The Complete E-Commerce Video Creation Guide

Complete E-Commerce Video Creation Guide

If you’re selling products and services, you know how hard it can be to get people to buy from your website. That’s why eCommerce businesses need to consider how they want their visitors to interact with their websites.

Nowadays, video has become one of the most popular forms of content on the internet, so it makes sense that more online retailers are incorporating this powerful medium into their marketing strategy to help their eCommerce business grow.

This article will dive deep into providing a detailed eCommerce video creation guide and why you should make them for your business.

Why Should You Make eCommerce Videos?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect of making videos for your eCommerce site.

But don’t be concerned! We’re here to assist you.

Here are the five significant reasons you should create videos for your eCommerce site:

1. Drives more sales and views.

Video content is one of the most engaging types of content on the internet, which is why it is so popular among consumers. This is also why it’s become a necessary component of any eCommerce website or blog. Customers are much more likely to watch a video about how to use a new product than they are from a text-based article (which is usually dull and does not hold their attention as well).

According to statistics, 81% of marketers believe that video has a direct and positive impact on sales.

2. Increases followers and subscribers on social media sites.

People love to watch videos! They’re entertaining to watch and easy to consume on their phone or computer screen (especially if they’re less than ten minutes long). Furthermore, when you share your videos on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, everyone who follows those accounts will be able to see them! This can help increase engagement with potential customers who might not be aware of your product.

3. Improves trust and reliability.

eCommerce video creation brings customers closer to your brand. They get the impression that they know you better than the customers of other businesses. This means that if someone needs something from you, they’re much more likely to put their money in your hands rather than going elsewhere!

4. Boosts brand awareness.

eCommerce videos are quickly becoming a must-have for brands looking to reach out to new customers and convert more of their existing ones into paying customers. But finding the time and resources to promote yourself can be difficult when trying to grow your business. Nevertheless, eCommerce videos present an excellent opportunity to attract new clients, build community, and spread the word about your brand.

5. Increases Organic Traffic

eCommerce video creation is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic back to your site. The more time customers spend on your website, the more likely they will click through to other pages. This increases the likelihood that they will purchase and become repeat customers. As a result, your site’s visibility will improve, and you will be able to reach a larger and more global audience, increasing organic traffic to your eCommerce site.

Video Types to Consider for eCommerce Product Pages.

When creating an eCommerce product page, we don’t just want to make sure the video is good. We also want it to be unique. Here are some of the best types of videos to consider for an eCommerce store:

  • How-to videos
    How-To videos explain how something can be done straightforwardly. They should be short, around 3-5 minutes long, and include step-by-step instructions with clear demonstrations of what needs to be done.


  • Product demonstration videos
    A well-made product demonstration video can help customers understand how your products work, what they look like, and what benefits they offer. You can use product demo videos to introduce new products, explain how to use them, or even show off your brand’s personality—all without having to write a single word.


  • Product review videos
    If your product is new or hasn’t been released, it’s a good idea to include several positive customer reviews. Customers will be more likely to purchase from a store with great feedback than one that doesn’t have much.


  • Product parodies
    A parody video will show your brand in a lighthearted or humorous way so that people can relate to it and get excited about what they’re getting when they shop at your store! These videos can also be used as an introduction for someone who hasn’t seen your brand before (like a potential customer).

7 Ways to Create eCommerce Videos

So, how do you create an eCommerce video that will bring people into your store? Here are some ideas:

1. Sell your products in 15-second videos.

One of the best ways to sell products is through video. If you can create a short, snappy video that sells your product in less than 15 seconds, it will get more views than any other kind of content on your website.

The best way to do this is with a strong call-to-action (CTA) at the end of each 15-second video, something like “Add to Cart,” “Download Now,” or something similarly simple and straightforward. This will help viewers decide right then and there: “Should I buy this thing?” You can also use CTA buttons as annotations in longer videos (like tutorials), but they should be used sparingly not to overwhelm viewers with too many options; otherwise, people will skip over them altogether!

2. Create an explainer video.

Explainer videos are a great way to introduce your brand to new customers. They typically highlight the benefits of using your service or product and make it easy for potential customers to understand your offer.

Explainer videos can be an effective sales tool, especially if they’re animated and fun!

3. Create interactive videos.

Interactive videos are a great way to tell your story and engage with customers. Creating engaging and informative videos can increase sales and conversions for your ecommerce business. 

You can use a free online video editor to create and edit interactive videos. These tools are very effective for making interactive videos that are aesthetically appealing. You can also hire professional video editors to create videos with user-generated content.

Moreover, adding a call-to-action encourages viewers to participate in the video by sharing their experiences with your brand and products. This will help increase engagement and drive traffic back towards your store or landing page for future purchases.

4. Show off your bestsellers.

This is a great way to show off the products that are popular, unique, and in demand. You can do this by showing videos of people using them or talking about how they use them. In addition, you can also showcase reviews from customers who have previously purchased from you or from other online retailers who specialize in selling the same product as yours (this will help potential buyers know what to expect when buying).

5. Share product tutorials and guides.

If you’re selling a product, it’s important to show customers how they can use it. Videos are a great way of doing this.

You could also use videos to guide your customers in the future if they have questions about your products or services.

By creating informative and entertaining videos, you’ll be able to attract new customers who want more information about what you offer before buying from you.

6. Use live video to promote a new product or offer.

Live video is a great way to promote your eCommerce business, whether you’re selling new products or offering an exclusive deal. For example:

You might want to use live video to promote a new product launch. If you’ve just launched some fantastic new shoes that are going on sale on Thursday, then why not get ahead of the game and broadcast this news via Instagram Live?

You might also want to use Instagram Live as part of an offer that only lasts for one day (or less). If people regularly visit your store looking for discounts and deals, why not give them something special?

7. Stream live events and Q&As.

If you’re looking to build trust and engage with your customers, a live video is a great way to do it. Live video is also an excellent way to answer customers’ questions.

For example: Let’s say you make clothing that doubles as a jacket for dogs. You could stream a live Q&A session where people ask questions about how they should wear their new fur-lined coats when they go outside in the wintertime (the answer being: “Don’t do it!”).


Videos are here to stay. And it isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s a fantastic tool for many eCommerce businesses, enabling businesses to connect with their customers in ways that were not possible before. Knowing how to make videos for your company can help you stand out from the crowd.