Latest Trends in Digital Marketing 2017

digital marketing trends 2017

As the year changes, there is evolution of technology in the field of digital marketing in innumerable various ways. There are new trends coming up which can’t be avoided but need to adopt it to be successful in digital marketing strategy and find the excellent way to integrate them into the marketing plan.

Here you can take a look at the trends occurring in digital marketing throughout 2017, from which you can take the benefit of cutting-edge technology and stay ahead to serve your clients in an excellent way.

1. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Technology:

Augmented Reality had been carried out with the gaming industry as well as proved that the consumers are ready for adopting it. You will find numerous applications and products coming out related to AR. This will be a powerful tool which can help to enhance any of the business using AR to give a VR to the patrons. In digital marketing VR is said to play an essential role for massive marketing by giving the customers a clear picture and a close experience than ever before.

2. Social Media – Live Videos:

Social Media platform is becoming more powerful, precise and easier for engaging more clients. Cisco has predicted through live videos the consumer traffic will be generated at 75% in next few years. The social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc are some of them which are growing day by day with many views. The digital marketers can take the advantage of these types of medium by promoting live videos.

3. Wearable Mobile Devices:

There is a massive growth of using mobile devices all over the world. This shows that it is important to focus on Smartphone marketing and its relevance to an organization. It has been expected to reach the wearable’s market over 4.5 Billion in the year of 2017. So it is essential that the appearance of mobile, brands and business will have to build up their websites and platforms to go with the needs of the common wearable users. . Make sure, that it has got quite attractive screens to ensure high-quality user experience and prompt sales.

4. Video Advertising:

The increase of watching videos has become an immense trend not just in content marketing, but moreover in promoting ads. Video ads have a propensity to be more effectual than other mediums, as they can detain the consumer’s awareness in the most attractive method and leave an impression that comprises with both vision and sound. Video content has the influence to generate convincing ads that can boost up the brand awareness, of any organization for a particular product.

5. Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation can smooth the progress of a digital strategy by contributing an enhanced and relevant knowledge to users. It’s the influence of intellectual technology that can turn into a crucial part of a marketing strategy. This is the method that assists the marketers automates tasks with the use of triggered events that occur in set moments. The perfect application of marketing automation can help to set the best channels like email marketing and social media immensely more efficient.

Cloud Platforms:

As the marketing technology is rising every year, here is a cloud platform which is most accommodating for the marketers. With the help of this now marketer can have the ability to amalgamate and combine various solutions into a single cloud platform. Here the digital marketers will be able to have access on different tools such as campaigns, workflows, analytics, contents, store supplies, user functionality etc. This will enable marketers to perform an automate process from a particular podium, to optimize campaigns, scrutinize metrics as well as engage directly with patrons at point-of-sale.

Conclusion :

Digital technology is getting complicated all the time, but this is a great program to create a possibility for brands and businesses to get connected with consumers that is apparently never-ending, and it is been proved even more important in 2017.

Consequently, now is the time to take heed of the new and the developed above digital marketing trends that are beginning to emerge. Hence, start planning new strategies for you organizations and get ready to implement these excellent practices to gain a foothold in your industry.