How to Sell a Website in 2022 and Get the Price You Deserve

How to Sell a Website in 2022 2

Are you tired of running the daily of your ecommerce shop? Did you instantly get a brand-new job deal that’s obstructing of your online service? Do you brain-streaming about from where and how to sell a website or buy online website for your business? Do you wish to disconnect from the metropolitan mayhem and live offline in the countryside? This guide will certainly reveal you precisely how to market an internet site and obtain the highest possible rate for it.

If you’re stressed that selling web sites will not be worth it, you could intend to reassess. You can obtain in between 20– 40 times your month-to-month internet revenue. This write-up will reveal you specifically how to do that.

Excited? Let’s begin!

The majority of site brokers and also industries have an energetic listing period of in between 30– 180 days. However that does not imply that a month or more will net you the rate you desire for your online service.

You can contrast a website sale to a start-up leave or the sale of a home in several ways.

You need to invest the moment to take your site to its optimal before initiating to sell a website. You also have to lay the foundation for new ownership prior to reaching out to customers for sell a website. If you fail to do this, you will certainly have a hard time even to find a prepared customer to begin with.

How to Sell a Website in 2022 3

The more time, cash, as well as initiative you put in up front, the less complicated the sale will be during the phase of sell a website. A well-managed online service with computerized web content production processes and fulfillment is much easier to market than an improvised mess.

We have actually included some essential steps to take previously you must also take into consideration noting your web site to buy.

Tired of running the everyday of your ecommerce shop? Ready to separate and gain the rewards of what you’ve developed? See specifically how to sell a website and also obtain the highest rate for it in this overview.

The 7 Steps to Sell Your Website for Big Bucks

Selling your site or online organization may look like a difficult process. When you include steps to attempt to maximize the value pre-sale, things get even much more complex. Listed below, we lay out a 7-step procedure that will help you browse this challenge.

1. Diversify Your Traffic Sources before sell a website

If your organization is presently relying largely on paid web traffic and ads, you should expand your website traffic sources before thinking about a sale. Particularly, you want to concentrate on boosting your natural web traffic.

How to Sell a Website in 2022 1

Organic resources of website traffic have greater earnings margins, however that’s not all. Seasoned buyers and also brokers placed a great deal of worth on long-lasting security and convenience of monitoring.

There’s a big difference in the value of an ecommerce shop driven by micro-influencer promos and also one that constantly attracts thousands of organic site visitors month after month.

Stable organic online search engine traffic from Google reveals customers that they won’t go broke on advertising and marketing.

As an example, A-Z Animals had a relatively reduced incomes number contrasted to their month-to-month visitors. Although some months really did not clear $5,000 in profits, it sold for over $300,000.

A-Z Animals Flippa listing.
A-Z Animals Flippa listing.

Yet the traffic sources were organic, near guaranteeing numerous countless visitors monthly for many years ahead. Effective vendors recognize how to highlight this with Google Analytics as well as Search Console records.

Organic traffic records aid interested customers evaluate untapped profits possibility. They may have the network or sources to boost business design as well as enhance the earnings created per check out.

We will cover this instance in even more detail listed below, yet the major takeaway is that secure, organic web traffic is a wonderful sales disagreement. It can also drive up the value of your business also without a real service design.

To obtain more organic traffic, check out our comprehensive 45-point WordPress SEO checklist. Much of the pointers use even if you use BigCommerce or Shopify as opposed to WooCommerce.

If you’re currently toenailing organic traffic, make certain that you benefit from e-mail marketing and social media sites to accumulate a platform of returning visitors. These target markets are a powerful possession to any ecommerce store or online service, even if you get on your way out.

Repeat sales to existing clients will also look wonderful when you’re attempting to offer your service.

2. Create Processes and Use Third-party Services before sell a website

Some kinds of web sites and ecommerce stores need even more participation than others. If you are running an ecommerce store as well as are presently meeting your orders yourself, you ought to transform that prior to selling the business. You should decrease your involvement in business as much as possible prior to selling it.

Prospective customers that have the capital to acquire a business for a flat cost of tens of countless bucks aren’t looking for another full time task. They are looking for ready-made financial investment opportunities. That generally indicates a service that’s automated as well as calls for very little hands-on job.

If they don’t think your company satisfies the mark, they will fast to ask inquiries.

Flippa listing comment.
Flippa listing comment.

Here, a prospective buyer is concerned regarding maintaining the WordPress plugins that are the seller’s key income source. It’s a look right into the top priorities of your target market: they do not intend to take over an organization– to have to commit their lives to it– as it breaks down at the joints.

To help relieve issues similar to this, adhere to the checklist below.

Automated processes checklist:

  • Train a virtual assistant to handle day-to-day business tasks (customer support, operations, etc.).
  • Handle order fulfillment with a third-party service.
  • Outsource new content creation to reliable writers and designers.
  • For software products, line up freelance developers to handle updates and hotfixes.
  • Automate CMS updates and backups.

Note: You can additionally select a handled WordPress hosting supplier like Kinsta, where we deal with back-ups for you.

Amazon FBA is an outstanding option for order satisfaction and also delivery, however there are additionally other options out there. You can utilize a freelance industry like UpWork to evaluate prospective VAs.

The more you can remove yourself from the process, the better. Obviously, these expenses just come to be marketing disagreements if your website’s revenues cover them uncreative.

3. Get Your Financials and Traffic Reports in Order before sell a website

Nobody is going to invest in an organization that doesn’t have evidence of its funds and also possessions. If among your online service assets is natural traffic or a social media complying with, take steps to record this appropriately.

Remember that markets and brokers require months of validated economic and also website traffic records.

So see to it that you have installed Google Analytics or an alternative on your web site. Sales records can usually just be exported from any ecommerce device and also are much less of an issue.

Recommended financial reports:

  • Profit & Loss Explained (PnL Explained or P&L Explain)
  • Proof of Sales (Amazon/AdSense/WooCommerce/Shopify/BigCommerce reports)—most brokers require at least 6–12 months of reporting.
  • Ad Spend

Recommended traffic reports:

  • Google Analytics: Most brokers require at least three months of verified Google Analytics reporting.
  • Google Search Console Reports: You can use them to demonstrate the potential value of your organic traffic.
  • Ads Reports: Whether it’s Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other ad networks, if one of your primary traffic sources is ads, supply the relevant reports to prove your profit and loss numbers.

4. Choose the Right Marketplace or Broker before sell a website

When you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s, it’s time to move on to the marketing part. The initial component is choosing the best place to sell it.

Considering that you’re reading this blog post, you are most likely wondering:

Where Can I Sell My Website?

The most effective place to market your web site is with proven site brokers or web site markets. They are a lot more efficient than advertising on your internet site or social media sites pages. They also function as intermediaries in between you and also the customer, managing the sale with an escrow system.

We’ve prepared a shortlist of the 3 most reliable markets and also brokers. These systems have dealt with a mixed quantity of well over a million bucks in sales last week alone.

Because the number one concern when making a sale is dependability, making certain that no one swipes your website or runs off with your cash, we’ve concentrated on the brokers with the best record.

Flippa website marketplace.
Flippa website marketplace.

Users have actually offered more than 38,000 internet sites on Flippa because it released. Flippa is an open public auction platform similar to eBay. By default, anyone can see as well as bid on your website. To stay clear of motivating rivals and reveal your niche, you can additionally select to make your listing private.

Costs: $49 for listing, 10% of effective sales of approximately $50k (15% if you elect to utilize a broker).

Flippa is the only internet site that has a viewable magazine of just recently sold websites. You can see these for inspiration and also compare the last prices to your proposals.

Empire Flippers


Empire Flippers is a web site broker that concentrates on online businesses of all dimensions. The minimum need for a listing is $1,000 in web monthly revenue.

They have actually marketed virtually $245 million worth of internet sites since their launch.

Fees: $0 to list, percentage of the sale

The success commission depends on the list price of your business:

  • 2% for firms above $10 million
  • 5% to any companies between $5–10 million
  • 8% for businesses between $2–5 million
  • 12% for firms between a $1–2 million
  • 15% for firms under $1 million

Among the benefits of selecting a broker like Empire Flippers is that prospective purchasers currently trust them. They have extensive requirements for sellers as well as their internet sites. That helps you make certain that you prepare whatever a customer would certainly desire.

Your possible buyers will be extra confident in the numbers you advance since a relied on third party has actually validated them.

FE International


FE International, homepage screenshot.
FE International website homepage.

FE International is a professional M&A consultant that concentrates generally on bigger ecommerce stores, SaaS companies, and also online content publishers.

According to their inner resources, FE has actually completed over half a billion dollars in sales across 1,000+ procurements. And they boast an excellent 94.1% success price. Financial Times additionally provided FE as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Americas in 2021.

Fees: $0; ~14% commission

FE has no listing fee, but they veterinarian the businesses thoroughly prior to detailing them for sale on their industry. The compensation is the only expense pertaining to selling an internet site with FE International.

Their compensation varies depending upon the deal dimension, as well as they have no public guidelines. But in an interview with Growth All over, FE’s CEO specified their typical commission is around 14%.

FE published their Innovation M&A: 2021 Expectation record recently. They additionally run the trade magazine SaaS Mag (Kinsta rankings 140 on their SaaS 1000 list) as well as the LTV Conf SaaS meeting.

5. Know Your Potential Buyer and Customize Your Sales Page before sell a website

When you’re creating a web page to offer your site, you require to recognize that your possible buyers are and also what they are looking for in an internet site. Enjoy this meeting Empire Flippers performed with a purchaser and also pay attention to his concerns and also his worries.

Browse just recently marketed web sites on Flippa that met the earnings numerous that you want to achieve. Consider variables like website traffic resources, trustworthy documentation, as well as labor intensity. You could be able to discover a pattern where one facet attracts attention as essential in your sector.

86% of customers are a lot more thinking about products from business that provide relevant content.

If you can supply all the web content, reports, and information that your perfect customer desires, you’re one step ahead of the game. They will certainly feel extra comfy bidding process on your website, and their upper limit will be much greater than if they had any type of unanswered uncertainties.

Since all substantial brokers bill a commission, they have an incentive to market your site. The larger the possible deal, the bigger the motivation to push your listing and complete the sale.

That’s another factor to get all your ducks straight prior to getting a listing done.

If you choose a broker like Realm Flippers, they will certainly make the sales web page for you as well as manage the advertising and marketing.

6. Prepare Your Team or Virtual Assistants for the Sale a website

When you’ve made a decision to market business, you need to prepare every person included for the prospective transfer of possession. Make sure all the stakeholders recognize the situation and that the core members are ready to aid the purchaser transition right into the role of owner/operator.

You can make points less complicated on your own by using contemporary group management solutions like Slack, where moving ownership is a simple procedure.

That way, they can quickly see all the projects in the pipeline. You don’t have to onward hundreds of emails appropriate to the business.

You must likewise take care of any type of e-mail on a transferable service account rather than your individual Gmail. It’s useful for customer support problems and comparable interactions.

7. Know What Your Site is Worth before sell a website

To stay clear of losing big, you require to know what your website deserves. Before you pull the trigger and also offer your website, you need to have an approximation of what it can bring in.

Typically the value hinges on a range in between 15– 30 times your regular monthly revenue (or 1– 3 times your yearly profit). Generally, you can calculate this number utilizing the standard over the last one year.

The average price for websites marketed in 2015 ranged from 2.2 to 2.9 times, relying on the sector.

Average multiples by business models.
Average multiples by business models. (Source)

For the individual website, there are other variables, such as the expected long life of sales, website traffic resources, costs, quantity of job called for, and so forth.

We’ve currently covered the process of estimating the value of your web site comprehensive in one more article. Yet the ordinary multiples noted above must offer you some idea of just how much you can expect to web.

The “policy” of 2– 3 times your yearly web revenue isn’t a tough policy. If you’ve seen consistent, busy growth over the past 6 months, you can expect your projected profits to be various, which indicates your website evaluation must reflect that.

Flippa homepage with recently sold websites.
Flippa homepage with recently sold websites.

On the listing of lately marketed web sites on Flippa, you can see one website cost over 5.6 times its annual earnings.

Another web site hardly scraped 2.0 times. There were various other essential factors, yet the crucial distinction is that a person buyer established a split second “Buy It Currently” cost that was less than 3 times annual revenues.

If you’ve seen comparable companies get to greater numbers in the in 2014, do not rush on your own when you try to sell your site.

5 Websites that Sold for Over $100,000 in 2021

In this section, we take a closer look at 5 websites that have actually cost $100,000 and above in 2021. We swiftly examine the moving parts of why they were able to sell for such a high price.

Jobs For Felons Hub — Sold for $500,000

Jobs For Felons Hub Flippa listing.
Jobs For Felons Hub Flippa listing.

Industry: Advertising (Business)

Jobs For Felons Hub sold for a whopping $500,00 on Flippa in 2021.

Why was this website able to get so much more than average?

The traffic and business model tell the main story.


Jobs For Felons Hub SimilarWeb report.
Jobs For Felons Hub SimilarWeb report.

SimilarWeb estimates around 56,000 monthly visitors for this site.

But that’s not all: over 85% of this traffic comes from organic search results.

Jobs For Felons Hub search traffic.
Jobs For Felons Hub search traffic.

The traffic source break down begins to show part of the whole picture. This website’s natural traffic and also SEO techniques are robust, gaining them a ranking past a lot of internet sites in the same group without investing a dime in paid marketing initiatives.

Business Model

As you may have thought from the domain name, this online business concentrates on aiding founded guilty offenders discover employment– a solution that’s significantly popular. Its focus is on delivering top quality material to aid improve job-seeker potential customers and supply a search aggregation platform for felon-friendly job listings in the form of a task board.

Jobs For Felons job board.
Jobs For Felons job board.

A 2010 research study from the University of Georgia found that 3% of the USA population has a current or previous felony conviction on their record. Which number has just continued to increase.

Also considering that not all offenders will seek job online, that’s a huge audience.

While the web content Jobs For Felons Hub supplies is a chauffeur for their company, it’s their affiliate web links that are the cornerstone of their service model– a truth they allude to on their web site.

Jobs For Felons Hub website affiliate links notice: “Our website is supported by users. We can sometimes earn affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our website.”
Jobs For Felons Hub website notice about affiliate links.

The site additionally takes part in targeted on-page marketing via Ezoic, an internet site money making platform. With a lot content delivered through their pages as well as blog, Jobs For Felons Hub has sufficient opportunity to collect associate commissions from viewers.

A fast site is essential to expand and sustain your company. Kinsta provides blazing quickly servers as well as 24/7 world-class assistance from WordPress experts. Have a look at our strategies.

ArtCove — Sold for $210,000

ArtCove Flippa listing.
ArtCove Flippa listing.

Industry: ecommerce (Home and Garden)

ArtCove has an entirely various structure and also company model. But it still netted a significant sum of $210,000 for a respectable $13,339/ month in net earnings.

If we have a look at their traffic numbers, we rapidly understand that web traffic’s not the reason.


ArtCove SimilarWeb report.
ArtCove SimilarWeb report.

According to SimilarWeb, it can not reveal any statistics as a result of not enough information. It suggests the website traffic is reduced sufficient that they have no other way of giving a monthly quote. Sites like this usually see a few thousand gos to or two per month.

ArtCove Ahrefs organic search traffic.
ArtCove Ahrefs organic search traffic.

Using Ahrefs, we can see that traffic for the site is on the reduced end than various other marketed internet sites in this checklist, with only around 2,500 organic site visitors each month.

With such low traffic, how did they manage to sell for over $200,000?

Business Model

The business model is the straightforward retail of art supplies.

The ArtCove website.
The ArtCove website.

What’s unique about ArtCove is that it started as a brick-and-mortar organization in the 70s. After that it advanced right into an online-only merchant by 2015 to stay on top of the transforming company world as well as reach a more comprehensive consumer base.

Their lengthy history offers them credence as an authentic and successful vendor. Having such a well-known service offers them well in relation to client retention.

ArtCove has also developed a well established presence across social media. Their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also Pinterest accounts are frequently updated and thoroughly curated to attract artists and crafters.

A fully working retail company– full with built-in distributors, material, sales techniques, as well as devoted consumers– can be indispensable to those aiming to invest in a complete operation.

By doing this, also the most ordinary of product-based internet sites can gain a significant revenue throughout sales, as long as they can illustrate a concrete background of success. — Sold for $200,000 Flippa listing. Flippa listing.

Industry: Advertising (Automotive) is a blog dedicated to reviewing tires for automobiles. Their model is fully content-driven.



This site has exceptionally healthy traffic for its niche, with around 370,000 visits per month on average.


As with Jobs For Felons Hub, most of this web traffic comes from natural search. A few of the top natural key words are highly appropriate. They assist users with high acquisition intent to the internet site for no recurring costs.

Business Model

As a blog, relies upon bringing in a target market of motorists with their SEO initiatives, then makes the most of each customer’s browse through with on-page targeted marketing. The profits from these incorporated efforts make the website owner an excellent $5,471 monthly.

Icebrooks — Sold for $117,382

Icebrooks Flippa listing.
Icebrooks Flippa listing.

Industry: ecommerce (Jewelry & Accessories)

Icebrooks is the first ecommerce store on this list with self-branded products.

As with ArtCove, the traffic isn’t the reason behind the final price.


Icebrooks Ahrefs organic search traffic.
Icebrooks Ahrefs organic search traffic.

Compared to other items in our listing, traffic for Icebrooks is nearly nonexistent. Much of this concerns the fact that the web site is brand new since 2020– it hasn’t had the moment yet to reach emergency for site visitors.

Nevertheless, this might likewise talk with the website’s lack of material and also general SEO strategy. The new proprietor could be planning to fortify this.

Business Model

Icebrooks offers high-end gold precious jewelry items in an ecommerce shop. The prices vary from $71 to $561, with all initial prices noticeably slashed and decreased.

Icebrooks ecommerce product page.
Icebrooks ecommerce product page.

The products are physical, so they do require to be taken care of as well as shipped. However they provide a “Pay later on” option on top of the standard prepayment alternative, which doubtless attract lots of buyers.

They also count greatly on promoting their previous consumers’ reviews. Icebrooks uses Loox, a Shopify application, to aggregate and display screen customer images as well as discuss their website.

Audio Assemble — Sold for $100,001

Audio Assemble Flippa listing.
Audio Assemble Flippa listing.

Industry: Advertising (Entertainment)

One more material web site, Sound Assemble, sold for $100,001 with roughly $3,300 in monthly profits. It identifies itself a “one-stop sound engineering learning facility for aiming artists and also audio designers,” It focuses on driving website traffic with web content that ranges from item assesses to trainee sources.


Audio Assemble SimilarWeb report.
Audio Assemble SimilarWeb report.

The site earns roughly 120,000 visitors per month, nearly all of which is organic traffic.

Audio Assemble search traffic.
Audio Assemble search traffic.

The viewers they attract are most likely to click the associate web links showed throughout the site considering that the website traffic is 100% natural. You can overlook the bounce price quicker in this case.

Business Model

Sound Assemble’s business model is almost solely affiliate advertising and marketing. The website includes a checklist of companion web links in their item testimonials and also comparisons. There is no stock, fulfillment, or customer care entailed.

Although it has less capacity for continued growth, the ease of operation and also the chance for niche exploitation led to its final cost ending at 2.5 times the annual internet revenue– almost as high an earnings margin as Jobs For Felons Hub.

“Ready to wave goodbye to your website? 👋Learn how you can get between 20–40 times your monthly net profit with this guide to selling your site. 💰”


When you’re selling your site online, it’s essential not to enter ignorantly. Actively research study sites that successfully sold for costs you’re seeking.

Hold your horses, invest in your web site, as well as enhance it as high as you can. Determine your prospective purchasers and also learn to talk their language.

Ultimately, select the right system for your business and develop a listing that focuses on your site’s most important marketing points.