Here’s How to Get Visitors to a New Website (Even If You Don’t Know Where to Begin)

Get Visitors to a New Website 2

“How do I drive more traffic to my online store?” If you are asking the question How to Get Visitors to a New Website to yourself then you are at the right place.

Somewhere, this idea crosses the minds of any entrepreneur who sells online.

Perhaps you’ve spent time and effort to set your store, and then made adjustments to get it ready for launch, only to then open your shop and be confused about what the flow of traffic is.

Perhaps you’ve witnessed constant growth in the past six months, but then hit the same plateau in sales and traffic.

Maybe you’ve succeeded using a traffic-driving strategy and you’re interested in what techniques you can apply the next time.

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If you’re trying to get your first customer or the 1,000th getting more visitors to your store online is an essential part of increasing the size of your business.

If your website is optimized for conversions, an increase in website traffic can mean more customers and sales.

What should you know about the growth of the number of visitors to your website

From a marketing standpoint From a marketing perspective, the good news is the process for gaining your first customer and your hundredth.

However, for traffic to generate sales and profits there are a few essential conditions to make sure that traffic converts , and that the price is reasonable. The question you should ask yourself is:

  • Do you think this is a great service? A “good product” is one that’s suitable enough to appeal to your customers and is able to pass their implicit cost-benefit analysis.
  • Do you have a huge audience? A market is an individual who is paying for something. Are they buying the same product?
  • Does it have an addressable segment? An addressable market is a group of individuals who have a commonality of values who are already paying for something. Do you have a specific market segment that you could focus on?
  • Does your have a strong product story or convincing text? You might have an obvious “why” for the product as opposed to the competition however you have to convert that pitch into engaging web content. Does your pitch for the product make them want to make them want to buy it?
  • Do you have a cost-effective method to reach out to this target audience? It is important to keep the cost of acquiring customers minimal. There are many ways that you can connect with prospective customers?

How to drive traffic to your website

We’ve gathered a list of 20 proven, super-impact tactics for driving more traffic to your online store.

Get Visitors to a New Website

Navigate this guide:

Run paid social media ad campaigns
1. Facebook ads
2. Instagrams ads
3. Pinterest ads
4. Google Ads

Engage in conversation on social media
5. Get friends and family to share
6. Proactively engage on Twitter
7. Post your store to Reddit
8. Drive excitement with contests and giveaways
9. Offer time-sensitive discounts

Reach new audiences with influencer marketing
10. Send free samples to Instagram influencers
11. Reach out to bloggers and press
12. Write a blog post featuring influencers and their advice

Attract customers with content marketing
13. Write blogs to provide information or solve problems
14. Produce podcasts to reach new audiences
15. Use video to educate or entertain

Use SEO to increase your store’s discoverability
16. Write titles that match search intent
17. Write irresistible meta descriptions
18. Leverage internal links
19. Add long-tail keyword variations to your pages
20. Stand out with rich snippets

Which strategy is the best one for your company?

Certain of these sources can bring in more quality traffic to your particular business, while others are less effective.

Let’s say, for instance, your target audience is young professional in buying some wacky office items. LinkedIn could be a more appropriate alternative to, say Pinterest.

Success in acquiring traffic is determined by double-dipping on those that are most pertinent to that you will get.

Naturally “the most relevant traffic you can find” is extremely subjective and varies to everyone. Let’s go over each method that can be employed to increase web traffic.

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  • Type of tactic. Whether the idea is a long-term or a short-term traffic generator. Short-term strategies usually yield outcomes faster, however they require more work or reinvestment. Long-term strategies take longer time to yield results but are more durable and require less or no maintenance.
  • effort. How much time, expertise, or knowledge you’ll require to invest in the strategy.
  • Time to earn back your investments (ROI). Whether you invest your time, effort and money in a strategy to drive traffic it could take weeks, days, or even months to see your investment boost sales and traffic.
  • Price. The upfront budget will be required to start the strategy.
  • Potential for traffic. The total amount of traffic that can be sent to your site.

Tips: You should aim to pick a single strategy you’re able to consistently use. If you’re spreading yourself thin by trying many different strategies simultaneously, you’re never likely to get results. That’s when you’re frustrated and you feel that you need to quit.

Run paid social media ad campaigns

To boost traffic to your website for your store online, you must to ensure that you get your company’s name placed in front of the most targeted customers.

Through paid social media ads it is possible to create highly targeted campaigns that deliver targeted ads to customers that are likely to click and buy your product.

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If you’re thinking of advertising on social media with paid ads Here are some social media platforms you might want to look into:

1. Facebook ads

Typ of tactic Short-term

Effort: Low

Time to ROI: Days

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out from 5 ):

With 2.6 billion active monthly users at the time of the beginning of the year 2020 Facebook is among the top social networks worldwide.

Facebook is full of opportunities to engage new customers and bring customers to your store. The robust advertising platform allows you target users based upon their preferences, behaviour as well as their location.

Facebook can also be an instrument that can save you the time as well as money maximizing the delivery of your ads and putting your message seen by people who are most likely to be converted.

With Facebook’s Dynamic Advertising you are able to provide customers who previously visited your site and automatically produced ads that highlight the items they’ve already viewed as well as added to their shopping carts.

These ads are powerful and can assist in bringing users on your site to get the most out of the traffic that you’re already receiving.

2. Instagram ads

Typ of tactic Short-term

Effort: Low

Time to ROI: Days

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out five ):

Instagram is a hugely popular platform, boasting over one-billion users active worldwide, with the majority of Instagram accounts being followed by an organization, in accordance with Instagram.

Searching for hashtags to use on Instagram or making videos or images to promote your business are only some examples of Instagram methods to build your following.

Get Visitors to a New Website 4

Making Instagram advertisements are most likely to increase web traffic and sales which is why, even you’ve built an number of Instagram users Instagram however, you’re not making use of it to its full potential until you’ve actually tried the advertising system.

Be sure to sign up to the business account on Instagram or convert your personal account to a commercial one. This gives you opportunities to interact with your followers through Instagram advertisements.

The platform allows you to create advertisements as images video, carousels stories, collections So you can begin making ads using the content format that you prefer.

3. Pinterest ads

Typ of tactic Short-term

Effort: Low

Time to ROI: Days

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out from 5 ):

Pinterest is the ideal platform to connect with potential customers when they visit the platform to contemplate possible purchases and future plans.

Based on Pinterest, 72% of users are said to use the site to search for new products and services and in a separate survey, 90 percent of people who took part claimed that Pinterest offers them suggestions on the best products to buy.

Pinterest is very popular with small groups such as home decor remodeling, landscaping and DIY craft projects. It’s ideal for businesses looking to get into these markets.

Pinterest is the home of Promoted Pins, a form of paid-for advertising that pushes your Pins towards the top of the results for searches, allowing you to make your mark in the crowd.

Promoted Pins are a part of the other content on Pinterest and are a fantastic way to grab the attention of your clients and bringing customers to your store.

4. Google Ads

Type of tactic: Short-term

Effort: High

Time to ROI: Days

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out from 5 ):

Contrary to the social media advertising platforms, Google Ads offer a unique opportunity to promote your services and products directly to those who are actively searching for them. Emarketer states that 35% of customers will purchase products within five days of finding it.

Google provides you with the opportunity to place your advertisement before users of the two biggest Google and YouTube. Google and YouTube.

Get Visitors to a New Website 1

While the platform offers the potential to boost the amount of traffic to your website and increase sales, however it’s an extremely difficult platform for newbies and you’re at risk of investing a lot of dollars advertising to the wrong people.

Google provides three options to place your advertisement in front of browsers on the web such as advertisements for search, Google Display Network, and YouTube ads.

Google advertisements operate according to an auction model The amount you pay on the keywords you choose will determine your position with respect to other bidders and also the relevancy of the keyword you are searching for.

Participate in conversations on social media

Engagement on social media is more than sharing a link on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and to your store online hoping to increase the amount of traffic to your website.

Engaging in social conversations is all about having meaningful discussions among the appropriate people, responding in a thoughtful manner by generating passion and energy.

Free: Social Media Strategy Template

From selecting your channels and deciding on what you will publish and when to post it, you need to figure out the best ways to utilize social media to accomplish your goals in marketing.

5. Invite your friends and family members to join forces

Typ of tactic Short-term

Effort: Medium

Time to ROI: Weeks

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out from 5 ):

When you start your own business, reaching out to your friends and family for help is a good strategy to get your name noticed and traffic. It could also be the first sale (thanks to Mom! ).

There aren’t many businesses that launch often, so it’s likely to be a bit unusual to your relatives and friends to watch that you’ve launched your own online store. It’s likely that they’ll want to let them know regarding your new venture.

Are you familiar with the website Upworthy? Did you be aware that its first momentum was brought about by family and friends. It set a target of gaining 1,000 Facebook followers before the time it went live. It did and that’s the reason it gained initial momentum to begin taking off.

Make contact in a targeted manner to your family and friends. It’s possible to do so without causing any irritation. On Facebook discuss your store’s status in an update.

Are there ways to communicate about your families? Do they organize reunions via the email lists? Send them a note and inform them about your store.

Don’t be focusing your request on convincing them to purchase your items. You could give your products at no cost or at a significant discount–they’re your family and friends so why not request them to promote your shop through their social networks.

They are the people who you share an innate social ties, and you will not ask for these types of favors often. There is a greater chance of success when you reach to strangers. Also, If you can get enough of them to share the same interests, it could give you enough momentum to maintain an ongoing flow of clients.

6. Engage in active Twitter conversations

Typ of tactic Long-term

Time to ROI: Weeks

Leverage: Medium

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out five ):

There is no need to begin selling items before engaging with users on Twitter. There are plenty of ways to be on people’s notice as a great new store.

Blackbird Baking Company A bakery located in Toronto that sells freshly baked bread, has created an audience of more than 500 passionate, engaged bread-lovers on Twitter making sure that when it first opened the doors to its first bakery, it received an overwhelming reception.

Five hundred followers aren’t revolutionary in any way, but it can be difficult to gain new followers when you’re starting a new business and building an account on social media from scratch. How, then, did Blackbird acquire just a few hundred followers prior to launching?

The bakery first followed an organized marketing plan for social media.

It also received some follow-ups after following certain individuals on Twitter it concluded might be interested in a bakery. This includes restaurateurs as well as self-declared bread lovers from Toronto.

There are people who have the same or similar interests in your field as well.

One tool that can help you find appropriate users One tool to find relevant users is Followerwonk, a tool that helps you find relevant users.. Log in using Twitter and search for relevant keywords in bios and profiles.

Then, Blackbird has been uploading pictures of the breads it bakes baked and delivered to various stores in Toronto on Facebook, Instagram along with on Facebook and Instagram. The photos are delicious and can be shared.

Three, Blackbird Baking Company engages in a proactive way with people who post on Twitter about their local community. The topics include the city of Toronto and great food and of course bread.

So , when it finally came to opening, there was a lot of people who were eager to purchase bread.

How can you interact with your Twitter followers:

  • Make use of Twitter Advanced Search to look for keywords that are relevant to your business’s bios or tweets. Or use a tool such as Followerwonk.
  • After you’ve identified an audience, search for opportunities to assist people or enhance their conversations in a manner that doesn’t require an ad-hoc selling pitch.

7. Post your store on Reddit

Type of tactic: Short-term

Effort: Low

Time to ROI: Weeks

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out five ):

Reddit A collection of subforums and forums, is a place where users can publish news and articles and post comments. Apart from the main site, that collects some of the top content on the site there are also thousands of subreddits, or niches. There are subreddits for almost any topic like bicycling, /r/scifi or the /r/corgi.

Reddit is a great way to build brand awareness and increase visitors to your website. Reddit is a forum where enthusiastic people gather around their favourite subjects to debate the most current issues and discuss tips about best practices and personal stories from their lives.

The first is that there are some areas you need to pay particular attention to which can benefit your company.

The subreddit /r/entrepreneur, which has around 739,000 members, offers many interesting advice and discussions about starting an enterprise. It is also possible to find interesting the thread on /r/smallbusiness as a site for business-related general tips.

Let’s consider the scenario of starting a company selling hair products.

Explore subreddits, such as /r/femalehairadvice since there’s plenty of discussion regarding the various aspects of hair care for women. There are other subreddits, such as haircarescience//r/curlyhair and just hair.

To increase awareness of your company and hopefully drive more traffic to your website, write an article. Keep the content short that focuses on the core of what your store is all about. These are the essential elements of a good blog post:

  • Make a headline that is catchy. Make it relevant for the particular subreddit. For instance, if we were to post on the subreddit for curly hair you might want to consider a headline like “Who says that short hair can’t be fancy?”
  • Bring value to the post and be clear. The text in the content of the blog post should be short, enticing and not too selling.
  • Include a picture. Although it’s not required, using images can aid in communicating your messages . They will appear on the subreddit’s subreddit page, they could attract more users.
  • Link to your best-selling product. It is vital. Provide a link for people to click so they are able to learn more about your business or product.

Also, be aware of the Reddiquette guidelines and determine if you’re adhering to Reddit guidelines and rules for your subreddit.

They’re usually located in the sidebar on left of the reddit. Certain subreddits do not allow advertising, so posting an advertisement for your business isn’t permitted.

If you make a post about your website to an area that doesn’t like it, you’ll either find no one is voting for your post as well, or in more extreme circumstances it could be removed by the subreddit.

8. Create excitement through giveaways and contests

Typ of tactic Short-term

Effort: High

Time to ROI: Days

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out from 5 ):

Giveaways and contests are a fantastic opportunity to gain people following you on Instagram as well as increase engagement on social media and increase traffic to your site. If you host giveaways or contests, 94% of the time users will share the offer within minutes of registering.

In addition, of all people who participated, 62% of them share the offer with a person they know and recommend they participate as well.

Through the help of viral contests, giveaways and sweepstakes you can swiftly bring more customers to your shop by providing thrilling prizes in exchange to your customers’ participation. Rewards and prizes are effective incentive systems to encourage both existing as well as new customers to visit your shop.

Utilizing tools such as GleamWoobox and contest and giveaway applications available on Shopify App Store, you can create contests and giveaways. Shopify App Store you can integrate giveaways on blog posts or landing pages within your Shopify store.

The contests may also use social sharing as an entry method to enter, which gives your sweepstakes more likelihood of becoming viral and spreading across social media platforms.

Once customers have accessed your site, you can employ different strategies to lead customers to your offerings such as giving vouchers or discount on their first purchase.

9. Offer time-sensitive discounts

Type of tactic: Short-term

Effort: High

Time to ROI: Days

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out five ):

Discounts that are time-sensitive can be an effective strategy to convince people to take action, creating more traffic and driving sales.

The expiration date on your discount increases scarcity which can be a powerful psychological sales trigger.

In the following example bags and accessories are sold by the brand Rareform gives a discount which lasts for a period of one day. Rareform is a bigger brand that can offer 50% discounts as well as flash sale sales for its items.

If you’ve started your online store in the last few days, you might want to consider setting a minimum purchase amount. This is a great method to give your customers a great incentive, but be sure you don’t sell the farm.

The discounts on your products aren’t the sole option you could offer your customers. If you’re not typically offering free shipping, sometimes offering it could be a powerful incentive to draw customers via social media or emails to your website.

Expand your reach with influencer marketing

The influencer marketing process is the practice of establishing relationships with influential people to help get your website exposed to new customers.

Based on BrightLocal BrightLocal, 88% of consumers believe reviews on the internet from other customers as much as they do the recommendations of their personal contacts.

By leveraging influencer marketing, you’ll make use of the power and creativity of influential influencers within your field while building on the trust they’ve built with their followers, and generating the possibility of bringing traffic to your store.

10. Send samples for free to Instagram influencers on Instagram.

Typ of tactic Short-term

Effort: High

Time to ROI: Weeks

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out from 5 ):

Instagram is among the most effective channels for marketing for businesses that sell online. Based on Yotpo the website, more than 30 percent of Instagram users have purchased items they found through the platform.

It’s also a great method to raise awareness about your brand and could increase traffic to your store, especially when you’re able to reach influential individuals.

Social media stars and bloggers such as Estee Lalonde are highly regarded by their followers, which is why having them feature your product is a powerful natural method to increase the amount of traffic you receive.Estee Lalonde is seen applying makeup and advertising products she is using, and includes hyperlinks to each product to bring traffic to the website pages of brands that she has partnered with. Estee Lalonde on Instagram.

There are many reasons to partner in partnership with an Instagram influencer than just gaining access to their followers.

You can benefit from their expertise on the platform, discover the things that work, then discover how to develop the most effective content for the platform.

You can also work with them as customers of your brand and gain their input and opinions that will help you enhance your product.

Tips: If you’re yet to find an influencer partner with, search for one via one of the Influencer Marketing Platform.

Here are some questions you can think about when searching to find an Instagram influencer you can work with:

  1. Is it a great brand match? Ask yourself: “Does the influencer we’re going to work with seem like someone we would want to be a customer, and would they actually use or wear our stuff?”
  2. Do they have good engagement rates? It’s not always about the number of followers–engagement rate is more important. The ideal engagement rate should be between 2-3%and with many comments on each of their posts.

11. Send an email to bloggers and the press

Type of tactic: Short-term

Effort: High

Time to ROI: Weeks

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out five ):

It’s tough to develop your business and promote it on your own. When it comes to selling on the internet the more connections you have, the better, particularly when they’re connected to an engaged and enthusiastic audience on their own.

Connecting with people who will speak about your product is crucial in bringing visitors to your website and increase sales. This is the reason blogger outreach is important.

Blogger outreach goes beyond than just making new friends on the internet. It’s a method to help you attain measurable results in your company.

Even when you don’t have a ton of online contacts, you are still able to make contact with people. The secret to effective blogger outreach is to give worth and inform bloggers of what’s on the table for them.

Even if they’re good-natured seeking help isn’t a common practice. is a good idea, since people are engaged and have many tasks to complete.

Here are some ideas for blogger outreach to help you drive traffic:

  • Guest posts to other websites. In addition to growing your own readership by guest posting, you’ll have the opportunity to put your name noticed by someone else’s. Include a link back to your website when it’s appropriate, even if just in the bio of the author.
  • Create an in-depth roundup. Seek out experts in a specific field that you are interested in and request them to add some idea, like an idea, recipe or story to your blog article. After that, you can publish an overview of the comments you receive. Inform them that you’ve published your information that they’re more likely to communicate it to their readers.
  • Ask for reviews for your product. Contact bloggers with relevant, active audiences and invite them to review your product at no cost as a condition of an honest and unbiased review. If you’ve created a wonderful product, they’ll be thrilled and share it with everyone else.
  • Find affiliates that can help promote your company. Incentivize other people to bring visitors to your website by utilizing your Affiliate program with a commission for each sale .
  • Include your product in guidebooks for gifts. The right gift guides can boost sales and the traffic to your site. But, being included in these guides doesn’t happen by chance, and it requires some effort since there is intense competition to be placed in these guides.
  • Request Instagram influencers to endorse your product. The same techniques for reaching out to bloggers work for contacting Instagram influencers. Achieving the right mention or a stylish image can increase sales or traffic to your shop.
  • Find press reports. If you have an amazing story or an innovative product that people like to write about, let it be known to the world! Contact journalists and bloggers who cover companies like yours, and tell them about your latest venture.

It’s not necessary to focus on the largest and most successful individuals. There is a greater chance of being included by influencers who have less of an audience since they’re not bombarded with requests.

Be aware that the loyalty of an public is just as important as the size of the audience.

12. Write a blog article that highlights influencers and their suggestions

Typ of tactic Short-term

Effort: Medium

Time to ROI: Days

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out five ):

This strategy is an expansion of the blogger outreach, which is worthy of its own space, since it has been successful for quite a while and continues to work.

The principle of this tactic is to write the blog post that includes an influencer or their suggestions, and then deliver it to them by an email or on Twitter with the intention that they will share the post with their followers.

For instance Here are two suggestions to start:

  1. Ask influential people for their opinions regarding the product. Imagine you’re a cosmetics company with a website about what you should look for when purchasing your new foundation. It might be beneficial to contact the influencers who create or record video of their reviews. You can ask what they believe is the most important aspect to look out for when buying an upcoming foundation. It is possible to try this with one influencer, or any number you feel suitable.
  2. Create an exhaustive list of trusted voices within your field. Potential buyers are always seeking out experts in their field that they can trust for consumer feedback. If your industry is dominated by influencers, consider writing an article on your blog which lists the most influential five, 10 or 20 influential people in your particular field. In this way, you can assist potential buyers and begin developing a connection with influential people.

Once you’ve published the blog article, you can reach to the influencer by sending them the link and ask whether they would like to share the post with their readers.

If you don’t want to wait for an influential person to showcase your company, you can choose to feature them before they do. If you’re seeking influencers to develop a relationship and connect within your field you, this could kickstart the process.

Get customers to buy from you by using content marketing

Content marketing is about creating relevant educational, engaging, and informative content that will naturally draw customers to your store.

From podcasts and videos to ebooks and guides there are endless possibilities for your company to venture into the realm of content and drive traffic.

Original content helps establish your company as a expert and builds your brand. Your company’s content strategy should include whatever that your customers may find useful or interesting. You don’t have to limit your content to only those that feature or concentrates on your products.

Consider every topic and resources that relate to your company that your clients might find useful.

Content marketing allows your store to be a top search result beyond brand and product keywords.

Utilizing free tools such as the Google Keyword Planner and, you will be able to identify opportunities for your company to rank higher in the results of searches and be noticed by a wider audience.

13. Blogs are blogs that provide details or help solve issues

Type of tactic:Long-term

Effort: Medium

Time to ROI: Months

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out five ):

According to WordPress the world’s most popular blog platform, each month 409 million people visit the more than 20 billion pages on blogs. At the same duration, WordPress users produce about 70 million new blog posts and 77 million brand new comments.

Although there’s plenty of opportunities to reach a large audience, if you wish to get the attention of buyers that are interested and drive sales back to your site by blogging, you’ll need be deliberate about your target audience.

Solving content-related issues while making it “search engine findable” is the most effective method to create creating a blog, however it’s not an easy task. This is the very description of a successful content marketer. Content marketing on blogs involves the following: map of the customer’s journeypersona buildingkeyword research and gap analysis.

A successful content marketing strategy on a blog begins with two factors:

  1. Finding out the ideal target audience for your business. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospective customer What problems do they face which they go to you for solutions? What is their primary interest beyond your product? What are they doing to spend time with friends? What do they love to do? Create blog posts in response of these inquiries.
  2. creating content that your target audience is likely to hang out. Sites that win huge have pages filled with the information people are looking for. To reach the right audience, you need to make a lists of subjects and words that you wish to reach. Ask yourself: If I were looking for this product/service/article, how would I search? What would be the words I’d employ? What words? Making sure you are in the minds of your potential visitor is essential to generate high-quality traffic.

Don’t go into blogging unprepared. Find out who your ideal readers are Have a strategy to gain the attention of the audience, and then establish a new platform for them to gather on the internet.

14. Make podcasts that can attract new audiences

Type of tactic: Long-term

Effort: Medium

Time to ROI: Months

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out five ):

As per Edison Research, the number of Americans listening to podcasts each week grew by 175% over the past five years, with around 90 million people listening to podcasts each month.

Like similar to blogging, podcasting gives you the possibility of excelling in a certain segment, and target a specific segment of people.

The problem is that it isn’t always specifically designed to help you get traffic. Podcasts can be enjoyed in the fitness center at the bus station, or even during a walk at lunchtime.

As opposed to a blog or a social media post it doesn’t have a call to action for you to click when you’re listening.

There is a greater burden on the listener’s shoulders to keep in mind important points and to take further steps following the prompt or suggestion.

You must find other ways to boost through traffic. You must also ensure that it is as simple for viewers to access information discussed in the podcast, according to Shuang Esther Shan. She runs Shopify Master’s podcast. Shopify Masters podcast. “We adhere to three fundamental concepts.

For in-app podcast descriptions, we offer an accurate and concise overview of the episode, along including an hyperlink to the blog that is included with the episode. On the blog we’ll post an essential summary that is easy to access and reading, as well as transcripts for our hearing impaired audience.

In the event that the show covers a wide range of tools, apps, or other resources We’ll give you an index of resources that are relevant and each one linked to.”

Don’t be late for the next episode! Subscribe to Shopify Masters.

15. Utilize video to help educate or amuse.

Type of tactic: Long-term

Effort: High

Time to ROI: Months

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out five ):

Although there are a variety of choices for hosting videoson the internet, YouTube is the most popular and most effective channel to generate traffic. It’s also the second largest search engine worldwide.

The potential audience and number of people you could reach are staggering.

Based on YouTube’s statistics the site has over 200 billion active users (almost one-third of the population using the internet) and mobile, YouTube has the highest reach of 18-34 year olds than any other television channel in the US with more than 70 percent of YouTube views.

The demographic of the average YouTube viewer is wide-ranging. The typical YouTube viewer isn’t an unmarried, young male.

How do you target the huge audience to attract the right attention to your YouTube channel before they go return towards your shop? Here are a few various types of content that your business might be using:

  • Content for education. Teach new skills to establish trust with your customers and, if it is possible utilize your product as the basis for solving their issue.
  • storytelling. Inspiring videos that can be integrated into your company’s branding are perfect for communicating your brand’s image and values to a larger viewers.
  • Animation. Fun videos that are geared towards the interests of your viewers is among the most effective methods to grab viewers’ interest and draw their attention to your offerings.

Free Reading List: Video Marketing Tips and Tricks

Video marketing is an effective instrument that you cannot afford to miss. Take a course in video marketing by downloading our no-cost, curated collection of top-quality content.

Utilize SEO to boost the visibility of your store

Are your customers able to find your store on the internet?

If customers are searching for your items they are looking for, you want your shop to be among the top results in their search results, particularly when you consider the findings of a study conducted by marketing expert Brian Dean that reports 75 percent of the clicks are directly to top results of the search engine results page.

This coveted spot is an essential ingredient to get consistent, dependable site traffic for your store.

SEO, also known as search engine optimization also known as SEO is the method of tweaking your site’s content to improve your chances of being highly ranked on search results for relevant terms.

SEO is a sophisticated science and can only be effective if you invest time and energy to learn the rules of search engines such as Google or Bing and then apply those rules to the design and contents of your website.

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16. Create titles that are in line with the search intention

Type of tactic: Long-term

Effort: Low

Time to ROI:Days

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out from 5 ):

Meta title is what search engines display on their page of results for queries.

Meta titles and meta descriptions are characteristics which determine how your website appears on a search results page.

They’re vital to bringing clicks on pages. Clicks on search results are the vital source for organic traffic. They’re among the most important measures Google utilizes to determine the order in which results appear.

Google clarifies, “Titles are critical in providing users with a quick overview of the content of a page and the reason it’s relevant for their query.

It’s usually the first element that is used to determine which outcome to click Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure you use top-quality titles on your websites.”

In the end, it’s the meta title that will aid you in standing out. We suggest to write when you’re writing meta titles:

  • Design distinct titles for each page.
  • Limit page titles to no more than 55 words.
  • Use the same sentences or titles across all of your pages.
  • Include your desired keyword.
  • Be sure to match the intent of the search query.

17. Write irresistible meta descriptions

Typ of tactic Long-term

Effort: Low

Time to ROI:Days

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out five ):

Meta descriptions serve as an outline of a web page’s content. The search engines usually display it in the results page.

When writing a compelling title for your page, it can attract the attention of a search engine result page, visitors to websites can be snatched up by an appealing and captivating meta description.

Google Google explains, “A meta description tag is designed to be able to inform and entice users by providing an informative and concise summary of what a page’s content is. They function as a “pitch” which convinces users that the page has what they’re searching for.”

In contrast, if your content is boring and does not provide an incentive to click, you’ll receive significantly less traffic, which could impact the organic search rank.

It’s also important to remember Meta descriptions may have any length, but they’re usually shortened to match the device that the search is conducted on.

What do you want to achieve:

  • The content of the page.
  • Create a meta description using maximum 140 characters.
  • Write a unique description for each page.
  • Make use of sentence case, and make sure it’s the same across your website.
  • Create description copy that is interesting and click-worthy.
  • Include the keywords inside your text, in the event that it is it is possible.

18. Create internal links and from key pages

Typ of tactic Long-term

Effort: High

Time to ROI:Weeks

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out five ):

External links are an effective and well-known method for improving SEO, but internal links have a crucial role to play in helping websites rank on search engines.

This is due to the Google measurement known as PageRank A formula that measures the value and importance of a website based on the number and quality of websites which connect to it.

Linking from pages that have an excellent PageRank within your own domain could be trusted and aid the page you are linking to improve its position.

Alternately, linking your less important pages to pages that are high-priority on your site can transfer the PageRank through to high priority pages.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Make sure you optimize your website’s structure to optimize your site for SEO.
  • Locate and upload the Sitemap in Google Search Console.
  • You can add breadcrumbs to your categories of products to create instant internal hyperlinks.
  • Create a list of highly valuable websites you’d like to be able to rank higher.
  • Determine the pages on your site that have the most credibility and rank. (You can do this using an online tool, such as Moz Toolbar for Chrome.)
  • Include a link to your authoritative page(s) on your desired page(s).
  • Include the link naturally on the page of authority using anchor text that is related to the search term you’d like your target page to rank for.

Tip: You can find the perfect anchor text for linking using Google using the search operator “keyword or phrase related to page”

The homepage of a website will typically be the most trusted page for a domain, making it an obvious option for an authoritative page to get a link from.

This is only the beginning of the iceberg, when it is about what you can accomplish by using internal linking. For more details on internal linking, check out these articles by Moz and Ahrefs..

19. Include long-tail keyword variations on your web pages

Type of tactic: Long-term

Effort: Medium

Time to ROI:Weeks

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out five ):

A keywords strategy for your e-commerce website is vital to consistently getting organic traffic from search engines.

It’s easy to concentrate on the shortest, most popular keywords as they are easier to research and identify however, you could miss many page views if you’ren’t taking a look at long-tail keywords.

Ahrefs conducted a study over 1.9 billion keywords, and found that 92% receive 10 search results per month or less.

Based on their analysis and analysis of their data, 60% of searches are directed to keywords that have more than 1,001 number of searches, these are the keywords with short-tails which make up just 0.16 percent of all keyword searches.

That means that the rest of the the keywords are long-tail ones that account for 99.84 percent of queries that have less than 1,000 search results per month.

This is a great thing because long-tail keywords are more easy to be ranked for, and typically receive the clicks of search engines in a more frequent rate than shorter general terms.

To illustrate how you can increase your exposure to variations of long-tail and boost your traffic Let’s assume that we are selling an item called the Logitech C310 webcam. We want to improve our website’s be ranked for as many search terms as you can.

You could make use of an application such as the Google Keyword Tool to note all long-tail variations. Or If we want to dig deeper using a free tool such as could unearth several long-tail queries. 

It is also worth looking at the at the bottom of the search results to see if Google shows the related searches. The searches that are related to “Logitech C310” look like this:

Since the Logitech C310 page has been designed to be optimized for “Logitech C310,” we do not need to include every long-tail search term into the page in its entirety.

Instead, we’d like include the unique variants that are at the bottom of “Logitech C310” into our copy, so that we can have an opportunity to rank it.

If we revisit the search terms related to the ones mentioned above, we’d like to choose and select relevant keywords and then include them on our site.

For instance, we can add the words “review” and “windows 10.” It is also possible to examine the differences between the C270 or C615 models using the terms “vs C270” and “C615.” With all the new modifiers that have been added into the text this page, it could be ranked higher for a variety of inquiries.

The modifiers we discovered are applicable. Branded keywords like “amazon” won’t be useful as we’d likely already have a few modifiers already in place.

In reality typically by looking for long-tail variations , we’ll find some gems that boost the chances of ranking and eventually increase our traffic.

20. Make yourself stand out by showcasing rich snippets of

Typ of tactic Long-term

Effort: High

Time to ROI:Weeks

Cost (out of 5 ):

Potential for traffic (out five ):

Rich snippets of search results are listings which include details about the price of a product, its availability as well as reviews. 

They are useful to learn more about a specific website or product by looking at the results page of a search without needing to visit the site.

Rich snippets of text can increase how the amount of traffic you get from search engines. 

A study conducted by Search Engine Land on rich short snippets revealed that they can increase the number of visitors who visit your website by as much as 30 percent.

This is a significant increase for something that can typically be accomplished relatively quickly once you’re comfortable with making these adjustments to your website. Consider expanding your marketing or advertising budget by 30% , and you’ll be able to see why it’s efficient.

If your listing is displayed on a result page and includes a price range star rating, picture, or something else that helps your page stand out from other listings which only have the basic meta titles, descriptions and URLs, your site will surely receive more visitors.

Shopify already comes with structured data and rich snippets of capabilities for your product pages:

  • Product
  • Offer
  • BreadcrumbList

It is possible to use to use the Google Structured Data Testing Tool to verify that there aren’t any display issues. Rich snippets of data can take time to show up in search results So don’t fret when you don’t see them immediately.

If making changes to your theme is daunting you might consider hiring a professional or experimenting with applications that help you build an organized data structure on your pages:

  • Smart SEO
  • Schema App Total Schema Markup
  • Rich Snippets for SEO
  • Schema Plus for SEO

More traffic, more customers

Utilizing these strategies included in your marketing toolkit you’ll now be able to increase web traffic for your online store. The first step to increase traffic is picking an appropriate strategy before starting instead of trying each one at a time.

Remember that a great Digital marketing approach is all about layering strategies for long-term and short-term to ensure they are working in conjunction. 

Once you’re confident that you’ve learned one and you’re happy, why not stay here to choose your next tactic to increase traffic?

Increased customers visiting your store will give you more chances to turn casual customers to paying customers. After you’ve increased number of visitors, think about implementing conversion rate optimization as the next step.

Are you unsure of how to increase traffic to your website in your shop online? Let us know in the comments section below.