15 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Organically and Increase Sales

Grow Your Facebook Page Organically 4

Do you remember the days when organic reach was easy on Facebook? You would publish a post, and your Facebook followers will see it almost immediately in their newsfeed. There are new Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Organically and Increase Sales. Growing your Facebook fan page used to be simple.

Edge rank was introduced and organic views began to drop unless you were able to achieve the magic formula for engagement in a short time period that gave your post more life, reach and views.

It was then that the seemingly instant edge rank became obsolete. Ads were promoted as the main tool to reach your audience, and organic reach was no longer an option.

Oder did it?

Today’s article will argue that Facebook’s organic reach can be harnessed to increase customer conversions in your online shop. Contents hide For organic growth, set up your Facebook page.

Grow Your Facebook Page Organically 3

1. Make sure your content aligns with your brand’s ideal

2. Make use of video

3. Host FB Lives Register for Brands

4. Collabs Manager

5. Activate FB Messenger

6. Encourage user-generated content

7. Use hashtags

8. You can run regular giveaways

9. Flash sales

10. Promote Quizzes

11. Post regular stories

12. Create a Facebook group

13. You can increase reach and engagement on Facebook while growing your email list.

14. Repurpose existing content

15. Engage Engage to Engage Summary

16. Summary

Table of Contents

Grow Your Facebook Page Organically

Facebook ads are great for testing the market and quick growth. Facebook is still a community-based platform.

Grow Your Facebook Page Organically 1

As such, if your brand adopts a community mindset, you can win every day without spending more than your creativity and time on social media marketing.

Before we get into the various ways to increase organic traffic, it is important to make sure your page attracts as many people as possible and encourages comments.

For organic growth, set up your Facebook page

As you read this post, I am going to assume you have a Facebook account. Although it may look like a ghost town at first glance, it is actually there.

If you don’t have a Facebook page , you should.

DressLily Facebook Page

Make sure you add visual content that is eye-catching. Make sure to use a header and cover photo that represents your brand.

Also, make sure you include the about section. This will let visitors know who you really are, how you can help them, and where they can contact you.

Complete the About section to let visitors know who and how they can contact you.

Now you can set up a Facebook Shop for your ecommerce shop.

Facebook is making major changes to the shopping experience. You can turn your business page into an complete end-to-end ecommerce store with product tags in posts.

Grow Your Facebook Page Organically 2

This allows visitors to click on a Facebook advertisement and instantly buy using the integrated Facebook checkout system (only available in America at the time).

Facebook is making big changes to the shopping experience. You can turn your page into an ecommerce store with product tags and product descriptions.

However, you are not required to use all the features.

Instead, you can create a Facebook shop, show your products and then direct the visitor to a Facebook product page. This will take them back to your website for checkout.

checkout on website from facebook

Brand Example – Happy Clothing Company

You can also use FB to create your visual frontend and add a “Shop Now” button under your header. This will include links to your checkout pages and store in your posts.

Brand Example - Rosegal

Rosegal Brand Example

Whatever your product, it’s a great idea to showcase them on Facebook. We’ll be investing a lot of effort to increase reach, engagement and reach on Facebook.

Facebook will always show you some love by showing your followers more love. The more engagement we can do before they click through to our ecommerce store, the better.

Let’s get started on 15 ways to increase your organic reach on Facebook.

1. Make sure your content aligns with your brand ideal

This post is your last chance to read anything else. This section is important.

Brands that are able to get to grips with their brand is the secret sauce.

Q: What does Dove, Redbull and Nike have in common?

A: They have established and are well-known brand ideals.

Dove’s focus on beauty and positive body images is what is most talked about than its bath products.

Dove is more well-known for its positive body image and focus on beauty than for its bath products.

You might prefer a Nike Air to another brand because of its quality, but it is their statements of motivation and diversity that make them a household name.

Although you may prefer Nike airs over other brands due to their quality, it is their statements of motivation and diversity that make them a household brand.

Grow Your Facebook Page Organically 6

These brands focus more on their higher ideals than their products. These brands speak to people’s world views, not their desire for a new pair of trainers or a shower gel.

Consider your Facebook strategy before you post randomly. These are the questions you should ask yourself.

  • What is your ideal brand?
  • What is your higher purpose?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What is their worldview?

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it

Leo McGivena, an advertising man, once stated that no one needs a drill. What they want is the hole.

If you don’t have a better question, ‘What’s your hole’?

Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk Start with Why” he deeply stated these words:

People don’t buy what your do, they buy why. It is not the goal to do business with everyone who needs what you offer. It is important to do business only with people who share your beliefs .’

“The goal is to do business only with people who believe the same things as you”

What are your beliefs?

It is much easier to create content about your brand’s ideal once you have a good idea of it. You can share content that your Facebook fans will find meaningful and engaging on your newsfeed.

Grow Your Facebook Page Organically 5

You no longer have to compete with other niche competitors selling the same products. No longer will you be fighting against other niche competitors selling similar products.

Now, you’re selling a new story to your Facebook followers. “Now you’re selling a new story to your Facebook fans.”

Brand Example – Create a Great Story

2. Use video

Video is not just a nice option. Video is no longer a nice option in today’s TikTok and IG Reel driven world.

If you are looking for engagement on Facebook, the video must be native to Facebook.

It doesn’t make sense to upload to YouTube, or share the link. Studies of the Facebook algorithm reveal that links have less reach, and b) the As previously mentioned Facebook does not allow any YouTube linkreach. YouTube links get less reach.

It’s easy to upload to Facebook these days as to YT, so why not both?

Uploading videos to Facebook

You might have seen a message on your Facebook page inviting you to use the new business suite to manage both your Instagram and your page.

Posting Videos On Facebook

You can still use the publishing tools feature to add posts. However, this is an optional feature.

Facebook Business Suite

It’s not difficult to do, and it’s much simpler than the existing publishing options. However, I expect that we will see some updates and changes in the next few months.

1. Open Business Suite and click “create post”.

2. Add the text part of your post as you would with publishing tools.

3. Click on the upload video button.

NB: If you want to use Facebook’s editing tools the video will only be for use on FB. If it’s pre-edited you can upload to both FB & IG at the same time.

4. Upload your video and publish or schedule. That’s it!

Different types of video

Different types of video

Video has many options. You have the option to pre-record or use Facebook Live video.

Face-to-face videos are a great way to show your fans who you are and what makes you happy.

You could also create if you don’t want to show your face.

  • Animation videos
  • Video clips of products
  • Videos created by users
  • Infomercials
  • Videos of Unboxing
  • Whiteboard videos

Your imagination is your only limit. With the abundance of creative video creation apps and editing tools available, it’s easy to create videos that showcase your products or message.

Apps that help you create amazing videos

Biteable App to Create Amazing Videos

One of my favorite things is:

Biteable – http://biteable.com/

There are many ready-made templates available. You can easily change text, color or add your logo and product images. You can make it as simple or complex as you like.

You can’t go wrong with $19 per month!

Some other apps include:

We could go on and on but I’d get bored. You don’t have to stop making videos, no matter where you are, so grab your phone and get recording today!

3. Host FB Lives

Facebook Live Videos is one step above uploading prerecorded videos.

These videos are exactly what the title says. These live-streamed videos show you and your team engaging with potential customers and fans.

Host Facebook Live Event

This is the closest you can get to old Tupperware parties, or even QVC. It allows you to connect with customers and showcase your products.

Brand Example – Boom by Cindy Joseph

You can host a “watch party” after recording so that everyone can watch the live stream and still converse with each other.

Mini parties are a great way to have fun, whether online or offline.

You could live many different lives

Different types of video 1

Are you unsure what type of life you could lead?

These are just a few ideas.

  • Demonstrations of Product
  • Q&A with customers
  • Launch of Product
  • Promo/Sale
  • New Features
  • Neue Line
  • Educational or Informative
  • Customer Testimonials

Consistency is the key to increasing Facebook engagement through live video. It’s not worth going live only once, then never again for several months.

It’s not important to go live every week in the fast-moving and distracted world we live today.

If you have good content and viewers are getting a lot from it, a notification will appear in their newsfeed to let them know that you’re going live. They’ll click to join the conversation.

They can watch the replay later if they aren’t on Facebook at that moment.

Facebook gives you the ability to engage and reach your fans. You decide how to use them.

Software that saves lives

While you can record directly to FB, they have the full capability, you may want to add some more features, such as inviting viewers to join, sharing your screen with others, and interviewing them.

Streamyard is my favorite. It’s easy to set up and super simple to use.

You don’t need to install it as it’s web-based. Log in, select your destinations (where live streaming is desired), and then create a broadcast. It’s as easy as that.

Invite guests, share your screen and add logos, banners, ticker bars, and buttons to any user comments that you click on during your live.

You can download the recording of your Facebook Live for up to 15 days and share it across the internet for greater exposure.

You can also save it instantly to Facebook so that you can replay it at any time by your Facebook friends.

You can also use this software to view Facebook live video

4. Register for Brands Collabs Manager

Brands Collabs Manager

Facebook introduced Brands Collabs Manager in 2018 to allow brands to connect with influencers (otherwise known simply as “creators”) directly.

Influencers are able to talk about and post about their favorite brands, including a product tag that allows the visitor to click to go to the product.

You’ve heard of the ‘Oprah Effect’ or ‘Meghan Effect.

This is exactly what it is. Brands can work with creators to showcase their brand to the creator’s audience.

This is influencer marketing at its best!

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for influencer agencies to connect you with the right account. You can now do it yourself! Sign up for Brands Collabs Manager to find the perfect creators.

Here are some examples of what branded content should look like

“Branded content post appear as your Page with brand’s Page, and a Paid Partnership label (applied to the post in gray) is applied.

Viewers of your brand content posts can click About This Partnership for more information.

You will need the following to be eligible for Brands Collabs manager

  • Minimum 1000 followers
  • More than 15,000 engagements have been posted in the past 60 days
  • 180,000 video minutes viewed within the last 60 days
  • Video clips that last at least 3 minutes and less than a minute are eligible for 30,000 views in a single minute

These may seem like high requirements but Facebook is keen to collaborate with brands that are engaged.

Take the advice in this post and you will be negotiating deals with influencers and brands right away!

Facebook has more information. Apply here.

5. Activate FB Messenger

Are you using FB messenger? If not, you should.

Activate FB Messenger

Direct message is a great way to connect with customers.

Over 70% of Facebook users expect to be able message a business to resolve customer service issues or make a purchase. It should be a top priority for any ecommerce store to have FB Messenger.

You could be losing a lot of potential customers if you don’t harness this powerful way to communicate with them.

How to get started using FB Messenger

Step 1: Turn it on at its most basic!

Go to the general settings of your business page and check the box that allows pages or people to message you.

Step 2: Add a Message Greeting

Facebook is currently changing its layout. Some features are still in transit. If you still have an older layout, you can create a message greeting to appear whenever someone visits your page.

This feature is not yet available in the new business suite layout. However, I am certain it will soon be.

Step 3: Add an instant reply

However, you can add an instant reply to any message. This will allow you to respond immediately to messages sent to you by others, even if you aren’t online or don’t wish to monitor them 24/7.

Step 4: Answer the ‘FAQs’

You can include up to four commonly asked questions at the top of the conversation, or five in a menu that people can access throughout your conversation.

You can save customers time by answering their questions quickly and without them waiting for a reply.

Step 5: Add a ‘away!’ message

When using Facebook messenger, the most important thing is speed of response.

People want instant gratification and we live in an age of instant gratification.

You can create an “away message” to let the visitor know when you will be back and what your response times are.

It’s a great idea to put your Facebook messenger into action. This will help you increase your engagement and build relationships with your audience.

You can take this one step further by looking into a messenger bot that integrates seamlessly with the Facebook messaging service. This will allow you to become a powerful Facebook marketing channel in your ecommerce store.

6. Encourage user-generated content

This is one of my favorites!

The world is changing. People hate being sold to, but love to purchase.

user generated content

It is important to have a strong brand vision. Customers will connect with you more deeply if they believe in the reasons you do what you do. They will become more than customers and users of your products.

They are advocates!

This is exemplified by the brand Live A Great Story.

Many of their users’ stories revolve around times in their lives when they have moved outside of their comfort zone, lost a loved ones, or experienced a major change in their circumstances. They want to share this story with the rest of the world.

Their customers believe in the brand. They believe in the greater purpose of “living a great tale” and are happy to share their stories.

Another example is the Aerie women’s clothing shop with their well-known hashtag #aeriereal

Their brand ideal revolves around girl power, body positivity and ‘no touching’, hence the name ‘aerie’.Real

They encourage women of all shapes and sizes to share their stories in Aerie clothing. The best stories are then published in their news feed to drive more page likes.

Word of mouth has always been and will continue to be the strongest form marketing.

Studies show that 86% of consumers trust recommendations from their family and friends, compared to 48% who trust what they see on the internet. This number will decrease due to fake news and other misleading information.

How better to win Facebook advertising free of cost than by creating a loyal, engaged audience!

These are some suggestions to get user-generated content campaigns started.

1. Organize a contest/giveaway

Ask your customers to send in photos of themselves using your product. You can win a prize for the best picture.

2. Ask your customers

If your brand is strong, ask your customers to share their stories with you via email campaigns and in your Facebook Group.

3. Make your own hashtag

As in the #aeriereal case, you can create a hashtag that your customers can use for sharing photos or videos about their experiences with your brand.

4. Share reviews

You can take a screenshot of a positive review left by a customer and upload it to Facebook. Social proof can be a powerful tool!

5. Help a cause

Marketing works. Encourage customers to share photos and stories about your products. You can donate a portion of every sale.

You’re sure to come up with more creative ways to encourage people to share positive experiences with your brand. But these ideas should get you started.

7. Use Hashtags

While hashtags were first introduced by Facebook in 2013, their popularity has only increased in the recent months.

Use Hashtags

Facebook encourages users to use hashtags to increase their reach.

Don’t get too excited. It doesn’t necessarily mean that market adoption will happen just because FB claims so.

People don’t use hashtags on Facebook. The Facebook algorithm has been built using Facebook likes.

It will take some time for people to get used to it. However, Facebook users can still actively search for specific topics using hashtags, just like Instagram.

If your brand is wax candles, for instance, you can start to hashtag your posts with the following terms: candles, relaxation and meditation, mental health (if any of these topics are part of your brand ideal), because more people search these terms, the greater chance they’ll find your posts.

It’s really worth trying and measuring.

8. Run Regular Giveaways

It’s hard to resist a freebie!

Giveaways offer a great way to connect with your audience, build a list, and create viral posts.

A great giveaway should be relevant.

Run Regular Giveaways

You don’t need to sell watches for men if you’re not going to give away the next Apple iPhone. It will get every man and his dog signed up to win, but none of them are interested in men’s watches.

Although it may sound obvious, I have seen many intelligent brands make this mistake.

This Forex brand gives away a pair Apple Airpod Pros to my 14-year old daughter. I have to say that she is not planning to invest in Forex any time soon.

What are you going to give away?

Ideal: One of your products.

This will ensure that you get a high percentage of your target market to sign up.

You will always get people who sign up to receive something for free. There is nothing you can do. However, the goal is to attract people who are interested in your product/brand.

How to host a giveaway

There are a few options.

A giveaway app is available.

Apps are designed with virality in mind. They can also be connected to your email provider to allow you build an email list from contest entries.

Some of the most popular apps are:

  • Vyper
  • Upviral
  • Gleam

All of them are great apps, and you can try each one to see which one works best for your needs.

If you are careful with your money and want a quick giveaway,

Add the giveaway conditions directly into the post.

You don’t need to worry about building an email database at this stage. Create a contest that requires participants to share and engage.

These campaigns are a great way to get lots of engagement through likes, comments and shares. All the information you need to increase Facebook’s organic reach.

One quick note about giveaways. Your follow-up sequence after people have entered giveaways will determine how effective they are.

To turn engagement into sales, you need to have robust nurture and conversion email sequences. Follow up Facebook posts/flash sale to maintain the engagement momentum and continue to interact with your audience.

This is not something that you can simply forget.

9. Run Flash Sales

Flash sales are similar to giveaways.

Run Flash Sales

They are attractive, viral, and best of all they include real-time scarcity.

A solid dose of scarcity can accelerate your actions!

It must be true. False scarcity is the fastest way to destroy your brand in today’s transparent and social world.

Flash sale after flash sales is not the best strategy. You will soon find your audience starting to ignore you and leaving you wondering where your customers are.

These are the best practices to run sales on Facebook.

1. Set a goal for your flash sales

  • Attract new customers
  • Your customers should feel special
  • Reduce excess inventory
  • Promote a new line

You can be sure to present your flash sale and promote it accordingly by knowing your goals ahead of time.

2. Make them seasonal

Is it Valentine’s Day? Christmas? Black Friday?

It’s a great time for a sale

Your audience expects it and is looking for bargains.

3. Promote Scarcity

Include a date for your flash sale in your copy/images.

4. Be specific

Too many options can lead to no choice. Instead of promoting every product, pick one or two and only promote them.

Attracting a targeted audience will help you to identify which products are most popular.

Exclusivity is a virtue. In an ideal world, sales should be limited and done only when there’s a good reason.

10. Run Quizzes

Quizzes, which are similar to sales and giveaways on Facebook, are a great way to market your business.

Run Quizzes

A viral phenomenon that fulfills so much of our human behavioral psychology, a quiz can help you to increase your Facebook likes, engagement and sales.

You may have noticed that quizzes are more popular in recent years, as companies large and small realize the potential of these tools.

It’s now easy to create a quiz on Facebook and have it hosted there. Apps exist for this!

My favorite is TryInteract

Both the quizmaster’s and quiz takers will find it attractive and simple to use.

You can also try these other quiz apps

  • Qzzr
  • Survey Monkey
  • Survey Anywhere
  • Brandquiz

There are many more!

All of them integrate seamlessly with major email providers, so you can increase reach and engagement while building your email list.

These are some great tips to run quizzes that will be remembered.

  1. Always start with the end in your mind. Which question is so important that your target market would be willing to leave their email address in order to find the answer?
  2. Ask engaging, fun, and simple questions. It’s not an exam, so have fun!
  3. Keep it brief. Your audience isn’t here to see a Spanish Inquisition. To help your audience better serve you, think about the most important questions that you would love to ask. Don’t ask questions just to get answers.
  4. Visualize it. You can create both text and image questions with tryinteract.com (no affiliation, of course, just a great tool)
  5. Measure and test! You’ll need to test and measure different formats to find the one that works best for you and your audience. If your first quiz fails, don’t lose heart. Keep trying, the method works!

11. Regularly post stories

Stories can be compared to reality TV shows online. People love to see the real-time, behind-the-scenes stories in their news feed.

Regularly post stories

Facebook Stories boasts more than 300,000,000 active users every day!

With a little creativity, you can get your eCommerce business in front a lot of people.

Videos don’t require editing, photos don’t need filtering and you don’t have to write a script. Simply hold your phone and you can go.

Whatever your business, it doesn’t matter. It’s going to increase your engagement if you post at least two stories per day.

If you, like me want to be able to capture the right shot every time and not constantly on your phone, or ruin family holidays, then here are some ways you can streamline your storytelling.

Step 1

Make a plan to share the stories that you believe will be most popular with your audience.

Here are some ideas:

  • Show us behind-the scenes footage of how your product is made and packaged
  • Send photos/videos or fun clips of your product being used. Encourage customers to send photos and videos.
  • Use quotes and fun sayings to share about your business/brand
  • Promo code or discount code to share
  • Promote a blog post or piece published content
  • Celebrate a National holiday that is relevant to your brand
  • You can show behind-the scenes footage of your home, office, garage, factory, or other location where you run your business.
  • You can get feedback via polls and Q&As about potential new product lines
  • Promote a product launch
  • Participate in a contest
  • Encourage a game of in-house or quiz playing
  • Ask your employees to contribute to your stories
  • Tell your brand story
  • Get customer reviews
  • Changes to your website, cover photo updates, new prices, etc.

Brand Example – Best Self Co

Again, your imagination is all that’s needed.

Step 2

Spend a few hours every week/month recording 5-10 second videos, putting together photo clips into montage videos and adding text/animations to them.

Hot Tip : This part could be outsourced. The video, photos and footage are then gathered and given to another person to make little videos, photomontages, or creative images.

You can find this type of work by visiting upwork.com/fiverr.com. There are hundreds of applicants.

Step 3

Finally, sign up to an app such as Buffer or Hootsuite so you can schedule your stories one week in advance or, if possible, a month in advanced.

It’s easy to let it all happen while you continue your business/living life.

12. Create a Facebook Group

Create a Facebook Group

It is possible to think that starting a group around your brand seems counterintuitive.

Why hide behind closed groups when you can show your brand?

However, if you view your group as your “ultra-interest potential customers” or create a group only for customers, you are not only encouraging repeat purchases, feedback on current products, and selling out early-bird launch sales, but you’re also building a marketing army.

These are your fans, your advocates, and your loyal customers. They’ll spread your products to their friends, families, and communities.

They will tell the world how you treat them!

These are some suggestions for setting up and running an e-commerce group.

Increased engagement and conversion rates are key to audience growth.

  • You can create a group that anyone on Facebook can view and offer members exclusive discounts and offers.
  • You can add polls and quizzes to your interactive Q&A.
  • Host regular FB Lives
  • It can be used to encourage user-generated material
  • Get feedback and publish product launches

To repeat customers, upsells, and to nurture existing customers

  • For a customer only, create an exclusive closed group.
  • Exclusive promotions and discounts for repeat purchases and upsells
  • Refer friends to increase brand exposure.

13. Increase Reach and Engagement on Facebook while Growing Your Email List

Apart from social media and instant engagement, messaging, groups, and other tools, building an email list can still be a powerful way to increase engagement across all your social networks.

Boost Engagement on Facebook

Similar to a group, if someone signs up for something you offer for free or has engaged with you in any way, you will have their contact information. They are likely not only customers but also a key part of your marketing team.

Facebook can be used to give valuable freebies your audience will love.

While we’ve already discussed quizzes, freebies, there are other options for list builders.

  • An ebook
  • A PDF guide or worksheet that is relevant to your product
  • Discount voucher
  • This guide will help you to do the right thing.
  • Training videos available for free
  • Free shipping
  • A template/checklist/cheatsheet

A lead magnet for email list building must be something that your audience finds valuable enough for them to give their email address.

Big Life Journal – Brand Example

Your audience will be grateful for the freebies you offer and will engage with your posts about your brand and products.

You can use your nurture campaign to grow your email list to redirect them to your Facebook posts. This encourages engagement and further growth.

A Facebook pixel can be used to track performance across all platforms.

It’s an engagement loop!

14. Repurpose existing content

You have no doubt already created content.

Repurpose existing content

Most likely, you have many product images, blog posts, company information, contact details, and shipping policy.

Perhaps you have the most creative abandoned cart emails or created the best customer sales email.

You may also have customer testimonials.

You can turn whatever you have into engaging posts on Facebook that engage your audience.

Keep in mind that the more human your brand is, the greater the reach and engagement.

Get creative by digging through all your content archives!

  • Upload high-quality product images
  • Add product descriptions
  • Discuss your free shipping policy
  • Review products and leave testimonials
  • Post your return policy
  • Write about your upsell offerings
  • You can add any blog posts and educational content that you create
  • Post about your brand story
  • Talk about the manufacturing process of your products if you feel it is relevant
  • Discuss how to take care of the products
  • Write about your top sellers
  • Posts with your contact information encourage people to get in touch

Take a look at your website line-by-line and see if there are any interesting ways to make your Facebook page more engaging.

15. Engagement Ratio

If you aren’t willing to engage with your Facebook fans, you can’t expect them to engage with you.

Every comment should be read and responded to. You must respond quickly to all messages, take the time to listen to feedback and then create new content or products.

Start Today with Brand Example

According to studies 86% Americans believe transparency is more important than ever. So be transparent, show humanity, and demonstrate that you are a real person who understands the needs and wants of your customers.


It is clear that increasing your organic reach on Facebook will require some effort.

Your reach will increase if you have more engagement. So, it is important to focus on your customers’ needs and wants.

According to the founder of the largest ecommerce company worldwide,

“The most important thing is to

Focus Obsessively focusing on the Customer. Our goal is to become the most loved people on earth. Customer “We see ourselves as a customer-centric company.”

Customers We are invited guests at a party and we are the hosts. Every day, it’s our responsibility to ensure that every aspect of the event is successful. Customer Experience a little better.” – Jeff Bezos

Concentrate on your customer and create content that resonates. Respond quickly, listen well, have fun.

Best of luck !