21 Email Marketing Examples : Subscription Based Email Strategy

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  • This year, the top priority in email marketing is to increase subscriber participation. It’s more important than email marketing analysis, segmentation and lifecycle messaging.
  • You can increase subscriber engagement by sending more emails. This will result in increased sales, average customer revenue, and overall company profits.
  • We have collected over 1,000 B2B email marketing samples, including emails from Buffer, VWO and Kissmetrics, which you can copy and paste.

Email marketing is undisputedly the king of B2B marketing.

Email marketing is used by 87% of B2B marketers to generate leads. 31% of B2B marketers cite it as the channel with the greatest impact on revenue. There are vast opportunity if you know how to manage email marketing examples and make them lucrative.

The return on investment is the highest.Direct Marketing Association (DMA). This is what we found Email marketing yields a $51 return on every $3 spent.

These numbers are what make email marketing so powerful. How can you use email marketing to grow your business?

What email initiatives will you be focusing on in 2021, and what are your priorities?

Strongview conducted a study and found that email marketing was the most important priority for businesses in this year’s top priorities.

Increase subscriber engagement

email marketing top priorities

Subscriber engagement increases More sales equals higher revenue per client and overall better profits.

How can you increase subscriber engagement? This can be done by sending various types of email campaign.

If you keep sending the same emails over and again, your subscriber engagement will not grow.

Consider, for example, the past 12 months and how many times you have sent it. Same Type of email you would like Complete List.

It increased engagement? It is unlikely. Spay and pray marketing is not a good idea.

This is precisely why more companies invest in account based marketing.

What kind of emails can your subscribers receive?

21 B2B Email Marketing Templates

We have subscribed to over 1000 newsletters, and selected the most effective email marketing campaigns.

We’ll begin with Examples of B2B email marketing. Start at the top and work our way down the entire funnel.Customer journey. This will help you improve engagement and achieve better results with your email marketing strategy.

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Before we start, a quick reminder:You must have permission to send emails.

Subscribers must opt-in for your email campaigns. You could be fined under GDPR if they don’t opt in to your email campaigns.

Let’s move on now!

1. Welcome email template

Example provided by Buffer

buffer welcome email

It is important to make a good first impression. It matters a lot. It makes sense to thank subscribers who sign up for something, regardless of whether they are receiving future blog posts or email tips.

It is difficult to make a lasting impression if you do nothing. Sign up via their web form to receive a welcome email from Buffer.

It contains links to their support email address as well as a link to their Twitter account. Simple, but effective!

How to Implement : It doesn’t matter if you use auto-responders, or manually send emails, it is important to welcome new subscribers to your email list.

This will help to establish a strong relationship right from the start. Make sure to introduce yourself and your company in the email.

Also, you can provide useful links to content like white papers or blog posts most popular or your social media profiles.

When should you send: Every time you sign up for a new subscriber

2. Email template with curated content

Example provided by Hiten Rah

B2B curated content email

CrazyEgg founder Hiten Shah, and Kissmetrics founder, sends each week a roundup his top posts on topics such as SaaS, marketing and growth.

Hiten can deliver amazing content to his readers directly without the need to search for it online. Hiten is helping his subscribers do better which adds value to their subscriptions.

How to Implement : You can make a list of your favorite content and send it to your subscribers via email with links. It doesn’t take a lot of fancy design to do this! You’re not being self-promotional by delivering value.

When to send : Depending on how frequently you can curate content, it could be weekly or monthly

3. Template for company announcement email

SumAll acquired another company and provided an example.

B2B company announcement email

“Extra, more – Read all about it!”

Newspaper vendors used to shout when there was news. Although the channels have changed, (unless you’ve hired street vendors recently…), newsworthy content about your company still provides valuable content to your readers.

According to research from Chadwick Martin Bailey, 26% of B2B subscribers sign-up because they want to receive information about company news.

Why people subscribe to email

SumAll bought Flutter, which is a tool to help businesses increase their Twitter followers, and one of their first actions was to inform their subscribers.

They were able create interest in their product offering by doing this. SumAll is a great fit for businesses, so it’s a good idea to announce this news.

How to Implement : Announce any news you have to share with your subscribers, such as a win, changes in product offerings, or new pricing options.

Either include all company news in the email, or just the email by itself. Or link to a landing site. This email template is great for Lead nurturing Or Customer marketing Campaigns

When to send : You can share news whenever you want.

4. Email template for new article

Example provided by Gerry McCGovern

B2B article email

Gerry McGovern has been publishing new articles every week in his “New Thinking” email series for a long time. Email content is a copy from the article content published on Gerry’s website.

It is a great way for Gerry to keep his subscribers updated with new content without them having to visit Gerry’s website.

The email content is not intended to be promotional, but it does provide some thought-provoking content.

b2b email marketing examples 2

How to Implement : This example can be used for article content or blog post content. You can either copy and paste it directly into an email like Gerry or give a link to the webpage to drive people to your website.

When to send : Every time a blog post or article is published, it will be updated.

5. Template for video email

Backlinko provides an example

B2B video email

Backlinko founder Brian Dean sends emails that contain video. Brian delivers actionable content via video and is able to build a relationship with his subscribers.

They get to see and hear Brian regularly, which creates a deeper connection than reading web copy. The person viewing the video feels like they actually know Brian.

How to Implement : Create a video version of one of your most popular pieces of content. Include the tips in your video. You don’t need a crew of film directors or special effects. All you need to do is be visible on the screen.

When to send : Monthly. It’s a great way for your audience to connect on a deeper level

6. Inactive user email template

Example provided by Perfect Audience

B2B inactive subscriber email

Epsilon estimates that 40% of your email lists are inactive.

This means that almost half of the people who receive your emails aren’t interested in hearing from you. Perfect Audience sent an email to an inactive user.

This email can be used to restart the conversation, remind the user they can use the product and answer any questions they might have.

How to Implement : Send an email to all subscribers that have not opened or read an email in the past 12 months.

  • What you do and who you are
  • Why they signed up for the service in the first instance
  • Ask a question or invite someone to join you in conversation

When to send : Every year, two-three times

7. Email template for product promotion

Example provided by VWO

B2B product update email

Marketers need accurate data, especially when running tests on their website. SmartStats was launched by VWO. They informed their audience about the changes and how they impact users.

And how they can help with their tests. This is the type of change that will help prospects who are unsure which vendor to choose.

How to implement : The product you offer will change over time. Every new feature or improvement to an existing feature could make a difference in converting prospects into customers.

You must let your customers know about these changes by getting the word out. Send an email to your subscribers next time you update your product. Include a list with any changes/updates.

b2b email marketing examples 4

Use simple language, so don’t include “Feature enhancement 4.2”, but explain how the change affects the user. Users can easily create and send emails with one click.

When to send : Every time you update your product

8. Email template for gated content

Example provided by SuperOffice

B2B white paper promotion email

Every time SuperOffice releases a new whitepaper or guide, we send an e-mail to our subscribers. This is the fastest method to get more people reading and downloading the content.

This is because 36% (as indicated in column one of the chart below) of B2B buyers seek white paper content in the early stages of their buying process. We make it easy for our subscribers to access the educational content they need while keeping SuperOffice in mind.

Content consumption from B2B tech buyers

How to Implement:When you release a new piece or content that is gated, notify your subscribers. As in the previous example, keep your email brief and benefit-driven.

Include a call to actions that asks readers to download the guide from a specific landing page. The email’s goal is to direct readers to your site.

When to send:Every time you release a piece of new gated content

9. Email template for Webinar

Example provided by Kismetrics

B2B webinar promotion email

Webinars are one of your most powerful channels for contacting potential customers. Kissmetrics makes it easy to inform subscribers about upcoming events, and to schedule time to attend them through email marketing.

Webinars can be a great way for you to share your expertise with buyers who are at the end of the sales cycle and are looking to purchase.

How to Implement : Instead of starting a new topic for a webinar, you can reuse existing content and make it a topic for a webinar.

Send an email inviting your subscribers to a webinar by using a piece that has been successful and on a topic that you feel comfortable discussing. Include a description of the topic and the date of the webinar.

When to send : Every time you host a webinar

10. Template for email to live event

Example provided by ConversionXL

B2B event promotion email When Peep Laja launched ConversionXL this year, it didn’t take long before he notified his email subscribers. You may be wondering why. His subscribers are potential attendees of events (and thus customers).

Peep even said it during a live AMA on Inbound.orgHis email list is responsible for 80% of the conference ticket sales.

Invite people who already know your company and what you do to promote your event. According to a study done by BrightCove, Content Marketing Institute, meeting potential customers is one of the best tactics for B2B marketers. Invite your email list to next event you host.

How to Implement : Although hosting an event is costly and time-consuming, it’s a great way to build relationships and get face-time. Email marketing is a great way to promote the event.

Include details about the location, when and why people should attend. Your best salespeople should be available to greet potential customers at your event.

When to send : Every time you host an event (I would guess one to two per calendar year).

11.Email template for case study

Example provided by eyequant

B2B case study email

A case study is more valuable as B2B buyers move down the funnel. A case study can be a great way for a company to demonstrate how their product can improve its sales, productivity, or communication with customers.

The Eyequant case study email begins by explaining the difficulties similar companies face. The case study details, including how to use it and the results you can expect, follow.

The most important aspect of a case study is the results. It is a great way for prospects to gain trust and convert them into customers by highlighting the product value of companies similar to yours.

How to Implement : Either you can use an existing case study to send to prospects and include a link to it, or you might have to ask customers if they’d like to be included in a case study.

Although the latter may take longer, once you have at least one case study, you can continue to use them for many months or even years. Focus on the results, as that is the most valuable part.

When to send : Bi-monthly, quarterly. This is for buyers at the later stages of their careers.

12. Send us a demo email template

Example provided by LinkedIn

B2B demo email

Software Advice discovered that 80% marketers rate live demos with sales representatives as the best way to generate high-quality leads. It makes sense to invite potential customers for a personal demo with a sales representative.

LinkedIn also sent me an email inviting me to the demo. They signed off with an image taken by one of their sales reps. It is quick and easy to build trust by adding a photo.

This email is very short and personal, and it’s based on the user’s behavior. It’s also very effective.

How to Implement : Make a list of prospects who have done at least one action on the website (for instance, downloaded content). But they have not been contacted.Involved in the sales process Create a. Make a Personalized Send an email inviting them to join a live demonstration. You can host the live demo via screen sharing on Skype, or by video chat.

When to send : You can do it on a per-lead basis or monthly.

13. Get started with an email template

Example provided by Evernote

B2B getting started email

Evernote will send you an email inviting you to download the product when you sign up for Evernote. This email is effective because it continues the conversation from when the user signed up on the website to asking them to download the product.

Is this email effective? Yes! It has helped Evernote to reach more than 200,000,000 users!

How to Implement : Send an email to anyone who signs up for your product. The email should be clear about whether the user needs to install, download, or login. Only one call to action is required (like Evernote).

When to send : Every time you add a new user,

14. Thank you for using this email template

Unbounce provides an example

B2B thank you email

A thank you email is a great way for your audience to get in touch with you after you have downloaded a piece of content or completed an action on a website.

Unbounce sends you a thank-you email after you have downloaded a piece of content, in this case a whitepaper. Unbounce’s email templates are not HTML-designed. Instead, they send plain text emails.

It feels authentic and genuine which makes the reader feel valued.

How to Implement : This email can be sent via an auto-responder (when visitor clicks this, we send that), or manually. You can thank the reader by beginning with a thank you.

If possible, provide a link to the content so that they can access it immediately. You can include a thank you and links to your resource page or to your product page, just like Unbounce does.

When to send : Every time someone takes an action on your website

15. Email survey template

Example from Headspace

B2B customer survey email

Even though it is technically not a B2B marketing email, it would still be a crime to not include the Headspace survey email.

Headspace, a meditation app with more than a million downloads, immediately comforts the reader with this survey email.

It opens up with the words “Yes, it is a survey.” But it’s not boring. Surveys are often assumed to be boring by most people. This statement makes it clear that it won’t, or at the very least attempts to make it so.

Headspace offers an incentive to increase response rates. Participants can win a 3 month free subscription. The email’s focus is clear. The email has a white background and a green call to actions button.

How to Implement : The hardest part of setting up a survey is the setup. You can use Surveys by Google. You can use it for free or as a paid tool.Survey Monkey. To increase response rates, keep the survey brief as people don’t like to spend more time on surveys than they need. The email is all about getting people to respond, so be clear in what you want them to do.

When to send : You can collect feedback quarterly or twice a year. You can’t go wrong with the feedback you get.

16. Get a free trial email template

User Testing Example

B2B free trial email

UserTesting.com allows you to pay people to test your site. This email is sent to you every time a new user registers for their free service. This email is great because it highlights two things.

The first is that it addresses the person who used their product. This emphasizes why they should keep the reader engaged and give them the free trial.

Second, it provides resources for features, mobile testing, and how it works sections on their website.

How to Implement : To keep your customers engaged and interested in your service, you should thank them each time they sign up to receive a free trial.

When to send : Sign up to receive a free trial

17. Referral email template

Example provided by Buffer

B2B referral email

You are now done with the free trial.

Now, what do you do?

What usually happens after a free test is that communication goes one of two ways. The first is that the user who received a free trial becomes a paying customer.

The second option is that the free trial user does not become a customer and communication ends.

Buffer is able to follow up with users and request a referral. Referral emails keep the conversation going and even ask for feedback on ideas or suggestions to improve their product.

How to Implement : Send an automated email to ask for a referral. It should be sent between 3-4 business days after the free trial ends.

The email content can remain the same regardless of whether the user becomes customer. The email should be simple and focus on getting a referral. If possible, keep the conversation going.

When to send : This email should be sent within 3 to 4 days of the end of your free trial.

18. What’s new? Email template

Leadpages provides email

B2B What's new email

SaaS products have the advantage that your product can be updated without customers having to download new versions.

While you are busy testing new features, developing code and rolling out Beta versions, most of your customers won’t know. A “What’s New” email is essential!

Customers want to feel that you are looking out for their best interests. They might think that you are not communicating any new information to them. This can be avoided by simply sending an email to everyone you have anything new.

How to Implement : Email is the best way to communicate any feature you are rolling out that will impact the user experience, such as the one in the above example.

It is best to communicate this via email BEFORE any update is released. This will give your users an opportunity to be aware of the changes. However, it is also a good idea to notify them on the same day.

Don’t delay, as big changes that aren’t explained clearly will cause problems.A surge in customer support tickets.

When to send : This email is for you Customer database. Each time you launch a new product. a new feature or improvement.

19. Template for Upsell Email

Buffer provides email

B2B upsell email

Buffer was the first to start this B2B email list. We’re still using Buffer because they are the best at email marketing.

Subscription businesses typically offer two payment options: monthly and yearly. An annual payment is a good option for cash flow and the company.

An annual payment usually comes with a discount for the customer. This is one of those rare situations where everyone wins.

Buffer sent me an email containing a 15% discount for switching to an annual plan.

This would mean that I would be saving $36. It’s a simple click. This email template is even more impressive because you can cancel at any time.

How to Implement : Because it is based on behavior and payment confirmation, this email needs automation. This email might be useful for hyper-growth stage companies.

Highlight the benefits.Why someone should change. They make it easy once they are done.Click the CTA button in the email.

When to send : A customer makes a set number of monthly payments.

20. Unsubscribe email template

SendFox provides email

B2B unsubscribe email

It happens. But sometimes people wish to stop receiving your emails. You could find that they have moved on from the point they signed up, or that they no longer want to receive emails about certain topics.

You can unsubscribe someone who requests it. Have You must honor it. You risk being fined by The GDPR.

This email acts as confirmation and is a benefit to send after someone unsubscribes. Too many companies neglect to acknowledge customers. You can inform the person that they have unsubscribed by sending them an email. The emoji is a good way to let them know.

How to Implement : Unsubscribe is an option that comes standard in all email marketing software. Keep the copy brief. This is informational, not selling.

When to send : Subscribers can opt out of receiving email communications at any time.

21. Cancel account email template

Unbounce provides email

B2B cancellation email

The customer journey ends when the customer decides not to do business with your company.

It’s best to leave a positive impression. If they request to cancel their account, don’t force them into making complicated arrangements. Accept the request, confirm it by email and keep your focus on building a positive relationship.

How to Implement : This type of email is sent from the billing/accounting department and there’s no way to get an out-of-the box solution. If you have an email template, customers can downgrade or cancel their accounts.

When to send : You will notify the customer if they cancel their account.


Email as a cost-effective, measurable marketing channel is the clearest.

Email has a significant value for businesses, backed up by industry statistics and professional opinion. It can help create sales leads, revenue, and retain customers.

If you are among the 59% that don’t use email marketing , and you need inspiration for what you should send to your subscribers, these 21 B2B examples of email marketing will help you to deliver engaging content.

These 21 examples of B2B email marketing are worth your consideration.

Do you know of any B2B examples of email marketing that we haven’t covered?

Leave a comment below to let us know.