Google Now Disregards OR Overlooks All Reciprocal Links

For as long as many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals can remember, reciprocal links have been at the top of the majority of inbound linking strategies. Thanks to Google’s new algorithm, however, this will no longer be the case as Google now discounts reciprocal links. The new algorithm has been changed so that it can now find the transfer of links by parties for the sole purpose of getting a higher number of inbound links.

Quality content should be the main factor that attracts links and reciprocal linking violates Google’s initial intentions when it comes to the algorithm. Google doesn’t like it when people trade links in order to promote your own link and this is the driving force behind the change.

Reciprocal Links Are Now Frowned Upon By Google

It has been rumoured that Google can actually catch linking schemes that involve three parties. For example, they can identify when website #1 is linking to website #2, who then links to website #3 and in return links back to website #1. With the updated algorithm and Google now disregarding reciprocal links, the inbound linking strategies of businesses should not revolve around reciprocal linking. Simply put, relying on reciprocal links will not result in improved ranking and will turn out to be a waste of time.

Forget reciprocal links and relying on them to improve your inbound linking strategy. Start focusing on coming up with unique, high-quality and engaging content in your target market.