Types Of Featured Snippets And How To Get Them

featured snippets

Did your site ever encounter with a reduced click-through pace? The zero-click searches due to Googles featured snippets might be the reason for this. Learn different sorts of featured snippets on SERPs and the way to maximize your articles for them.

What Is A Featured Snippet?

What Are The Types Of Featured Snippets?

Other Snippet-like Results

Do I Own Any Featured Snippets?

How To Optimize For Featured Snippets?

What Is A Featured Snippet?

A featured snippet is really a box of advice which immediately answers a consumers question on Googles search result pages. Google first introduced showcased snippets from 2014 to enhance the research experience of consumers by immediately displaying the most important information in the exact top of search result pages such as the picture below.an example of Twinword's featured snippet on SERP

How a featured snippet looks like

These snippets can also be known as Zero-Click Searches since they headed 49 percent of Google searches to bring about in virtually no clicks. This suggests that consumers are content with the advice of this snippet, and no longer find it necessary to see a rated outcome unless they need additional understanding about the topic. These snippets can also be referred to as rankingzero only because they rank over the remainder of the SERP outcomes.

For this reason, organic rank results are dropping visitors. By way of instance, Wikipedia dropped 21 percent of its visitors since the launching of ranking .

When these snippets reduce traffic to natural search results, using this type of featured snippet may give your site more exposure and extra traffic because your website rankings right in addition to most organic search results. There have been many sites experiencing a decent growth in traffic along with CTR while using a showcased snippet on Googles SERP.

However, for this unique place, you have to optimize your site. Consequently, in the following guide, well discuss a lot of tactics to maximize your website and its content to Zero-Click Searches. But first, let us understand its different kinds.

What Are The Types Of Featured Snippets?

These are five types of featured snippets:

1. Paragraph

2. Lists

3. Table

4. Videos

5. Double-Featured

1. Paragraph

Paragraph snippets usually appear when you search for queries with how-to, who, why, what, etc.paragraph featured snippet

An example of paragraph featured snippet

2. Lists (Numbered & Bullet)

Lists are further divided into two parts: numbered and bulleted.

The numbered list featured snippets usually appear when users search for a step-by-step tutorial such as how to brew coffee.numbered list featured snippet appears with the query

An example of a numbered list featured snippet

Bulleted lists are usual lists that do not require to be in sequence. For example, if you search for latest Apple products, youll get this:bulleted list featured snippet appeared with the query

An example of a bulleted list featured snippet

3. Table

Google features tables on SERPs as well as below.table featured snippet appeared with the query

An example of a table featured snippet

4. Videos

Videos get featured snippets as well. Either they are featured entirely, or Google provides you with a suggested clip.a video featured snippet appeared with the query

An example of a video featured snippet

5. Double-featured snippets

Sometimes, Google displays two featured snippets together or get the paragraph content from one website and an image from another to couple them together to provide more rich results.Double-featured snippet

An example of a double-featured snippet

Other “Snippet-like” Results

Moreover, there are snippet-like results on SERPs that is worth noting to avoid any confusion:

Instant Answers

calculation for an instant answer

These are small tools that provide immediate answers to the users query. One of these queries includes performing a simple calculus.

Another query that will give you an instant answer is checking the weather.

Weather search query

Or when you want to find out the meaning of definitions.

Definition of weather on SERP

Knowledge Panel

The knowledge panel contains additional information about your query. Mostly, they appear on the right side of the SERP when you search for an entity (e.g. organization, public figure, food, color, etc.)an example of knowledge panel with the query

An example of a knowledge panel

Or search queries about diseases are another way to see a knowledge panel.

disease search query

Do I Own Any Featured Snippets?

Before starting with the marketing procedure, you need to check if your goal key words possess a featured snippet. There are lots of approaches and resources with which youll be able to check if youve got a featured snippet, however, one great method is to utilize the Rank Overview module from RankWatch to ascertain this.


Login to RankWatch (the tool has a 14-day free trial) and access the Ranking Overview Dashboard to find the keywords for which you have obtained a featured snippet.

Under ranking overview, check additional ranks of your target keywords.

Additional rank feature show if you have featured snippet

These additional ranks represent whether your target keywords have acquired a featured snippet or not. The data collected by RankWatch include:

  • Local
  • Images
  • News
  • Ads
  • Videos
  • Knowledge
  • Answers
  • Jobs

Green icon: Signifies that your domain acquired the knowledge panel answer box for the keyword.

Blue icon: This means there are a knowledge panel and answer box for your target keyword, but your domain is not ranking for it.

Grey icon: Implies that there are no knowledge panels and answer boxes on the first SERP for the target keyword.

Besides this, assess keywords that you rank at the top 10 results but do not possess a showcased snippet. RankWatch supplies data linked to your existing rankings near the extra positions also.

Website ranking on SERP

Google extracts the information to your featured snippets from sites rank on the very first page of the SERP. Consequently, in the event that you presently have a page rank on top results page, you are able to tweak it somewhat for a featured snippet.

How To Optimize For Featured Snippets?

1. Create High-Quality Content

Creating high quality and information-rich content is vital to acquire a SERP place, and it will become critical if you would like to obtain a featured snippet. Thus, you need to produce well-researched content thats pertinent to the consumers and the best responses to your own inquiries.

2. Target Question-Based Keywords

To get featured on SERPs, webmasters must conduct thorough research for question-based keywords and optimize them in content. Also, you will find that featured snippets appear mostly for questions like what, where, when, who, why, can, how, and so on.

A few key word research tools can allow you to produce a database of these question-based keywords and phrases. One of those tools provides ideas supplies you with numerous key word ideas. You have to input thekey word, click research, and that is it. Youll have a vast variety of keyword ideas.

You can narrow down the list by targeting keywords with what, why, how, etc.

To do that, you can either add a custom filter under the popular topics feature as seen below.

Twinword Ideas custom popular topics filter

Or, you can use the Include / Exclude smart filter and include all the question-based words you like, such as what, why, how, etc.

Include and include keywords with the smart keyword tool Twinword Ideas.

Understand the user-intent and then start shortlisting and adding keywords to your database or keyword target list. Once the keyword target list is created, you can start writing the contents.

3. Use Relevant Images

Graphics break the monotony of info information and retain the readers participated. And should you use associated pictures in your articles, then your likelihood of getting showcased in double-featured snippet increases. Additionally, crawlers examine the pictures and their alt-texts too before comprising them. Consequently should use high-quality and relevant pictures on your articles and be certain that you use descriptive and relevant alt-text.

4. Content Structure Is Crucial

Supplying a structure for your articles aids the crawlers index and position your own domain efficiently. Along with this, it boosts the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of your site. Structuring the material comprises the usage of proper heading tags, name tags, etc.. Additionally, it comprises dividing the material into paragraphs and points while dividing the monotony of texts together with visuals.

Dividing your articles in to pointers and measures or lists raises its opportunities to have featured in type of tables and lists on SERPs.

5. How About Including An FAQ Section?

FAQ snippet

There are many ranking chances when optimizing for question-based keywords and phrases. You cant just get the chance to accomplish the featured snippet but theindividuals also inquire section. This section consists of other pertinent queries linked to the searched one. Google lists those queries because users hunt for them. You include an FAQ section in your websites content to grow the capacity of your site to position inindividuals also request, or even the included snippet.

6. Quality Links Are Essential

You will need quality links pointing into your own content to improve its potential of rank on SERPs as well as also the featured snippets. Link building can boost the visitors driven to your site, followed closely by the domain name authority. And when your website has a greater Domain Authority (DA) and its own articles follows the marketing methods as mentioned previously, then it will get easier for the articles for a featured snippet.

Get Your Featured Snippet

As soon as youre finished with the optimization, then wait patiently for a month or 2 before tracking if your intended key word obtained a showcased snippet or maybe not. Additional you are able to raise your odds of reaching it by maintaining the term count using a definition inside your articles involving 54 to 58 phrases.

As an example, if youre writing on SEO and among its own headings iswhat exactly is SEO? , then you need to specify SEO in 58 words. Its seen that many featured snippets have articles restricted to the word count that was mentioned. Thus, its time that you maximize your articles to get featured snippets and better your SERP functionality.

After reading this article, when youve some doubts or suggestions, please say them in the opinions below.