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Over the past years, Digital Marketing has become the main advertising channel for many industries. A well-planned and established online presence and strategy not only builds customer loyalty but also increases your sales. In this article, you are going to discover:

Looking for more information about the benefits of a Boutique digital marketing agency? We got you covered.

  • The benefits of a boutique digital marketing agency;
  • Its main roles, and how to choose the best agency for your business.

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What is a boutique digital marketing agency?

A boutique digital marketing agency is a small digital marketing agency (with less than 30 people on staff) that offers a personalized service. These types of agencies are innovative and highly creative. They typically work for mid-size and SMB companies and B2B enterprises.

A boutique digital marketing agency hires highly skilled professionals in their area of expertise, with no overflow assistants and varying levels of experience. Many advertising and marketing clients seek out boutique agencies because of the benefits they offer.

According to this study from Promethean Research, boutique marketing agencies are on the rise. In fact, more than 73% of digital agencies have even less than ten (10) people working for them, but they are very effective and rival the revenues of larger agencies.

The biggest limitation of a boutique agency is that they are not as well-known as big agencies. Therefore, they will not have the same reputation. Although they do not have a solid reputation, the quality and experience you receive from a boutique agency will exceed expectations.

Boutique agencies have unique qualities that make them a very effective marketing partner for businesses. As industries, technologies, and society change, boutique agencies can also change with the times.

This ability to adapt is just one of the many reasons why partnering with a boutique agency is considered one of the most affordable and effective options for many types of businesses. Below, we’ve highlighted the top eight benefits of working with a specialized agency.

5 Benefits of a Boutique digital marketing Agency

Boutique agencies are just as effective as larger organizations and may even be better suited to your needs. Let’s take a look at 5 advantages of boutique digital marketing agencies.

1.    Dedication &Personal relationships.

Working with a boutique digital marketing agency will allow you to develop a strong working relationship. In many cases, you will benefit from better communication with a boutique digital marketing agency. For them, you are not just a number – you are a valued client and partner on the project.

You also won’t have to play the phone game with a boutique digital marketing agency. More often than not, with a boutique agency, you’ll have a dedicated project manager for the entire relationship, not just for this project.

Similarly, with boutique agencies, you’ll usually have direct contact with the entire project team, from designers to developers.This is an important attribute of these agencies. Instead of working with different contacts each time, you’ll be in constant contact with a team with whom you’ll develop a personal business relationship.

2.    Faster turnaround times.

By now, you know that boutique digital marketing agencies have the ability to really focus on each project they have in hand.

Since they usually don’t have many, they can easily manage their time and divide it between projects, which reduces turnaround times. Your deadlines will be met with these agencies, and you won’t have to worry about rushing projects.

A boutique digital marketing agency has fewer employees, which means they spend less on salaries and resources. In addition, they can rent a smaller office, which usually means less rent.

This means they can offer more affordable prices to their potential clients. So, if you are on a tight budget, a boutique agency is the way to go!

A boutique digital marketing agency has a smaller hierarchy. Some even abandon the concept of a corporate hierarchy completely. Because there is more freedom within the team and the agency’s procedures are not as rigid, there is more flexibility in your working relationship, and it is easier to implement changes during a project.

3.    Experience and flexibility.

In fact, it usually means more. Often, people who choose to work in a boutique digital marketing agency do so because they have worked in larger agencies and have been frustrated by the bureaucracy and red tape and the lack of creative freedom to develop new ideas and work practices.

Boutique digital marketing agencies hire people with years of experience and cross-trained in multiple disciplines. This provides flexibility and a quick response time. Need a quick code change on your website? Your PPC expert can most certainly do that too.

With less corporate hierarchy, job definition becomes blurred as staff members are encouraged to achieve client-centric goals rather than focus on defined role objectives.

In contrast, large agencies tend to have a corporate hierarchy, specific job descriptions, ways of doing things, and profit margin goals that they inherit.

While all agencies are on a mission to find ways to develop and execute creative ideas, large companies may be limited by an inherited system rooted in quantifying a specific type of deliverable.

4.    Culture/Personality

An agency is the people who work there, the team that is on your project. You pay them for their time, talent, and creativity. Do they represent you? Do you know them?

Chances are you’ll meet 25-50% of the team at a boutique digital marketing agency, while you may only meet 1% of the team at a large agency when they present.

Choosing the right agency is like hiring a team of people all at once. If you like the people who came to the presentation, you can be sure they represent the people who will work on your account if you choose a boutique digital marketing agency.

The culture and personality of a boutique digital marketing agency may match or reflect your own business. Still, it’s harder to know if that’s the case when you consider a larger agency.

A large agency may be a better choice if you’re looking for a regular or standard campaign or if your account requires a ton of research and resources.

Yes, larger agencies have more resources and are competitive in the areas they know best. But the boutique digital marketing agency culture creates a place where risk-taking is part of the equation, where things come to life, and creativity is king.

5.    Communication

Boutique digital marketing agencies measure their success by your success (Client’s success). Their business is based on your success. They care about you, they communicate, they won’t run you around in circles with five different people, each telling you to talk to the next.

They are accountable. If you want a change, they will do everything they can to implement it.

A large agency can afford to delay you, not respond to you, deal with the problem next week instead of this week.

A large agency may fail you and get away with it. They may reduce the level of support they give you because you are on a more moderate plan than the big client who needs a big push this month.

They are not fair to you. What you pay for shouldn’t depend on someone else’s marketing effort; it’s what you pay for. A boutique digital marketing agency will not underestimate and ignore you.

They will see themselves as partners in your marketing strategy. A large agency will see you as a client they can afford to ignore if another, more affluent client demands their attention.

Types of Boutique Marketing Agency

Here are the types of boutique digital marketing agencies:

1.    Digital Marketing Firm

A full-service marketing agency that can focus on new Internet-based marketing channels, excluding conventional advertising such as TV, print, and radio.

2.    Interactive Marketing Agency

These types of agencies focus on event-based marketing campaigns, including social media, search engine marketing, email campaigns, and targeted advertising and promotions.

3.    Boutique Branding Agency

A boutique branding agency is a focused branding service. They work with a small group of specialists and focus on a limited number of clients.

Although boutique agencies do not have high visibility (reputation), the quality of the services they offer is beyond expectations because they are specialized in their clients’ experience.

4.    Creative Agency

A creative agency is a name for an agency that offers a variety of services that fall under the category of advertising and marketing. In essence, if you need a range of creative strategies, work, or promotions, they will assist you in achieving them.

They can provide a multitude of creative related services such as producing photos, videography, graphic design, and content writing.

5.    Web Agency/Website Design Agency

These agencies are mainly focused on website development and design. They focus not only on creating a functional website but also on increasing website traffic, engaging site visitors, and turning them into loyal customers.

Boutique digital marketing agency: what are its main roles?

The arrival of digital technology in our life (society) pushes us to digitalize the ways we communicate, and this is largely what explains the rise of digital marketing agencies.

We can see that digital communication has become a real lever for companies and professionals who want to stand out from the competition.

Now, companies are forced to set upefficient marketing strategies so that their brands can reach their objectives.

So, here are the main services offered by an agency.

1.    Improve the presence of the company on the web:

A boutique digital marketing company improves the notoriety of your business in the following ways:

The creation of a website

The creation of a website should not be taken lightly, the stakes are very high, and this mission requires technical skills.

A boutique digital marketing agency is the best partner to help you to obtain an optimal result. The creation of a website consists of creating the best communication support that will represent your company or organization.

The creation of optimized content

Brands (companies) are aware of the importance of quality promotional content. Whether it’s for a press release, website content, or social networks posts (videos, images, text, …).

Communication channels are real levers to build a presence on the Internet and, by extension, improve your conversion rate. In fact, it is the key to a successful Inbound Marketing strategy!

Web design/redesign

The relevance of the design of your website can give a new breath to your business. In an increasingly competitive environment, it is important to create a fluid and ergonomic website.

The user experience being the key to success in order to improve the conversion rate, it is necessary to audit the structure of your site in order to implement the necessary actions that will increase the sales of the product or service.

With their strong experience in digital marketing, the boutique digital marketing agency is able to assist you in improving the sales process and the web design.

Digital marketing strategy

The elaboration of a communication and marketing strategy on the web is a work that requires specific skills, including the use of appropriate growth levers for each sector of activity.

The digital marketing strategy will, therefore, depending on the requirements and needs of the client, analyze and define the actions to be implemented to achieve its objectives.

2.    Promote the company with e-marketing.

A boutique digital marketing agency will achieve the goal by using the following levers:

Digital communication

Digital communication is an opportunity for a brand or a company to create bonds with Internet users in a broad sense.

Digital communication appears as a new discipline that designates the exchange and transmission of information from the media and channels that make up the digital ecosystem. Digital communication is constantly evolving and embraces the advances in technology.

A boutique digital marketing agency is specialized in internet communication; it plays the role of a facilitator, its goal being to help you develop your business and boost your sales in the short, medium, or long term.

Operational marketing

Operational marketing consists of implementing an action plan that includes all the elements of the strategy to the operational (actions to be taken). Operational Marketing designates the means used to fulfill the objectives defined beforehand.

It is necessary to define beforehand the actions to be implemented by the company and its partners. With the multitude of actions that must be undertaken, a support is necessary in order to carry out each project.

How to choose your boutique digital marketing agency?

To choose your agency, the first step is to ask yourself the necessary (right) questions. This way, you will be able to set up a list of specifications that will help you make your choice among the different professionals you will meet.

Thus, start by listing your needs, what are your objectives, what services are you looking for, are you flexible in your thinking, do you need to meet the professionals you will be working with physically…? These are all questions that will help you choose the marketing agency that best suits your needs.

Here are few additional questions you can ask yourself:

  • Where are my online clients?
  • Why should a customer buy my product online?
  • Who is my ideal customer?
  • How much am I willing to pay to get a new customer?
  • What is my marketing budget?
  • What is my expected return on investment?
  • What are my needs in terms of relationship building?

Once you have identified your needs and selected a couple of agencies from your research, you need to make your final choice. To do this, you will need to talk to the different agencies to ask questions, find out how they work, and understand the strategies they propose.

Even if you don’t have much experience in the marketing field, there are a few things you can do to help you choose the right agency and make sure they are competent.

We have listed 6 essential criteria (that will help you Identify a boutique digital marketing that is worth it !!).

1.    The Internet showcases.

The Internet is a real showcase for digital marketing agencies. So, after looking at the structure of its website, go and have a look at its social media accounts. Here, look at the frequency of publications. It is important that it is high in order to maintain interest.

Similarly, if the company has blogs, look at the date of the latest posts. This will ensure that consistent work is being done.

When meeting with the digital professionals, ask them for the names of some of their clients, and again go online to see how the website is built. This will give you an objective assessment of the work done by the agency.

2.    The field of activity

Depending on the field of activity, the prospects are totally different, as well as the strategy to adopt. If you are targeting young people, your digital marketing strategy will be totally different (adults, teenagers, old people, …). To ensure that the agency will be able to meet your needs, ask them if they have worked with other firms (companies) in your industry before.

3.    The agency’s team

Whatever the size of the agency, you must have a representative who will be able to answer any questions you may have and who will keep you regularly informed of the progress of your project.

So, ask to know who is in charge of your project and to know the different skills of the technical team. Ask about the agency’s experience.

  • Has it been in business for a long time?
  • What is the composition of the team?
  • What education and experience did the employees have before joining the agency?

It is also important to ask questions about their habits. Do they use all the possibilities offered by digital, or are they more specialized in a particular field (some agencies work mainly with social networks, for example)?

 Also, ask them if they manage the entire marketing strategy or if some of their work is outsourced? In small agencies, and even in larger ones, it happens that blog articles are outsourced to freelance writers, same thing for social media posts.

If this is the case, it should not be a problem for you to cooperate, but it is important that the agency is transparent and informs you of all the service providers it uses.

4.    The strategy

If the team seems to be competent, you can then get to the heart of the matter: the digital strategy. So, ask a few simple questions that will allow you to see the responsiveness of your interlocutors.

For example, ask them to explain how they intend to improve your conversion rate or if you have the possibility to quickly change your strategy if the expected results are not there. Also, they should be able to give you the goals they plan to achieve in 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.

You will probably hear about “community management” or public relations, a term that refers to the free presence on the web via social networks and blogs, but also about “native advertising,” “marketing automation,” “affiliate marketing,” “CPC,” “inbound marketing” or “SEO.”

All these terms are specific to the digital marketing field, and all correspond to particular strategies. When using these terms, it is important that you ask your interlocutor for clarification. This will allow you to see more clearly, but also to make sure that they know what they are talking about.

5.    Your company

To be able to answer your questions and develop a strategy, the boutique digital marketing agency (your contact person) must know more about your company, the products, and services you sell, but also your needs in terms of digital marketing.

If the agency’s professionals don’t ask you about these different points before presenting a strategy, it means that it won’t be perfectly adapted to your sector. It may still work, but it’s better to have an agency that tailors its strategy to the client.

So, in theory, you should receive a fairly detailed information questionnaire so that the agency can build a real strategy taking into account your needs and your budget.

6.    The price

Of course, as in any commercial relationship, your choice will also depend on the prices proposed by the agency. In general, in the field of marketing, you can be confronted with four cases.

  • First of all, you are priced hourly. At the beginning of the project, an estimated number of hours is given to the client, but if the number of hours increases, so does your bill.
  • You can also negotiate a fixed rate. From the beginning, the estimate is fixed with a precise duration, and the price is estimated according to the necessary actions to be taken (The size and complexity of the project, volume of hours). You know in advance what you will have to pay in order to achieve your marketing goal. If you want to change it, you will have to sign a new quote.
  • When projects are spread over several months, it is interesting to start with a monthly rate. Thus, each month, the agency takes care of your project for a defined volume of hours and invoices you accordingly.
  • The last solution is to opt for pricing based on added value. This is interesting if you have a specific expectation and if it is measurable. Thus, you can pay the agency for each prospect converted into a customer or for a conversion rate reaching a specified objective.

If you choose a “fixed” rate, i.e., a monthly rate or a rate fixed from the start, it is important to define the missions of the digital marketing agency clearly.

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