5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Still So Popular?

why email marketing

Email marketing is a good tool that is a simple and effective way for your ad to appear in the medium used every day – an email. Roughly 4.3 billion people will use email to share information by the end of 2023, according to estimates. 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach customers, and those who use segmented email campaigns notice an increase in revenue of as much as 760%.

Before we talk about the reasons why the employment of an email in the marketing segment is still so crucial, we will say a bit about how to run a successful email campaign.

Given the still great popularity and effectiveness of email marketing campaigns, in the next few paragraphs, we will try to highlight some of the most important steps in implementing this type of campaign.

Email Marketing Campaign

#1 Goals

It is important to define objectives for your email marketing, just like you would for any other web campaign.

These can be notifications about current promotions, a monthly, quarterly, or annual newsletter informing your audience of everything that has happened to you in the past period, an invitation to participate in the event or to do some action on your site.

#2 Contact List

You will need to create authentic contact lists in order to deliver emails. This implies that acquiring emails in a legal manner (through the site’s newsletter option, where users provide their e-mail and permission to be reached or via specialized platforms, such as VerticalResponse) is preferable.

You can have one or more contact lists. You can segment contact lists in accordance with products, product groups, or services you offer, the countries in which you operate, and the like.

#3 Email Marketing Provider

You must pick the right provider for email marketing to send emails to consumers and clients. There are several suppliers to choose from, and the best advice is to pick the one that best fits your demands.

They range in terms of price, design parameters, the number of contacts you can store on the platform, the number of emails you may send a day, and other factors.

Some of the most popular email providers are SendInBlue, MailChimp, and HubSpot.

#4 Email Design

Email is designed directly in the platform you have chosen. The options that are offered differ in terms of design. Somewhere you are free to choose where which element you want to be located, in some places you are very limited with options, and most providers offer a drag-and-drop option.

Prior to beginning the design process, you must first select an appropriate “Subject“ title. The header, the first part of the email, is one of the most important elements and should draw the attention of the user to whom you are sending the email.

The layout and components should not be overdone; instead, concentrate on the campaign’s aim (place a button directly below the introduction text and at the bottom of the email if the goal is to encourage the user to sign up for the action).

Follow the so-called “keep it simple“ method. In the email footer, include your contact information, i.e. information about your firm that you consider most relevant and crucial.

Most email providers automatically optimize emails for your phone as well, but be sure to check out what your email looks like when you open it from your phone.

Ensure that everything runs smoothly and precisely as you envisaged before sending an email to thousands of addresses. When an email leaves the sending platform, you cannot stop it in time.

Email Is Critical to Businesses’ Success in the Future

Technology, particularly in the digital realm, advances at a quicker rate than the speed of light. OK, this might sound like an exaggeration, however, the metaphor is not as far off the mark as you would think.

The capacity to transmit electronic mail was one of the first of numerous technological improvements over the last century, and information technology obsolescence is nothing new.

But that is not the case when it comes to email and its digital marketing ramifications. It is here to stay, just like phone calls. It is already ingrained in the operations of many businesses, and it will continue to be critical to their success in the future.

The following are five reasons why email marketing is still relevant.

#1 It Is Captivating on an Individual Basis

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to communicate with and engage your target market or audience on a personal level. When done correctly, an email campaign will make your audience feel as if you are always thinking of them.

Add in the fact that you can contact your target market in real-time and tailor each email to make consumers feel wanted by using email.

Personalizing emails is simple, but it provides a familiar touch that potential or current clients or customers would appreciate. If you need further proof, consider this: according to statistics, tailored emails determine whether or not potential customers will continue to read branded emails.

Who knew that adding a personalized touch to an often-automated email marketing campaign could be done and done well? For both your organization and your clients, this is a win-win situation.

#2 It Keeps Things Straightforward and Affordable

Emails are a low-cost way to get a lot of traffic to your website. Email marketing is still, and most likely always will be, one of the most profitable marketing tactics available. To begin with, many of the assets and technology required to launch an email marketing campaign are completely free.

Email marketing is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to remind your customers that you have a variety of new products and services available to them and that they are welcome to visit your website.

And we are not only talking about labor or technology in email marketing; we are also talking about time. In your business, time is a vital resource that can never be overvalued, at least not directly. As a result, we believe that firms should prioritize email marketing above all else.

If you have not noticed by now, this story pretty much revolves around membership because acquiring traffic via emails brings you a loyal audience. Building a website that can attract members by itself could be a significant boost to your marketing campaign based on email, which is, of course, a central topic of this article.

Even if you locate a website builder that enables you to construct a members-only area, it might not have all the features you require to run an effective membership website. Website builders that are simple to use and have the following membership functionalities: forum functionality, the ability to accept subscription fees, reasonable pricing, and simplicity of use.

Fortunately, there is a platform that evaluates lots of website builders to identify the ones that provide you with the finest combination of the aforementioned features and rank the best membership builders, so do not be alarmed.

#3 It Is Simple to Quantify

Any marketing campaign’s effectiveness is dependent on the ability to measure and understand results in order to develop a strategy for going forward. One of the best things about email marketing solutions is that they make evaluating the success of your campaign a breeze.

Bounce rates, click-through rates, delivery rates, open rates, and unsubscribe rates will all be available at all times. These are useful insights on whether your campaign is working or not, allowing you to fine-tune your strategy and the features you include in your emails.

Perhaps it is just a poorly written subject line, or perhaps you just need to personalize it for your recipients? Transparency will undoubtedly help you achieve your objectives in the short and long term.

#4 It Is an Attractive Way to Engage Your Audience in Your Offering

Conversions may be facilitated by using the proper buttons, placing them in the right place in your email, and compelling your receiver to participate in your offer.

A strong CTA, or call to action, at the bottom of your email, is still one of the most successful ways to encourage people to become your customers. Because of how powerful it is, it is used everywhere and is constantly a part of marketing strategy. Your customized email with a call to action can be quite beneficial to your success.

#5 It Works in Tandem with Your Other Marketing Tactics

Finally, while planning an email campaign, it is not an “if” or “or” situation. You can use it separately or as part of a larger marketing strategy. Because it is so adaptable, it should blend in with other classic or modern marketing strategies. It should make your content, social media, and web conferencing initiatives more effective.


So, if someone tells you that email marketing is dead, do not listen to them. Today, there are 4 billion email users. Email marketing is a crucial component of your digital marketing plan. It is a great approach to boost engagement and revenue from returning customers.