Etsy SEO : How to Optimize Your Shop & Listings for Search

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They were operating an Etsy shop that sold custom-engraved, high-quality gifts before they had a solid understanding of search engines optimization (SEO), especially Etsy SEO. However, they weren’t maximising their traffic and revenue.

But, everything changed once they learned Etsy search and how keywords work — especially long tail keywords.

Kirk stated in an interview with Marmalead that once I had figured out what people wanted I would target long-tail keywords. Sales started to come in all of a sudden.

Etsy SEO Tips

Etsy SEO Tips

Etsy SEO refers to the process of increasing visibility of your shop’s products and services in search engines such as Google as well as within Etsy’s own search function.

SEO can be difficult, especially as search engines constantly change the way they search. However, it is important that Etsy sellers have a basic understanding about SEO best practices so they can optimize their shops to search and get more buyers.

Are you unsure how to optimize your Etsy shop for SEO. Learn how Etsy searches work and eight easy ways that Etsy sellers can help customers find their listings.

How Etsy searches work

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Etsy’s search engine was created to help shoppers find the items they are looking for. There are two phases to this process: query matching, ranking, and displaying.

These are complicated factors. Understanding them will allow you to understand how you can influence them to increase your shop’s traffic.

Matching queries This simply measures how closely a user’s search terms match Etsy’s inventory listings.

Etsy searches for the most compatible search terms when a buyer enters them. It then sorts through titles, tags and categories to determine the best match.

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To determine the listing’s price, click here Rankings Etsy uses information from each shop and listing to show shoppers the most likely items in search results. Etsy uses the following factors to rank search results:

  • Relevance : Listings can appear in search results if they match the user’s search terms. Keywords with exact matches rank higher.
  • Listing quality : This basically means how well a listing converts. Etsy uses clues to determine how attractive a listing is. The more people that view it and make purchases, the higher their quality score and placement in search engine results.
  • Recency : The date the item listing was last updated. Etsy temporarily increases a listing when it is added to the search results. This helps determine its quality score.
  • Scores for customer and market experience : Shops are assigned a score based on customer reviews, the completeness of your About section, and any negative feedback. This affects their ranking.
  • Shipping cost : Etsy offers priority search placement to shops that ship free of charge or offer free shipping to U.S. customers.
  • Language translations : All shop information (including individual listings’ titles, tags and descriptions) must be in the language that you chose when you created your Etsy Account.
  • Find a location : The seller’s geographical location is considered in the EU, Australia, Canada and other countries. Local items appear slightly higher in search results. Searches made within other countries don’t take into account the seller’s location.
  • The shopping habits of shoppers : Individual shoppers can also customize search results. Etsy discovers the interests of buyers and displays them the most probable items to buy.

Are you still committed to your resolutions? It’s important that we remember what goals we set in January as we move into the new year.

Improve Your Etsy SEO in 2021

We can help you improve your Etsy SEO in 2021! A new Etsy SEO strategy can help you stand out in the crowd with the increase in online shopping due to the pandemic.

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It is a great way for Etsy to grow its store by updating your search engine optimization strategies.

You need another reason to be focused on your Etsy SEO in 2020?

Not only will you benefit from Etsy’s search traffic, but also Google search Traffic!

Let’s get started.

Etsy SEO 2021 is more than just your listings.

This article will concentrate on optimizing Etsy listings for search engine optimization. There’s more to it than adding keywords to a product description.

Etsy wants its customers to have the best shopping experience possible. It will drive more traffic to shops that have finished their:

  • Return policy
  • About section
  • Privacy policy
  • Payment options

Your Etsy SEO should also consider the quality and number of reviews, which are a fairly accurate measure of trust.

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This can be seen in the fact that 90% users read customer reviews before buying online.

Answer customer questions as soon as possible, process return requests promptly, and offer the best customer service possible.

Perform some keyword research.

Trends change – not only seasonally but also in their entirety. When was the last time that you heard the term fidget-spinner used? .

This could have an impact on your Etsy SEO for 2021 as certain keywords may not be relevant anymore.

Some might have lost all search volume while others may be so competitive it’s not worth the effort to keep up.

Start the New Year by researching new keywords.

Go to Shop Manager -> Statistics to see your Etsy analytics for the past year. You’ll see page views, traffic sources and, most importantly, search terms which have led to pageviews.

These search terms and pageviews can be combined with sales data to get an idea of which keywords resulted in sales.

High-volume keywords are great, but it is niche-keywords which can help you grow your revenue.

Keywords with low volumes are less likely to be competitive than keywords with higher volume.

Instead of trying to compete with the big guns, you can focus on niche keywords in your Etsy SEO strategy in 2021.

How To Optimize Esty SEO For Organic Traffic

Etsy ranks listings using these and other factors.Context-specific ranking (CSR) technology that learns the buyer’s interests to show them products they are more likely to buy.

If you and your friend enter the same term in Etsy’s search engine, you won’t likely get the same results. Your search results will be tailored to you.

You now know how Etsy ranks search results and determines which ones to display. Continue reading to find out how you can improve your Etsy shop’s SEO using these eight tips.

1. Choose a shop name that best describes your products.

Your Shop title, This is a short description of your shop, which helps shoppers understand what you sell. It’s also one aspect you can influence Etsy SEO.

This will be the title of your shop’s page. It will also become the search engine link to your shop. Take advantage of this opportunity to name your shop.

A title is a description of the product you are selling. SoapMakingTools, for example, sells soap-making equipment on Etsy.

Etsy soap making tools shop

You can make sure that your name is included in your shop title if you know that customers will search for your product name.

You can have up to 55 characters in your shop title. When you create a new shop title, or edit an existing one, you can see how it will look in Google search results.

2. Determine your keywords.

Keywords are an important part of Etsy’s SEO. Keywords are an ample part of Etsy SEO, and it’s no different on Etsy, but how do you go about determining which Esty SEO Store keywords are right for your shop?

What keywords do in Etsy searches

You need to first understand how Etsy places listings in search results. Search results on Etsy must match the search query. Items that match exactly will be displayed at the top of search results.

If a customer searches for “cat shirt”, the search algorithm will locate all items that have both “cat” or “shirt” in their titles and listing tags. The algorithm then uses keywords to order these items in the most appropriate order.

This is what Etsy looks at when ranking search results.

  • A match for an exact phrase is more powerful than matching search terms individually. A match for “cat shirt” is more likely than one that matches “cat” or “shirt”.
  • Etsy considers a listing more relevant if it includes the search term in the title or tags.
  • Titles with words at the beginning are more important than those at the end. Example: “Cat shirt blue size large” would be a better choice than “Blue size large cat shirt.”

Find keywords to help you find Etsy listings

Think like a shopper when deciding the keywords that will be most effective in your search results. What terms would you use to search the internet for a particular item or type?

To test these keywords, you can type them into Etsy’s Search Tool to see what results come up.

Also, think in terms specifics.Keywords with long tails. These keywords include three or more words. They are closely related to sales because there is less competition. Users searching for exactly what they are looking for are more likely to purchase.

If you include the keyword “gold personalized name neck necklace” in your keywords, users searching for this exact term will be able to find your listing. This means that shoppers looking for a gold personalized necklace will likely buy one.

It’s easy to base potential keywords on the physical descriptions of items, such as their size or color.

Don’t forget about other ways to reach customers who might be looking for products for specific occasions or items that match certain aesthetics. Other than describing the product, think about other search terms that buyers might use.

  • Occasions: You can search Etsy for terms such as “bachelorette party”, “stocking stuffer,” or “first anniversary.”
  • Style: Shoppers are often drawn to a particular style, which can impact how your listing appears. Are you looking for something “rustic”, “minimalist”, “nature-inspired,” or “art deco”? What are your thoughts?
  • Solutions: Does your product provide a solution for a buyer? Think about how someone might search for a solution like a “drawer organizer” and “microchip pet tags.”

Use SEO tools to find the most popular keywords. Google Keyword Planner is a popular search tool, but Marmalead is an Etsy-specific search tool that helps Etsy sellers to find and analyze keywords specific for their shops.

3. Use different keywords as per purpose.

The search algorithm will only display one to two listings from any buyer when a buyer searches Etsy for something. This is regardless of how closely the listings match the buyer’s search.

This is called de-clumping and Etsy uses it to ensure that search results include a wide range of shops.

As shown in the screenshot, Etsy searches for “blue vintage dresses” and returns several shops.

Etsy vintage blue dresses from different sellers

FlyingAppleVintage only has two listings in the above results, even though an online search for “blue vintage dresses” will reveal pages of listings.

Etsy vintage dresses from FlyingAppleVintage

This de-clumping is evident in Etsy search results. You shouldn’t use the exact same primary keyword for more items than you have, as you will be competing with yourself in search.

If you are selling a lot of vintage dresses, it is not a good idea to use the keyword “vintage” for each dress.

You can also vary your keywords by using “vintage dresses” only a few times and coming up for similar keywords such as “vintage gown” and “antique sundress.”

4. Make sure to use all 13 tags in each listing.

You will need to complete certain fields when you create a product listing. These include the title, description, and category.

These fields are mandatory, as indicated by an asterisk beside them. Etsy considers all information in these fields when it displays search results.

Etsy listing details form

Although the tags section isn’t required, it’s important to include as many tags as possible to optimize your listings to search . It’s possible to use up to 13 tags. However, it is best to use them all.

Consider synonyms when brainstorming tags. For example, “cap” or “hat”.

Consider how shoppers might search for items in different regions. To reach foreign buyers, for example, flip-flops might be a good idea.

Longtail keywords can be included in your tags.

These are some “don’ts” when it comes tag usage:

  • Do not use the same tags twice. If you are selling baby headbands, don’t use the same tag twice.
  • You shouldn’t use tags that are already in attributes. If you have indicated that you are selling a red-and gold scarf in your listing’s attributes (the extra information you can add to your listings after choosing a category), you don’t need a tag for “red-and-gold scarf”.
Etsy listing categories
  • Tags should not contain misspellings or plurals. Etsy examines root words as a user types a query. It also redirects users who make frequent spelling mistakes.
  • Do not add tags in more than one language. Only use the language that you have chosen when setting up your shop. Etsy will translate your listings.

5. Front-load listings with keywords

When creating a new listing, make sure to include the most important information about your shop/item — or the keywords that you want to rank for — at each field’s beginning.

This helps Etsy to determine which items match a user’s search terms.

Consider how to get the most important features of your product in the first few lines of the listing page.

  • Title of the itemDescribe your item clearly at the start of the item title. Use keywords that a buyer would use to search this item.
Etsy listing details item title
  • Description of the item: The meta description of your listing page is created from the first 160 characters in your item description. This text appears below your page title in search engines results. Although your description may not exceed 160 characters, it is important to include the product’s key keywords.Within the first 40 characters.
Etsy item description form
  • Sections to shop: You can have as many as 20 custom sections in your shop. Each section will have its own landing pages. Every landing page will have a page title that is based on the section name..
Etsy shop sections

These page titles, which are similar to your shop title in search engines, are what users will see when they click on a link to your shop. You can have up to 24 characters for section names.

6. Regularly renew your listings.

Because of the role that recency plays in Etsy’s search algorithm, when a new listing has been created, it receives a temporary boost in search results. This allows Etsy to learn more about buyers’ interactions with it and determine its quality score.

The boost to renewed listings can be as small or large as a few hours depending on how frequently users search for specific items.

Although Etsy warns against the practice of constantly renewing or relisting items as a long-term SEO strategy for your site, it is possible to renew certain listings from time-to-time.

If your keyword is very competitive, it may be beneficial to give it an extra boost during times when more people search on Etsy for it, such as the holidays.

You can manually renew a listing if you choose to do so during high traffic times when Etsy users online are shopping and browsing.

For example, if you renew a listing at three o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, you won’t get much traffic as this is not peak time.

7. To get inbound links, promote your shop.

Both search engines’ algorithms and SEO’s algorithm strive to deliver relevant and interesting search results.

This is done by linking to listings or pages from other sources. Although you can link your Etsy shop directly to your blog or website, you should also consider other linking opportunities. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • You can easily share items from your store on social networking sites, where they are easily re-shared such as on Pinterest.
  • To have your shop featured on other blogs and websites, reach out to them.
  • In exchange for a free product, you can request reviews from influential people.
  • Get in touch with other Etsy shop owners and discuss cross-promotion opportunities for your products.
  • For your shop, start a referral program. To learn more about referral programs that work, check out this article by FollowUp.

8. Give great customer service.

Etsy strives to offer customers the best shopping experience possible. Therefore, the marketplace checks whether a shop has been in good standing with Etsy. Etsy policies The shop’s address Customer service Record.

The likelihood of their listings appearing higher in search results will rise if the shop is listed.

You can ensure that your shop is compliant with Etsy’s policies by filling out every section of your store. This includes About, Shipping, Payment Options and Returns & Exchanges.

These sections make stores more established and have higher ranking in search results.

Your shop’s SEO can be affected by the quality of your customer service. Excellent customer service can result in great reviews. Search ranking can be affected by disputes with buyers and issues with intellectual property infringement.

All 13 tags should be used

It is easy to forget the importance of tags. When brainstorming tags, put your thinking cap on and search for synonyms for your product. For example, handbags, purses, purses, clutches, and so on.

When creating your 13 Etsy tags, be as imaginative as possible.

Avoid plurals like bracelets, bracelets, and try to use 2-4 focus keywords per listing. This will leave you with 9-11 tags to be creative with.

Tip : Focus keywords are key words that match exactly in your title or tags. This is an indicator that you are highly relevant for that keyword.

Use seasonal keywords and leverage trends

You can use seasonal keywords in your Etsy listings to help you. Get ahead of the curve for seasonal holidays such as Valentine’s Day.

It’s a smart idea to look through your Etsy products and find the perfect ‘gifts’ for him or her.

You should optimize your listings with keywords that are relevant to the holiday you are selling products for, such as Veterans Day or Fourth of July.

Learn how, Marmalead’s seasonality instrument. This tool will help you to find the most popular keywords for your Etsy shop.

Your most important keywords should be used first.

You must use the keywords you’ve researched on Etsy in your listing. However, it is important to use them effectively.

It is a great way to achieve that goal, and it is important to include your key keywords in product titles as soon as possible.

Frontloading keywords can help you grab the buyer’s immediate attention and helps Etsy determine the product your store sells.

Although front-loading a title won’t give you an SEO boost, it is one way to ensure that your customers know exactly what your listing is. This can help you convert your engagement into sales!

Pro Tip : Optimizing for Google search will be made easier by including a few of the best keywords in your description. This won’t affect Etsy’s algorithms, but it will help you optimize for Google search.

Externally promote your store.

You can drive traffic to your Etsy shop from external traffic sources like Pinterest, blogs and other websites linking to it, such as listings and blogs.

If you have a solid SEO strategy, and solid sales factors, more traffic will lead to higher sales. More sales will result in higher rankings for keywords related to your business.

It is possible to establish trust-building links with bloggers and influencers by working with them.

Traffic will flow directly from your blog to your website. You also have the advantage of higher search rankings on Etsy and (bonus Google) Google!

More to you

The Etsy SEO has not changed significantly from previous years. You’ll need to remain ‘active’ in order to stay ahead of the competition.

You can keep your search traffic flowing if you are a veteran.

These tips will help you get started on Etsy if you are a beginner.

Have any questions about Etsy’s SEO? We’d love to hear from you in the comments

Get started improving your Etsy SEO

You’ll discover that Etsy is a great place to learn SEO and help customers find your listings.

You can always improve your shop’s searchability by using different keywords and customer service policies.

Darkhorse Gifts was able to do exactly that. Darkhorse Gifts was able to expand its business by increasing the number of customers who purchased items from the shop.

Kirk Quesnelle and Aydon Cuddington also became more involved. They note that they were able to build a team to meet the demand in their Etsy bio.