Steps to Drive Traffic with YouTube Live

Drive Traffic with YouTube Live

As marketer, you are aware the value of a connection with your audience. At the present, video marketing is the fastest and growing solution for business ventures. Let us dive into find the Steps to Drive Traffic with YouTube Live and other video streaming platforms or even podcasting.

When you connect with your customers to build trust, you increase the chance of repeat purchases as well as interaction.

Today there are increasingly new methods for marketers to reach their intended audience. From TikTok to the in-feed Instagram advertisements marketers are gaining unprecedented levels of possibilities for connecting.

One of the possibilities is live streaming. Available on a myriad of platforms like Twitch, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok the feature lets users to live stream to their followers.

We know the extent to which efficient video can be as a form of content clever marketers are making livestreams effective to boost their campaigns.

Although the platforms mentioned above are used a lot to stream live video, YouTube also shares this live-streaming capability.

Drive Traffic with YouTube Live

The video streaming giant provides streamers a unique way to share their information and increase brand recognition.


If you’re seeking new ways to reach your group, keep reading to find out whether YouTube Live is the right platform for you.

What Is YouTube Live and What Are the Benefits?

Like other live-streaming platforms, YouTube Live is YouTube’s livestream section of their platform. With this feature, you’ll be able to connect with your viewers in real-time, which allows for live streaming.

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Live content seekers go through the live section on YouTube’s YouTube homepage to locate your live stream via search. Users will also be able to find the live streaming if they’ve previously interacted with your account before and your video was displayed on their personal homepage.

The advantages from YouTube Live are truly endless. Brands like Bon Appetit have made use of the platform, and so are numerous smaller, non-franchised businesses.

Some of the most important benefits are:

Connection With Your Audience

Drive Traffic with YouTube Live 6

This is an important one. The reason that all-live everything has been so effective is because it allows face-to-face communication using an LCD. With the chat feature enabled it allows you to connect directly with your viewers to answer questions, as well as creating connections and building goodwill.

Brand Establishment

75% of viewers purchased from an organization after viewing their video YouTube. If you’re live on YouTube and you’re not expanding your brand’s exposure, but you’re building your brand as a persona that is recognizable and a reachable number of live events.

Cost-Effective Production

You can utilize YouTube Live for the cost of an account. It is absolutely free.

Since your video doesn’t require any post- or pre-production and you can save the high costs that are often related to video production.

Collaboration With Other YouTubers

While this aspect is often neglected, YouTube Live was the first of the live streaming social media platforms to facilitate collaboration.

With this feature it is possible to cross-promote an other local business or team together to host a contest. It also lets that you host guest offering you the possibility to increase your to a wider audience by advertising an out of-house person’s presence.

How to Use YouTube Live

Drive Traffic with YouTube Live 3

With over 200 billion active users around the world, YouTube should be a preferred destination for advertisers.

If you’ve never considered Live marketing before, then the idea of implementing an YouTube Live strategy can be daunting.

It doesn’t have to be.

YouTube Live offers users two kinds of live streams: basic and customized.


In this simple way, you can stream live using your smartphone or webcam (this is contingent on having more than 1,000 fans). Similar to other livestreaming platforms basic mode is ideal for conducting a basic Q&A, or even sharing a slide.


This delivery option is more complex due to it meeting the demands of more complex presentations. For instance, if wish sharing your screens with others or make use of multiple web cameras it is necessary to use an encoder in order to make this happen. 

Although these two categories appear to be distinct from each other Do not let the term complicated scare you. The custom stream is quite simple to create.

Like any other advertising campaign Similar to any other marketing campaign, your YouTube Live strategy should be properly planned and set goals set.

Before you go live on your YouTube homepage ensure that you’ve planned your strategy to your advantage.

3 Ways to Drive More Traffic Using YouTube Live

If you’ve decided to increase traffic one of your main objectives, (and let’s be honest everyone would like more traffic?), YouTube Live is the perfect platform to send more traffic to your site.

Drive Traffic with YouTube Live 4

Below, we will go over three strategies that will assist you in harnessing the potential YouTube Live. YouTube Live to score more traffic.

1. Create a Promotional Plan

There’s a saying that says that if an acorn falls in the forest, and nobody’s in the vicinity to listen or even hear it, did it actually make an sound?

It’s the same to the live stream on YouTube Live: if you don’t advertise your event live How will people be able to know that they are coming.

A similar amount of planning and strategy you have reserved for other marketing campaigns can be incorporated into your livestream.

Here are our top three strategies to make your next livestream a success.

Schedule Your YouTube Live Video

Once you’ve decided on the purpose for you YouTube Live video, you have to set the date and time for your livestream so that you can advertise your livestream to viewers and potential viewers.

Socialize Your YouTube Live Video

You’d like to spread the word about the YouTube Live video everywhere. From your social media channels to your email contact list You must share the who the who, what, when, what and where to all your viewers and potential buyers.

Build a Retargeting Ads Campaign

Think you’ve finished your work when your live stream is over? Rethink your thinking. Make use of Retargeting ads on social media and other platforms to contact liver streamers and encourage the audience to act.

2. Share Valuable Content

We’ve mentioned the necessity of having an explicit description of the value of YouTube Live. YouTube Live for your audience.

To acquire the most valuable asset of a person (hint that it’s time) it is essential to offer the person something of value in exchange.

If it’s a demonstration of an upgrade to software or an unboxing of new prints that your shop is offering customers Be sure your content is more than just sound.

3. Get Smart About Your CTA

If you’re submitting the YouTube Live video, you must have a specific call-to-action (CTA). 

Although we would love to have one magic bullet that could inspire all viewers to perform the desired action making the right choice for your CTA is a matter of planning.

The first step is to consider the things you want viewers to do after watching your video. You can ask yourself:

  • What do I need to ask my reader to purchase something?
  • Would I like my viewers to set up for a demo?
  • Would I like my viewers to continue watching my videos?
  • Would I like my viewers to join me on my social channels?

If you can answer this question, you’ll be able to decide the CTA is the most suitable for your viewers. You can then integrate it in the end in your film.

For the sake of this, make sure to pinpoint the stage at which your audience is in their buyers’ journey and then use the CTA that is relevant to the stage at which they are.

Make the Most of Your YouTube Live Content

You’ve accomplished it. You were successful in organizing your very debut YouTube live. You gained a lot of people following you on Twitter So, you’re done with the content isn’t it?


After you’ve created an asset video and you’ve got it ready to turn this YouTube Live video into a an abundance of content that will never go out of style.

Here are some suggestions to make YouTube Live videos more successful. YouTube Live video work as difficult as you can.

  • Transform your live stream into normal video and upload it on your site.
  • You can share interesting segments from your stream via social networks. Find quotations from the live streams and then share them on social networks.
  • Make edits to the audio stream from the YouTube Live stream into an audio podcast.

These options are only four of the numerous possibilities for repurposing content. We’ve discussed the value of video therefore, make sure not to allow it to go to waste.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using YouTube Live to Drive Traffic

What is YouTube Live?

YouTube Live is the video streaming giant’s live streaming platform. Live streams can be broadcast to viewers, broadcasting live in real-time. The channel can be used to answer questions, unboxing videos tutorials, how-to guides and many more.

Does YouTube Live good for marketing?

Yes! Videos of all kinds work exceptionally well with the public. With the majority of Americans use YouTube and you’re doing your brand a disservice by not there’s no way to advertise on YouTube for a specific purpose. 

Additionally, you could reuse videos from YouTube Live to YouTube Live across other channels and create the appearance of an perpetually-green marketing tool.

What equipment will I require for YouTube Live?

To stream live in a simple manner it’s all you need is an internet camera or a mobile phone. If you’re looking to get more advanced features via YouTube Live, like multiple cameras, you’ll require an encoder.

How can I reuse your YouTube Live content?

You can reuse the content you have created on YouTube Live content in so many ways. From short videos posted on Instagram to a full-blown podcast, the possibilities for repurposing your YouTube Live content are limitless.

How to Drive Traffic With YouTube Live Conclusion

Even though Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and many other platforms allow live stream, YouTube Live grants you access to the vast YouTube viewers.

When planning for your YouTube Live campaign be sure to think strategically about your the promotion, content, and the ultimate call-to-action.

If you alter one of these elements in your stream it’s likely that you won’t achieve your intended impact and could risk offending your viewers.

Before beginning this YouTube Live journey, be sure to conduct research and look up other live streams from other brands in your field. 

When you know what works and what’s not, you can create your content to avoid their mistakes which will allow your brand to surpass your competitors.

What’s the greatest YouTube Live video you’ve ever seen and what made it so effective?