy to use, and highly in demand to release free tools that attract thousands of people and links. You can find out which companies are doing well in your industry to help you decide what tools to release.


Search engine optimization isnt a passing fad.

This is something that your website should be focusing on now and in the future.

You may be a little behind if you are just beginning to focus on SEO. However, it is not too late to implement these strategies.

Do not be overwhelmed

Start with a few and then move on to the next.

Keep an eye on your results.

Your SEO strategy will be validated by analyzing your traffic and search rankings.

Youll soon be able to find the best search results on Google.

You never know, you may even be able claim the number one spot.