Freelance Blogging: How to Get Started and Make Money Online

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Want to begin freelance blogging and earn money on the web? Then you have come to the ideal location! We are going to explain to you how you can be an independent blogger, incremental.

Freelance blogging is among the very best strategies to earn money online.

All you need to get started is a notebook computer and a web connection. This means that you may get paid to write from the comfort of your home.

In this Guide, well show you Precisely How to Begin a freelancer Blogging livelihood. We are going to discuss how to construct a web site, the way to produce writing samples, the way to get customers, and much more.

Lets dive in!

In This Guide:

  •     Step 1: Select a Niche
  •     Step 2: Start a Blog
  •     Measure 3: Produce Writing Samples
  •     Measure 4: Boost Your Freelance Blogging Website
  •     Step 5: Try to find Clients
  •     FAQs Around Freelance Blogging

Before we begin with this tutorial, let us discuss what freelancer blogging is.

What’s Freelance Blogging?

Freelance blogging is if you are paid to compose blog articles for customers.

By way of instance, a customer can seek the services of an independent blogger to compose a blog post such as: The Best Way to earn money with Email Marketing.

As an Independent blogger, youd research the topic, compose the Blog article, submit an application to the customer for review, then get paid.

Besides site writing, freelance writers may provide extra services such as keyword study , designing featured pictures for articles, uploading the site post straight to the customers site, and much more.

You do not need to offer you these extra services, and rather, simply stick to writing articles.

However, You can increase your freelancer blogging speed by charging additional For these solutions. Plus, these solutions are appealing to prospective customers since youll look after everything, meaning that the customer does not need to be concerned about something.

Now you have a better comprehension of exactly what freelancer blogging is, let us discuss how to be an independent blogger.

Step 1: Select a Niche

Step one to becoming an Independent blogger would be to select what subject You are likely to write about to customers. This is referred to as a market.

Picking a market can assist you to introduce yourself as an authority in your area and itll draw in customers that may wish to work together with you.

Envision a software company is looking for an Independent blogger to hire. They encounter a freelancer which states they compose blog articles for meals, life style, style , and technology. That is a whole lot of different topics.

Afterward, they encounter a freelancer such as Karl Hughes of all Draft.Dev.

His site claims he specializes in composing specialized content for professionals from the software market.

The software business will employ Karl over another freelancer since he specializes in in their particular niche.

Selecting 1 market and sticking with it helps you stick out from the audience and bring higher-paying customers.

There are various markets to pick from including finance, travel, electronic promotion, education, health and health, and much more.

To Locate the best freelance writing market for you, ask your self:

  •     What am I enthusiastic about/interested in?
  •     What am I educated about?
  •     Can this market rewarding? Are companies keen to cover this?

As soon as youve decided on a market, it is time to proceed to another step…

Step 2: Start a Website

At this time, you have to begin your own site. If you are new to freelancer Composing, you most likely dont possess a portfolio of writing samples to showcase to prospective customers. So, why do they hire you over somebody else?

However if youve got your own site, it demonstrates to customers you have the skills you have to do the occupation.

Additionally, using a website makes it much easier for prospective customers to find you on line.

At this time you may be wondering: How can I begin an independent site?

To get a step-by-step tutorial, please have a look at our manual on the best way to begin a site .

However, below are a few of the most crucial actions to remember.

1. Pick the Ideal Blogging Platform

The very first step to beginning a website would be to select the ideal blogging system .

You may be tempted to pick a free blogging system such as, Wix, or even Weebly to conserve money.

However, we do not recommend Picking a free blogging system because:

  •     You do not get a personalized domain name such as Instead, you need to use a domain like
  •, that is not as professional.
  •     You have much less control on your site and need to comply with the organizations Conditions of Service. In the event you violate that the
  •     Conditions of Servicethey could delete your site at any moment.
  •     Youll find limited customization choices for your site and you can not use WordPress plugins.
  •     You can not monetize your site and earn additional revenue with advertisements or internet affiliate promoting.

That is the reason why we advocate using

Using, you are able to easily produce your very own self-hosted website. This usually means that you possess your website and your blog articles. Youre able to build, develop, and decorate your site in any manner you need, without any limitations.

Additionally, is totally free to use. All You Have to pay to get is that a Domain and hosting, and we will go over within the next few measures.

2. Select a Fantastic Domain Name

If you would like to initiate a thriving freelancer blogging profession, then you want to cautiously select a domain that reflects your enterprise.

Many freelance writers use their own name for a domain name such as This is a straightforward and professional thing to do.

Nonetheless, it is possible to even get a little more creative with your domain name if you would like.

By Way of Example, freelance author Elna Cain desired a business name rather Of utilizing her own name. She picked the domain Innovative Ink.

Youre able to think of a exceptional domain name similar to this by mixing different phrases associated with writing like pencil, quill, replicate, etc..

To make it simpler, you may use Blog Tyrants free domain name generator application .

Simply enter a few key terms and the instrument will immediately indicate domain ideas you may use.

3. Opt for the Ideal Website Hosting

Just like we mentioned previously, when you create a custom blog site together with, all you want to pay for is a domain and hosting.

Blog hosting is really where all your site files are saved online and It is needed as a way to produce your site live online.

There are lots of website hosting providers to select from, however we urge Bluehost.

Bluehost Is formally suggested by also it hosts more than 2 million sites worldwide. Additionally, it is super-fast, dependable, easy, as it pertains pre-installed together with WordPress.

In addition, Blog Tyrant subscribers receive a special discount of 60% off using Bluehost, that has a free domain , free SSL certificate, plus much more!

Weve partnered up with Bluehost to receive 60 percent off to our subscribers! In addition you get to enroll a complimentary domain name for a year that generally costs approximately $14.99 each year.

Together with Bluehost, then you can begin your own site for outsourcing fast and easily, without needing to devote a bunch of money.

Establish Your Freelancer Site with Bluehost

To begin, click the exclusive supply link above. Then, Click the Get Started Now button shown in the screenshot below:

On another page, pick the pricing program which fulfills your requirements.

Next, enter the domain that you have chosen. Oryou can click OnI will make a domain later for those who have not decided on one yet.

Within another step, you have to put up your bundle info and select how long you want the pricing strategy to choose.

In addition you have the choice of getting additional addons if youd like. Nonetheless, you could skip these for now in case you are just beginning.

After that, add your own payment information to fill out the procedure.

As Soon as Youre done, you will Find an email confirmation with your login information. Log into your Bluehost accounts and Click the My Websites tab then hit on Log in to WordPress.

When youve logged in, click the Create Website button.

This will establish the WordPress setup wizard. All you have to do is follow the easy actions to establish your own website.

For more detailed directions, have a look at our manual on how to set up WordPress.

4. Put in a Theme and Vital WordPress Plugins

Following your website is installed, youre want to set up a WordPress theme to present your site an expert appearance in a minute.

There are lots of WordPress topics you may pick from, both paid and free. You may take a look at our listing of this finest WordPress themes for sites to find one which is suitable for your requirements.

Freelance-Blogging 3

Among our favorites will be Astra.

Astra Is among those fastest-growing topics of time. It includes over 150 beginner templates so that you are able to produce a more gorgeous website very quickly. They have templates specifically designed for freelancers.

You should also take the time to set up major WordPress plugins to personalize and improve your site, such as:

Freelance Blogging 1
  •     WPForms - Easily produce a contact form in your site so prospective customers can get in contact with you.
  •     All in One SEO - Enhance your Site to rank high in search engines and get found by customers simpler.
  •     MonsterInsights - Add Google Analytics to a WordPress dash to track traffic along with other site stats.
  •     WP Super Cache - accelerate your site and improve loading times to Enhance user experience.
  •     Sucuri - Often scans your Site for safety hazards and vulnerabilities.

Should you require assistance installing plugins, then have a peek at our manual on the way to set up a WordPress plugin.

Freelance Blogging 2

5. Produce Core Website Pages

Then do not neglect to create significant website pages such as the webpage and contact page.

The about webpage Will be among the most visited pages in your own site. That is because when a customer is seeking to employ somebody, they will want to learn exactly who they will be working together.

Your page must tell people who you have, listing your experience and experience, and clarify why people need to hire you.

In case you have any, then it is possible to also add reviews to construct confidence and social evidence.

Heres a Wonderful example of a freelancer on webpage out of Rachel Foster of Fresh Perspective Copywriting:

The webpage is also quite vital for freelance writers and authors.

Having a touch page, customers can message you straight if they are considering hiring one for website writing.

Just like we mentioned before, you may use WPForms Lite to put in a very simple contact form for your own contact page at no cost.

Following is a tutorial about how how to make a contact type .

It is also possible to update to the pro model of WPForms to make stronger forms.

By Way of Example, you can connect with repayment integrations such as PayPal, Stripe, and This means that you may collect customer payments directly in the form onto your site.

Freelance-Blogging 4

There is also a document upload feature that lets users upload documents with Their form entry and a touch addon to permit users to register contracts or forms on the internet.

For more details about developing a contact site, have a look at our article on that the very best contact webpages .

Step 3: Produce Writing Samples

Next, it is time to get down to business and begin writing. Like we Mentioned earlier, if you are starting out you most likely dont have some writing samples from your portfolio to show to possible customers.

And customers might want to find examples of your writing to show youre able to perform the job.

Fortunately, you may use your own site to make writing samples!

Just begin writing blog articles and publishing them on your website.

However, Ensure That you compose articles in the freelancer market you have chosen. As an instance, if you have selected the fund market, guarantee that the blog articles you write are all about fund.

Megan Nye is a personal finance author and on her own website, she writes concerning financing subjects to flaunt her knowledge and experience:

Should you need assistance composing blog articles, have a look at our manual on the best way to compose a great blog article .

Step 4: Boost Your Freelance Blogging Website

Now it is time to get the word out of your freelancer blogging services. Because people are not likely to understand that you are a freelance blogger if you dont market yourself.

The simplest way to publicize your freelance blogging website is using social websites. Business owners are about Social Networking Platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thus, you are going to want to edit your interpersonal websites bios to inform them you are a freelancer for hire.

Here is how Elna Cain can it on Twitter:

In her bio, she records shes a digital advertising and marketing writer for hire and also provides a link to your own site.

Besides editing your Social Networking bios, you can additionally:

  •     Share your site articles on Social Networking
  •     Combine Social Networking classes for salespeople
  •     Practice and participate with companies you need to utilize

With a couple fantastic marketing strategies, you should begin attracting more customers to your site.

Step 5: Look for Clients

At the Start of your freelance blogging profession, customers likely Will not come for you. Alternatively, you are going to want to look for potential customers and provide them your services.

Among the most effective methods to achieve this as a newcomer would be to select a few occupation boards and pitch into job advertisements.

You will find excellent job boards available especially for freelancers such as:

  •     ProBlogger
  •     FlexJobs
  •     WeWorkRemotely
  •     BloggingPro

Look through job boards such as these and search for advertisements that fit your abilities.

If you find something which resembles a fantastic match, you are able to apply.

Most job advertisements will probably ask you to describe your expertise and supply hyperlinks to examples of the very best work.

You might also directly email companies that you wish to work together and toss them your solutions.

As a freelancer with very little expertise, it can be tricky to land your first writing gig. However, stay with this.

At some point, you are going to land your very first freelance gig and this expertise will start up new doors to you later on.

Can you like to get paid to write and have tens of thousands of people read your posts? Together with all the articles online nowadays, there are a lot of businesses and books offering paid online writing projects.

Regrettably, some of those companies only Pay pennies to the work, and many others say they will cover you into internet exposure And even the very experienced freelance authors can fall prey to online scams.

However, You will find websites which pay well for high quality composing. We have assembled 10 of the top websites for freelancer writing projects under.

10 websites with legit freelance writing projects

Ready To begin? Listed below are 10 websites with all the best-paying freelance writing projects so that you can get paid to write while obtaining your byline available on the internet.

1. BloggingPro

· Purchase Varies

· Daily job postings

· Committed to bloggers

BloggingPro will be An internet job board chiefly devoted to blogging and writing chances. You might discover lots of big name books or businesses on this website.

But, unlike several other websites, BloggingPro does not appear to get a screening procedure for customers, and that means you will want to vet every chance yourself.

2. FlexJobs

· Pay varies

· Wide Selection of subjects to Pick from

· Look for tasks based on job agenda, distant work degree, career degree, and occupation kinds

FlexJobs will be Among the hottest sites for freelance job . The platform delivers a large selection of tasks, including a number of those best-paying freelance writing tasks, and that means that you are able to find something which is suitable for you.

Composing searches contain blogging, grant writing, technical writing, online articles, and copywriting. You might even set up alarms for new jobs that satisfy your requirements.

3. Freelance Mom

· $75-$100 per post

· Niche content - specialist moms

· Proposal-based work

Freelance Mother is A supply of technical insights and suggestions for a vast array of subjects that impact moms. If you are considering writing for Freelance Mother, you have to submit a subject idea into the editor.

The proposal must include your angle, so your approach/research/insights about the subject, and exactly what the reader will profit from reading the report.

You Should also incorporate the very first paragraph of this guide and also an outline. Subsequently the editors will tell you whether your subject was approved.


· Pay varies

· Wide Selection of themes and businesses

· Contract, freelancer, and continuing chances is an Internet job posting board Jobs for everybody from composing newbies to experienced professionals. Each and every day, tons of fresh tasks will be listed on the website, which makes it an perfect resource for new chances.

Look for jobs that fit your requirements, and then apply right on the website.

5. Revenue Diary

· As much as $200 for a post

· Affiliate content - electronic Advertising

· Proposal-based contracts

· Released under your title

Revenue Diary is a site dedicated to earning money Online through interpersonal networking, SEO, content writing, and much more. Thus, they are searching for high quality, well-researched sites and posts which are a minimum of 1,500 words.

If you are an authority in digital advertising topic matter, then its possible to submit a proposal thought using this article name, description, estimated as date, and projected word count.

6. The Penny Hoarder

· Pay varies

· Niche market - private finance

· Proposal-based contracts

If You like to write about making or saving Cash, The Penny Hoarder will be right for you. They search for minimal 700-word evergreen posts which assist readers make, save and increase their cash.

To submit a suggestion on their website, you have to incorporate the possible headline, thought outline, three hyperlinks to electronic books, along with a brief bio.

7. Talent, Inc

· $20 per restart

· Steady work

Talent, Inc anticipates authors that will help fighting job Seekers by optimizing their resumes, cover letters, and even LinkedIn profiles.

Together with the capability to operate anywhere in the whole world in your time, and a continuous flow of job, this ideal for freelance authors. Stop by their site to use as a resume writer or obtain additional details.

8. The Writer Finder

· Greater pay

· Opportunities in almost any market

· Steady work and construct SEO abilities

The Writer Finder is always on the lookout for freelance writers to get in touch with their grand community of companies. With tasks out there in dozens of markets, youve got access to a continuous flow of jobs that fit your interests and abilities.

Complete their form on the internet, and they will reach out for you together with their existing wants and open tasks.

9. Transitions Abroad

· Pays up to $150 a post

· Fantastic for travelers

Transitions Abroad invites gifts on functioning, travel, studying, volunteering, and residing overseas. They supply detailed instructions on how they want content to be organized and how to publish articles, so make sure you read this carefully before composing.

This is the best website for any electronic nomad, however, understand that it might take around 2 weeks for submissions to be accepted.

10. Upwork

· Pay varies

· Access to countless tasks

· Must bid projects

Upwork will be Hands down one of the most well-known websites for salespeople. With tens of thousands of new jobs posted daily, authors bid on jobs that are appealing to them.

But this website may be bothersome for new authors that combine the stage. The more work you finish Upwork, the more prone you should win jobs.

So You might need to submit several suggestions before you begin to remove. However, your hard work is well worth it.

After having a good standing in Upwork, you are able to set higher bids and receive work. Remember that Upwork will require a proportion of your cover, so make certain to factor that in your own bid.

Locate legit outsourcing composing tasks and get Paid to compose

Composing Is an invaluable ability, and thus dont settle low-paying composing tasks. With these websites and others like these, it is possible to come across customers that can compensate you for the hard work.

Together with looking for your best-paying Freelance writing projects, be certain that you concentrate on expanding your community and constructing an impressive portfolio of job.

By Doing your search and linking with other people in your business, you will have an amazing roster of customers very quickly.

For much more about getting paid To compose online, have a look at this manual on the way to be a successful freelance author .

FAQs About Freelance Blogging

How do I become a freelancer with no expertise?

You are able to turn into a freelancer with no expertise by beginning your own site and posting on it.

Publishing blog articles in your own site will show prospective clients that youve got the abilities required to perform the job.

Who hires writers?

A good deal of unique businesses hire bloggers. Both small and large Companies want content to their websites since it helps them improve their internet presence, draw visitors to their website, and turn visitors into clients.

By Way of Example, a little landscaping company can employ a blogger to compose Content about yard care and upkeep. Or, a significant software company may employ a blogger to write tutorials about the best way best to use their merchandise.

Just how much can freelance writers create?

Just how much money you earn as an independent blogger normally depends upon how much expertise youve got.

Many novices bill $25 - $50 per site post. However, a seasoned Freelance blogger may charge up to $500 each article or much more.

Just how much should I charge to get a 1000 word post?

It is dependent upon how long you have been composing and what you provide. Additionally, it is dependent upon the undertaking.

As stated by the Freelance Creative Rates Database, authors may get paid anywhere from $150 to $400 or more to get a 1000 word post.

Most novices charge a lesser fee when they are first beginning and boost their prices as they gain more experience.

How can freelance writers get paid?

There are a range of methods to get paid as a freelancer. You are able to use PayPal, Venmo, direct transport, or you are able to accept credit cards through Stripe in your site. You might even use a service such as Freshbooks to ship bills and also accept credit card payments.

That is a wrap!

We hope youve enjoyed this manual about the best way best to begin with freelancer blogging. Get out there and property some customers!

If you enjoyed this article, you may also need to have a look at our manual on ways to get sponsored articles .

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