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What are the advantages of SEO “search engine optimization” in Chicago (Chicago SEO)? You will get the answer in this article. For a company that wants to have visibility on the internet (more traffic, more sales, better e-reputation), search engine optimization (SEO) is a must. Today, SEO is your main ally if you want to be ahead of your competitors and stand out positively.

Are you still hesitating to deploy an SEO strategy for your business’s website? Perhaps the advantages of SEO that we will present to you in this article will make you reconsider your position.

  • Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of SEO for your business.

The SEO trend is towards local businesses and services. In fact, 25% of the queries made on Google are local, and 85% of Internet users have already searched for local businesses on search engines (i.e., Chicago tattoo shop, Chicago restaurants…).

Local searches are precise and express immediate and geolocalized needs. In other words, optimizing your local SEO is essential if you want to develop your web visibility in your geographical area.

  • In this article, we will also share with you the best practices to adopt for an efficient Seo in Chicago.

Chicago SEO: What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Chicago SEO Company

Seo stands for search engine optimization, in other words: optimization for search engines or Natural Ranking.

  • It is the process of organically (or naturally) generating traffic from the major search engines through non-paying methods. Search engines like bing, google, and yahoo evaluate websites based on a number of factors to determine the best results to display. SEO is the process (strategies, tactics) of proving to search engines that your website is a relevant and useful result for specific keywords.
  • Search engine optimization is also a reliable and cost-effective marketing strategy that allows you to drive traffic to a website and increase conversion rates.

What is local SEO (Seo for a business in Chicago, Houston, or New York)?

Globally, we all use local SEO to perform different searches on the internet. When we search for a restaurant, a florist, a baker, a butcher, or a gym, for example, we want to find the most relevant results, whether in terms of proximity or customer reviews.

Local SEO (Chicago Seo) is part of Search Engine Optimization that allows you to improve your visibility in search engines. With this SEO strategy, you will appear on various queries related to your business in a targeted geographical area. This approach represents the ropo behavior, i.e., “research online, purchase offline.”

What are the advantages of SEO?

Nowadays, competitors are becoming more and more numerous. You can’t afford to cross your fingers. If you want to make a place for yourself in the web world, SEO is essential! Here are the advantages it presents:

Boost your traffic and develop your visibility.

The first advantage of SEO (for a website), and the most known, is the possibility to boost your traffic and to develop your visibility. Indeed, the principle of SEO, as we have seen before, is to optimize your content so that it pleases search engines.

From there, your content judged of quality and relevance will be put forward to the Internet users. This translates into the fact that you are positioned in the first search results.

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However, it is proven that 91% of Internet users click on the results of the first page, especially on the first results of this first page.

Also, working on your Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) and positioning yourself in the first position of the search results allows you to boost your traffic considerably and, at the same time to develop your visibility.

Search Engine Optimization, a long-term strategy.

If many companies put aside SEO in favor of other strategies, it is certainly because of a lack of skills and knowledge, but also because SEO is a long-term strategy.

Yes, you have to wait for a while, often a few months, before you can see the benefits of SEO. However, and that’s the whole point of SEO, and this point is in itself an advantage.

For sure, you have to be patient before seeing the first results, but once these results are obtained, they remain in the long term. We have all known a peak of visibility thanks to the networks and then a downturn because we were no longer active.

This will not happen with SEO! SEO is a long-term strategy, which will allow you to obtain results in the long term.

Provide a positive user experience to your visitors

In the continuity of the previous point, optimizing your content for Search Engine Optimization means creating quality content that responds to the user’s request.

The user, in search of information and precise answers, will be satisfied with your content and will have a positive user experience.

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In addition, it is important to know that optimizing your content is not only about the content but also about the form. In other words, optimizing your content is not only about making it attractive, inserting keywords, and structuring it well.

It is also about paying attention to the weight of images to optimize the loading time of the page. It is about removing link errors and many other actions.

All these elements will contribute to the good navigation of the visitor and will allow to offer him a positive user experience. And a satisfied visitor is a returning visitor.

To become an expert in your field.

One of the advantages of Search Engine Optimization often forgotten is the fact of being an expert in your field. Indeed, if you are looking for a cooking recipe, for example, you will be the first to come across references in the field.

Search Engine Optimization offers you this opportunity to be an expert in your field by positioning yourself in the first results. Also, it is your content that users will see first, and not your competitors’ content.

SEO allows you to stand out from your competitors and to establish your expertise in your field, which is not negligible. But more than that, SEO also allows you to develop your credibility. Why? Let’s illustrate this point with an example.

Let’s imagine you were looking for an article on “how to create a graphic charter”. Would you trust the first article on the first page of the search results more, or would you trust the article on the fifteenth page more? The answer is self-evident.

Search engines rank different content according to certain criteria that reflect, according to their algorithm, the quality of the content. Also, the first results are supposed to be the best content according to a specific query.

Therefore, ranking in the top results sends a signal to users that your content is of high quality and that they can trust you.

Attract a targeted and qualified traffic

Boosting your traffic is good. But driving targeted traffic to your site is better.

Why is that? Because, if you attract on your content people who are not interested at all in what you propose, it will not help these people, and more generally transform them into buyers.

Moreover, this leads to a high bounce rate which lowers your ranking in search engines. So, you should avoid all these strategies that certainly bring you traffic, but non-targeted and unqualified traffic.

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One of the advantages of SEO is to attract qualified traffic to your site. Indeed, to rank your content, it is essential to optimize it with precise keywords corresponding to the searches of the Internet users.

Also, the people who will be reached, via SEO, by your content will be people interested in your theme and what you offer.

SEO allows you to attract not only consistent traffic but also targeted and qualified. This is a fundamental basis for a successful business.

The benefits of SEO summed up in one: more sales

Last but not least, one of the last benefits of SEO is a boost to your sales, and therefore your revenue.

This benefit follows all the others. It is easy to understand that with more credibility, a stronger link of trust, a positive user experience, and targeted traffic, you have all the elements to convert your visitors into buyers.

Therefore, SEO is not only about boosting your visibility (which in itself is useless) but also about boosting your sales. It is, therefore, a more than profitable investment. And that’s why we sincerely invite you to optimize your different content (blog posts). Your time, energy, and money will pay off very quickly!

The main SEO methods

All the methods used in Search Engine Optimization are called SEO and do not require any payment.

SEO is essential because it ensures that you are found by Internet users “in the right place,” i.e., on the first page of search engines. Although this placement is not obtained overnight, if you implement a good SEO strategy, the ranking of your site will be stable.

Its results will be progressive but regular. In other words, you will have constant visits to your website. The main SEO methods that ensure a good ranking on search engines are the following.

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The content strategy

A well-ranked website is first and foremost a website that offers quality content, diversified, and regularly updated. Articles, product sheets, videos, infographics, photos, etc.,

Are all content that you can provide on your site. The blog article is the most popular because search engines particularly appreciate the content in HTML text format. This type of article must be structured and, above all, contain the relevant keywords.

Do not hesitate to use a wide semantic because, today, it is indeed the whole semantic field that surrounds your page that will ensure you a good ranking.

The links

Link building is a strategy that consists in optimizing the visibility of your site by placing links. In other words, you must provide internal links to your site to facilitate the redirection of customers in your site itself, as well as external links that refer to other sites deemed qualitative by Google in your content.

They are important because they reinforce the credibility of your content. Finally, backlinks that point to your own site (but are located on other sites) will help you gain popularity.

The user experience or UX

The user experience is now taken into account by search engines to determine the quality of your site and, therefore, its ranking. In other words, you must ensure that your customers and prospects have an optimal browsing experience.

A site is considered “user friendly” by Google when it is adapted to reading on various media, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets; This is called the responsive format. It is also important that the results are geolocalized, that the loading time of the pages is not more than 3 seconds, etc.

Winning tactics for local SEO.

Local SEO (Chicago SEO), when successful, has the advantage of placing your company on the first page of search results for all queries, including your field of activity, and geolocalized near your company. Improving your local search engine optimization will also have an impact on your general SEO. The techniques used to optimize these two disciplines of SEM (search engine marketing) are closely linked.

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Winning tactics for local search engine optimization (Chicago SEO)

Local SEO, when successful, has the advantage of placing your company on the first page of search results for all queries, including your field of activity, and geolocalized near your company.

Here are few local SEO tips you can implement today to rank higher in search engine results for your city (Chicago).

Register your business on google my business

50% of all local searches are done to find information about a business (hours, addresses, etc.). Google my business is a free directory that Google makes available to almost all businesses.

Registering to google my business allows you to increase your chances to be displayed in local search results on google and maps. Thanks to this tool, you can manage the information related to all your establishments: your postal address, your opening hours, your phone number, and the category of your activity.

With google my business (GMB), you can also add photos to your business page to present your products or your store and manage the reviews that users have left you.

Optimize your site with a local context

Google does not offer local results for any query. It must be identified as including a relevant local character to justify it. Therefore, you need to optimize your site, especially the home page and contact page of your site, with the most searched local keywords in your field of activity.

To do this, you will have to put your keywords in the title tag, the URL, the meta description tag, the titles (h1, h2, h3, etc.), the alt tags of your images, etc. In short, classic SEO, but in a local context.

You should also include your address and phone number in your website’s pages as much as possible. These pieces of information are important because they allow you to improve the geolocalization of your site.

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Place emphasis on link building

Here we are talking about local link building, i.e., links coming from local sources. To get external links, you can target local news sites, neighborhood association sites, or local blogs with a theme that concerns you.

Focus on the quality of the links (not the quantity). The more links you have from influential local sites in your area, the more likely you are to improve your ranking in the Google SERP. To do this, you will need to create content that deserves to be mentioned by these sites.

Depending on your field of activity, you can also register your site on professional directories such as yellow pages, booking, TripAdvisor, yelp.

Think mobile

It’s no secret that mobile compatibility and loading speed are important SEO criteria if you want to increase your online visibility. It is even more important to have a mobile site in a local context because there is a good chance that the person who performs a geolocalized search is on the move (in a bus, in the subway, on foot…) and is therefore in front of his mobile rather than his desktop computer.

Use localized Google AdWords campaign.

If you are impatient and want to appear quickly on a local search related to your business, launching a geolocalized AdWords campaign will meet your expectations. Not only will you be able to reach the first positions displayed by Google, but also present different commercial messages.

Encourage testimonials and positive reviews.

88% of consumers (New, old) trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Customer reviews are extremely important because they are your company’s online storefront. They prove that you offer quality products and services.

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We, therefore, advise you to encourage your satisfied customers to leave a review on your google business page. Your reviews, in the form of stars, will appear in the search results and on your local google business page. Thus, in addition to being valuable assets, customer’s reviews will allow you to gain visibility by increasing your click-through rate.

3 advantages of using the services of a professional Chicago SEO agency and how to find the Right One.

Here are the main advantages of working with an SEO agency (company) in Chicago.

To have a well-optimized website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

An expert in SEO will allow you to optimize your website properly. Thus, your website will gain in relevance and thus in search engine ranking. Indeed, it is useless to have a beautiful site if nobody finds it. This is why it is advisable to contact professionals from the design phase of the site.

For their expertise

It is also important to hire SEO agencies to optimize your website because these agencies are made up of a team of professionals, each of whom is an expert in a specific field.

For example, there are experts in web development, content writing, graphic design, etc. Thus, hiring the services of these experts allows you to benefit from their expertise which is a real asset in the project of creating a quality website.

For personalized advice

Once the website is online, it is also interesting to solicit the services of an SEO agency to support the development of the site. This will give you the opportunity to know the quality of your pages in terms of SEO or to get advice to improve these pages.

How to find an SEO agency in Chicago?

Finding an SEO agency that will meet your business and SEO requirements is not an easy task. Here are few tips that will help you in this line.

  • Evaluate the reputation of your potential provider;
  • Checking references and previous achievements;
  • Find out about the financial situation of the SEO agency;
  • Ask for numerical and temporal objectives;
  • Evaluate the transparency of the Chicago SEO agency.


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