How Artificial Intelligence Empowers Content Marketing?

How Artificial Intelligence Empowers Content Marketing

AI is the key to many things in today’s world. But, how does it impact content marketing? Do you know How Artificial Intelligence Empowers Content Marketing?

The AI market is expected to grow 38% from 2022 to 2030. So, there’s no wonder more and more aspects of life have begun to employ AI, including marketing. So, how does it help content marketing in 2022? Let’s dive in and find out.

What is AI?

AI is a branch of computer science that deals with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers. AI has been around for more than half a century— since the late 1950s. The first work was done by American researchers who were trying to make machines do things that humans could do.

These researchers wanted to find out how machines could be made to think like humans and behave intelligently. Thus, Artificial intelligence is different from other fields in computer science in that it is not just about understanding what we know, but also about building new knowledge.

Nowadays, this branch of computer science studies the construction and workings of artificial intelligence systems. And it has been used in various fields such as:

  • Robotics
  • Video Games
  • Astronomy
  • Internet Of Things

Moreover, AI is being used today to power many products we use all the time. One prime example is the mobile phones that we use. Whether it’s an in-built app or AI-driven features like cameras or auto-correct, AI is found everywhere.

AI is already many industries but it is going to be used even more in the future. The most popular use of AI is in the field of NLP. NLP is a subset of artificial intelligence that deals with understanding human language. It has been used to analyze text, speech, and images.

This is the type of AI that helps with content creation, planning, etc.

How Does AI Empower Content Marketing

The role of AI in content marketing can’t be understated. However, to keep it simple, we’re going to limit the discussion to the three main aspects of AI’s help with content marketing today. So, let’s dive right into it and understand the three ways it helps with empowering content marking.

1.    AI Helps in Content Planning

AI is responsible for many things in content marketing today. Mostly through tools that help students or writers change their content, such as a good-quality rephraser. Or, tools that help them correct their content, like tools to check grammar or AI-based programs to check plagiarism.

However, many AI-driven tools today help marketers understand metrics and analyze various aspects of content marketing, such as:

  • Search patterns of users;
  • The bounce rate in a website;
  • The performance of a landing page;
  • The engagement of a social media or search engine ad.

These are only a few examples where AI is applicable. However, it has many other aspects such as content planning. For instance, if you’re looking to use the right keywords, then tools like AnswerThePublic thoroughly employ AI to analyze:

  • Common queries related to a search;
  • Find specific questions within a region i.e. UK or USA.

This way, it allows content marketers and experts to focus on particular regions and create local SEO or marketing strategies.

Then there are tools like Frase. They help you analyze search patterns and categorize your content. Once done, you can write your content in minutes, instead of spending hours planning it, with tools like AI content generators, or an AI rephraser This is just an example of how AI plays a role in planning content.

Besides that, some marketing firms and organizations have their own designated AI tools. These tools allow them to analyze, plan, and execute content strategies in minutes that would otherwise take days.

2.    AI-Based Tools Help In Unique Content Creation

Unique content creation is one of the key requirements of content marketing today. Moreover, unique content is also described in content marketing as entirely different from other content—aka plagiarism free and original. Not only do you need unique content to stand out, but also to generate credibility.

That’s when AI tools are most capable of helping people ensure their content is original.  The first type of AI-driven tools is the ones you use to check for plagiarism such as Prepostseo, Check-plagiarism, and Turnitin. What these plagiarism-checking tools do is:

  • Scan and analyze your marketing content with NLP;
  • Compare it against the online resources;
  • Present the percentage of original text against plagiarized text after they check for plagiarism;
  • Find the original content’s source.

This way, AI doesn’t only prove to be a worthy assistance, but also saves a lot of hassle in various processes, such as removing plagiarism, rephrasing quickly, checking for plagiarism, etc.

So, how does this process work? And, how can you incorporate AI in unique content creation?

  • AI rephraser can save you precious time;
  • AI-based plagiarism scanners can check plagiarism in your content efficiently and quickly.

Hence, AI is a vital ingredient in content marketing strategies today.

3.    AI-Based Tools Help In Removing Imperfections From Content

Imperfections in content can be of many types. However, even the most seasoned writers can forget punctuation, spelling, etc. As mentioned earlier, one of the easiest ways to spot AI is by looking at the auto-correct feature in your phone.

The same science is used by AI-driven tools like grammar checkers or tools to check plagiarism (as mentioned before). These tools can help content marketers remove imperfections from their content, such as:

  • Fix spellings and accentuations;
  • Add punctuations or place them where needed;
  • Remove other grammatical issues, such as a misplaced modifier or unsuitable verb;

These are another few examples of AI’s role in content creation today. Not only does it remove those imperfections, but it also saves a ton of time in the process. Where proofreading took hours, it’s now done within a few minutes.

4.    AI Tools Help To Improve Content Readability for Better Marketing

Sometimes, writers may use some difficult words or complex phrases in the marketing content. This will affect the readability of the content as it requires some time for users to understand the meaning of complex words.

In this situation, writers can utilize online rephrasing tools such as Wordtune,, and Quillbot to quickly rephrase the sentence to make them easy to read for the audience. Relying on these online tools could be the best and easy way to increase the readability of the content with less effort.

One noticeable thing about these tools is that they rephrase the content in a unique way without affecting their actual intent. Rephrasing tools allow anyone to paraphrase their content according to their liking, marketing goals, and objectives. So, what exactly can they help you with respect to content marketing?

  • Remove plagiarism by rephrasing it enough and deviating it from the original text;
  • Making your text more citable to use a variety of texts in a blog or website;
  • An AI rephraser can redo your text to match the content tone required for your brand, audience, etc. i.e., make it more readable;
  • Save time from rephrasing manually.

These are just some benefits of AI tools that make them so well suited for content marketing.


These are some of the ways AI is helpful for content marketers now. It doesn’t only save a lot of time but also assists in matters that would be otherwise full of hassle.

So, it helps in improving the quality of the content by planning it, making it unique, and removing imperfections. But, it’s important to use the right planning tools, plagiarism checkers, and paraphrasers to gain all these benefits of AI.