15 Best SEO Analysis Tools for Auditing & Monitoring Your Website in 2022

Best SEO Analysis Tools

There’s nothing as sudden as a Google algorithm change to leave marketers in a state of confusion and anxious.

It appears that search engines such as Google are waiting for you to have all your ducks in a row , and release an update that renders your efforts completely obsolete.

Additionally, there’s a little mystery about the method by which Google assesses websites and decides which websites appear and the way they appear on the search results pages (SERPs) for various search terms.

The positive side is that there’s several SEO or search engine optimization (SEO) tools out on the market, or SEO Analysis Tools(some free, and some that are paidthey can help you look at your website in the same way that search engines such as Google consider it. so that you can increase your rank and relevancy to your targeted keywords.

Best SEO Analysis Tools 1

In this blog article, we’ll review 11 free SEO tools and 14 paid SEO tools.

Note: Certain of the tools listed below also have paid plans, while some of the paid options provide free plans (we suggest you look through the pricing pages of the tools you’re interested in, to find out the best plan for your requirements and goals. ) For universal SEO techniques you can implement today to boost your business.

Best SEO Tools

  1. HubSpot Website Grader
  2. Google Search Central: Google Search Console
  3. Google Analytics
  4. UpCity Free SEO Report Card
  5. Internet Marketing Ninjas
  6. Bing Webmaster
  7. Seolyzer
  8. SEOquake
  9. Seoability
  10. Check My Links
  12. Ahrefs
  13. SEMrush
  14. GrowthBar
  15. Woorank
  16. BuzzStream
  17. Moz Pro Tools
  18. Linkody
  19. Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  20. Remove’em
  21. AnswerThePublic
  22. Keyword Hero
  23. SpyFu
  24. Seomater
  25. ContentKing

11 Free SEO Tools

1. HubSpot Website Grader

free seo tool hubspot website grader

Marketers are responsible for generating leads and traffic through their website.

It’s crucial for marketers to comprehend the things they’re able to do in order to increase the SEO and impact of their website.

With HubSpot’s Website Grader simply type in the web address for your site and you’ll instantly receive a Report Card that provides actionable information about the SEO work you’ve put into.

There, you can join an HubSpot Academy Website Optimization course which teaches you how to improve the SEO of your site as well as the user’s experience (UX) and more, based on the kind of feedback you got in Your Report Card.

Best SEO Analysis Tools 2

Utilizing HubSpot’s Website Grader HubSpot Website Grader you are able to:

  • Find out about the performance of your website in a matter of seconds.
  • Find specific performance issues , and get specific, concrete feedback on how to correct them.
  • Learn how to improve your website and receive online support for how to enhance your site.
  • Get access to five lessons of the HubSpot Academy course on Website Optimization to help you understand how you can improve your website’s particular issues.
  • Find out how to make your site mobile-friendly.
  • Learn how to apply the best practices for security on websites.
  • Customize your site’s UX to provide a pleasant experience for your visitors.

2. Google Search Central: Google Search Console

Google Search Central: Google Search Console free seo tools

Google Search Central (formerly known as Google Webmasters) has a range of tools that aid you in appearing in the SERPs with the words and phrases the people you want to reach for.

If you’re a professional or marketer Search Central guides you to utilize Google search Console to aid in your SEO and analysis of websites.

Google Search Console monitors, analyzes and optimizes your websiteThere’s no programming expertise required.

Here are some examples of web pages with elements. Google Search Console will teach you about and help in optimizing your website.

  • The keywords that are currently ranking on your site.
  • Any crawl errors that are present on your site.
  • Your website’s mobile-friendlyness.
  • A list of internet pages that are listed in Google’s Index (if they’re not in Google’s Index You can utilize this tool’s URL Inspection Tool to submit your page to be indexed).
  • The web-related metrics that are most important to you like impressions, clicks the average rate of clicks (CTR) and average place.

3. Google Analytics

google analytics free seo tools

While Google Analytics has a paid version however, the free version of it can be helpful to optimize your site’s SEOThis is particularly true when you combine Google Analytics with Google Search Console.

As a result the SEO data for your website will be centrally stored and compiled. You are able to use queries to determine areas that need improvement using the terms and keywords you wish your site and websites to get ranked for.

Other methods to make use of Google Analytics, the Google Analytics free edition to help you use Google Analytics to understand and increase your SEO include:

  • Eliminate spam-related traffic and filter referralsand get rid of those who have the potential of destroying SEO reports, like fake referrers (which can lead to fake traffic on your site).
  • Check out organic versus non-organic web traffic.
  • Find out which of your web pages get the most traffic to help you understand how you could increase SEO on these pages.
  • Utilize Site Content Reports to determine engagement metrics for each page on your website Engagement for directories and pages of your site and page exit metrics in addition to acquisition behaviors, and conversions on landing page.
  • Examine the Multi-Channel Report’s Assisted Conversions feature in order to find the channels thatthey are considered to be sources of traffic for your website including organic and paid search, or referral websites that resulted in the most conversions or sales and the worth of the sales and conversions to your company.

4. UpCity Free SEO Report Card

UpCity's Free SEO Report Card free seo tools

The SEO Report Card for Free from UpCity lets you examine your website’s performance to determine how it ranks against the competitors.

If you only provide a tiny portion of your contact details, SEO Report Card will give you a brief summary of each of the areas:

  • Ranking Analysis: A quick overview of your website’s rank with respect to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Your rank is determined by the keywords you use to rank your site.
  • Link Building: A thorough listing of the websites which link back to your website.
  • On-Site Analysis An analysis of how effective you were at the use of your primary keyword across your website.
  • Web Accessibility Information: Details on the loading time of your website and its accessibility.
  • Trust Metrics: A review of your website’s degree in trust and authority.
  • Current Indexing: A measure of how many of your website’s webpages have already been indexed.

5. Internet Marketing Ninjas

Internet Marketing Ninjas free seo tools

Internet Marketing Ninjas is an SEO-focused firm that provides a number of tools that you can use to evaluate your site against other websites or optimize websites for specific keywords, create meta tags, and drive the amount of organic traffic that your site receives.

Here are some examples of no-cost Internet Marketing Ninja SEO tools that you can use:

  • Find damaged links or redirects, and make use of the site crawl feature to create an XML sitemap for your site.
  • Review images (plus the alt text as well as size of display) along with all of your links (external, internal and internal.) on your websites to see what’s working and what’s not working or requires an upgrade.
  • Utilize the tool for on-page optimization to assess your website’s metadata, content as well as internal hyperlinks.
  • Compare your website’s SEO pages with a competitor’s pages.
  • Determine the page load time and determine how long each part of a website page will take to fully display.

6. Bing Webmaster

Bing Webmaster free seo tools

Microsoft Bing Webmaster gives you access to many tools that provide insights into web site, including report-writing, diagnostic as well as SEO-related tools.

The SEO tools can be used for free are able to aid you in analysing your site’s backlinks, control them and examine the keywords you use to ensure that your site is optimized for organic searches.

Here are some other ways you can make use of the SEO features of Bing Webmaster.

Best SEO Analysis Tools 3
  • Find out about your profile on backlinks to better understand the referring pages, anchor links and domains.
  • Do keyword research to discover the terms and keywords your target customers are seeking and the search volume for the keywords and phrases.
  • Utilize the feature of scanning your site to scan your site and find any SEO issues.
  • Find SEO reports that inform you about any mistakes that may be on your site as well as on individual pages of your site.

7. Seolyzer

seolyzer free seo tools

Seolyzer is a completely free website monitoring, crawl analysis and SEO tool to help to determine how search engines such as Google evaluate your site.

Seolyzer gathers information crawling bots store in the log files of your server as they browse your site in order to determine and develop SEO KPIs. It also detects errors, redirects, as well as the speed of your site and its performance.

Seolyzer can also assist you:

  • You can quickly identify and continue to be aware of SEO issues on your site like slow response times errors, message error, and crawl traffic to address them before major harm is caused.
  • Monitor and analyze your individual KPIs using Seolyzer like the performance of your pages volumes of crawls HTTP Status codes new and active pages, as well as responsiveness on mobile and desktop.
  • Segment your websites to find out what your most popular pages are.
  • Examine your website pages that Google thinks are the most important with ones you consider to be the most significant (e.g. revenue-focused pages).
  • Assess the effectiveness on your SEO efforts on a page-by-page basis , or by the type of page.

8. SEOquake

seoquake free seo tools

SEOquake is an Google Chrome extension that automatically examines a website’s SEO parameters in a short time and is no cost.

It includes, for instance, on-page SEO audits as well as external and internal link review, real-time link and domain comparison, as well as export of data files.

Other tasks you can benefit from SEOquake to accomplish include:

  • Find a full description of what your links perform -including anchor text, URLs and more using the tool’s Link Examiner feature.
  • Make adjustments to the SEOquake reports that you receive to show only the metrics and parameters that you value.
  • Check out different URLs or domains to determine the SEO parameters that are important to you.
  • Check the website’s SEO to find SEO-related issues that could be able to be detected by search engines.
  • The results from your SEO analysis to an adaptable and easily shareable report.

9. Seoability

seoability free seo tools

Seoability is a no-cost SEO-checker tool. With it, you are able to assess your website’s conformity to the current SEO guidelines.

Simply by entering your URL, your website will be evaluated and you’ll be given suggestions about how to improve the performance of your site.

Alongside a thorough SEO audit of your site You’ll also have access to a subpage audit of 1,000 including email reports and alerts as well as keyword monitoring.

Here are a few additional advantages to making use of Seoability:

  • Look for technical mistakes as well as other issues with SEO on the page to resolve the issues swiftly.
  • You can get an SEO score based on various aspects of your website, such as meta-information page quality, page quality, link structure, and much more.
  • Learn about the SEO issues specific to your site concerning your meta data, including meta titlesor descriptions, meta tags, as well as incorrect or inaccurate URLs or domain names.
  • You can identify areas of improvement in your site’s speed and quality (related to duplicate content, text or responsive design alt attributes to content).
  • Learn how your site and link structure could be improved by obtaining data on your headers, your internal links, anchor text, as well as the number of hyperlinks.
  • Recognize specific server issues that are related to redirects HTTP headers or CSS or Javascript files.

10. Check My Links

check my links free seo tools

My Links: Check My Links is a Google Chrome extension you can install to make sure that your links on external and internal web pages function.

For instance, if searched for a phrase on Wikipedia and then click on Check My Links will be able to inform the user how many links the Wikipedia page contains in total and also how many of those hyperlinks are damaged.

This is beneficial as you can make corrections to broken links quickly (or maybe, even prior to the time a page is published).

Check My Links is ideal for content editors, developers and web designers, according the creators.

Here are some additional examples of what Check My Links can accomplish:

  • Review every link on your website pages to identify any broken and invalid links.
  • Auto-highlight good links in green, and highlight the damaged links with red.
  • Copy all your negative hyperlinks to your clipboard with one click.


browseo free seo tool

BROWSEO is an SEO-friendly browser that lets you look over your site in a stripped-down manner so that you can evaluate its UX and content, as well as get a better understanding of the SEO.

After you’ve entered an URL for the page, result will be a sharper focus the HTML, so that you’re capable of understanding the structure of your page, the keywords that are optimized for search, as well as other SEO-related elements.

Examples of what you can accomplish with BROWSEO are:

  • Find the words in the webpage.
  • Find your Server response number.
  • Check the amount of external and internal links that are on your website.
  • Look for the headers on the website’s headers.
  • Take note of all meta data (e.g. title tag, meta description).

14 SEO Tools

Let’s take a take a look at the SEO tools available for purchase. (Note that some of these tools come with free trial period. Many also provide completely free plans, however with restrictions regarding the flexibility and personalization.)

1. Ahrefs

ahrefs seo tool

Price: Seven-day trial for $7, $99/ mo for Lite, $179/ mo for Standard, $399/ mo for Advanced, $999/ mo for Agency

Ahrefs is a sophisticated SEO resource that evaluates the website’s content and creates link, keyword and ranking profiles to aid you in making better choices regarding your website’s web content.

Its primary features include:

  • Site Explorer This program provides you with information about the performance of certain pages on your site.
  • Content Explorer, which allows you to search for high-quality websites using specific keywords and subjects.
  • Keywords Explorer, which generates monthly searches and click-through rate of certain keywords.
  • Site Audit is a tool that examines the specific verticals of your domain and exposes several technical issues on the page level.

When you use it with the Keyword Explorer, Ahrefs also generates the “parent subject” of the search term you searched for.

A keyword’s parent keyword is a broad keyword that has greater search volume than the keyword you want to rank for, but it’s likely to have the same reach and rank potential. This provides you with an SEO advantage.

2. SEMrush

semrush seo tool

Price: $119.95/ mo for Pro, $229.95/ mo for Guru, or $449.95/ mo for Business

SEMrush is a sophisticated dashboard that gives information about the performance of websites as a whole , and also their pages. SEMrush offers a range of tools among them is an SEO toolkit. SEO Toolkit.

Toolkit permits you to monitor the growth in visibility of your website over time and find out which keywords it’s ranking for, what page’s rank is for a specific keyword as well as the keyword’s monthly volume, and many more.

SEMrush lets you:

  • Check the performance of your page against your competitors.
  • Examine backlinks from other websites that link to your site (also called link-building).
  • Find relevant keywords.
  • Explore and profit from similar SEO opportunities on-page.
  • Make use of Keyword Magic Tool Keyword Magic Tool to identify the keywords you require to create a successful SEO as well as PPC campaign.
  • Determine the paid keywords or ad copy you see in the PPC ads of your rival.
  • Make use of Social media analytics and publishing tools.
  • Get suggestions on how to boost the organic traffic to your site with the help of optimizing content.
  • You can upgrade the account you have at any time to gain greater flexibility and additional options.

3. GrowthBar

growthbar seo tool

Price: Free five-day trial, $29/ mo

GrowthBar is an Chrome extension that helps you conduct search engine optimization, competitive analysis and track SEO rankings. With GrowthBar Access data details about any website directly from the search results pages.

This lets you evaluate the performance of your competitors and see the channels that are growing and backlinks and ads that are performing for them.

Here are some other key features of GrowthBar

  • Make use of the top Keywords as well as the Backlinks function in order to identify the keywords that are organic and paid for. drive the most traffic to your site. You can also obtain an overview of the most reliable backlinks that link to your website.
  • Find Your Keyword Difficulty Score in order to determine how difficult it will have to be for you to get ranked on a specific keyword based on the quality of the domain authority of the URLs which are on the first page.
  • Make use of Word Count to view the word count for each page straight from search results.
  • Create Facebook Ads and see an image of what they appear from the perspective of a search engine.
  • Make use of to use the Keyword Suggestions tool to get an idea of the terms you may be interested in ranking for and their search number and CPCs.

4. Woorank

woorank seo tool

Price: Free 14-day trial, $59.00/ mo for Pro, $179.00/ mo for Premium, or contact for Enterprise quote

Woorank’s detailed site analysis helps marketers identify potential for improvement and optimization. This analysis analyzes the effectiveness of the current SEO initiatives and social media as well as usability, and many more.

Each report is split into eight sections that will aid you in analyzing your website and pinpoint areas to optimize your site. Here these sections.

  1. Marketing Checklist
  2. SEO
  3. Mobile
  4. Usability
  5. Technologies
  6. Social
  7. Local
  8. Visitors

5. BuzzStream

buzzstream seo tool

Price: Free 30-day trial, $24/ mo for Starter, $99/ mo for Group, $299/ mo for Professional, $999+ for Custom

While backlinks to your site are essential to rank well on Google however, the outreach you perform when building links can seem as cold calls.

BuzzStream makes it simple to find the right people and come up with efficient emails, and keep track of who’s accepted each link.

BuzzStream can also assist you with:

  • Choose candidates to reach out by analyzing their work.
  • Choose candidates to reach out to according to how active they are on diverse social networks.
  • Choose candidates that are likely to be open to your request for backlinks due to other reasons that are specific to your specialization.

6. Moz Pro Tools

moz pro tool seo tool

Price: Free 30-day trial, $99/ mo for Standard, $149/ mo for Medium, $249/ mo for Large, $599/ mo for Premium

Moz Pro subscription Moz Pro subscription serves as an all-in-one tool to boost the search engine ranking of your company.

Moz’s suite of research tools offers subscribers with the tools they require to find SEO opportunities, monitor growth, write reports and improve their performance.

Moz Pro also includes:

  • A crawler for websites that can analyze up to 3,000 URLs for a specific URL.
  • A detailed email report which outlines the data crawled by the web pages that your website links to.
  • An insight into the various “crawlability” elements like duplicate content or redirects that may be affecting the performance of your SEO.

7. Linkody

linkody seo tool

Price: $14.50/ mo for Webmaster, $24.90/ mo for Advanced, $49.90/ mo for Pro, 99.90/ mo for Agency, and $153.90 /mo for Agency XL

The best way to comprehend the effectiveness on your SEO off page is getting a clear picture the backlinks you have.

Linkody lets you discover the existence, track, analyse and remove backlinks through an intuitive interface.

Apart from that it also monitors your links continuously and alerts you to any changes to respond immediately if an link goes missing or damaged.

Other Linkody Features include:

  • The capability the ability to “spy” on the backlinks of your competitors. Simply type in an URL to your competitor’s website and the tool will collect all backlinks and metrics. The results will allow you to identify relevant, high-quality backlinks for your business.
  • Get valuable insights into your most vital metrics in relation to backlink tracking, including the’rel’ attribute Google indexation, your site’s Domain Authority, Spam Score, Alexa rank, and many more.
  • Create white-label reports that are distributed to your team members and/or clients to gain an idea of the backlink distribution process and progress in link building.

8. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

screaming frog seo tool

Price: Free or €99/ year

Specially designed for those who are interested in SEO software, this program crawls websites you have specified, and examines the URLs for typical SEO problems.

This program streamlines and speeds up the otherwise lengthy processparticularly for larger websites. (It could take days or even hours to manually examine the identical URLs.)

Other noteworthy highlights include:

  • A user-friendly Java program that has tabs that are easy to navigate.
  • Simple export of your data to Excel to further analyze all your data. For example, if you are using Optify, Moz, or RavenSEO to analyze your rankings or links for certain keywords, you can create an .csv spreadsheet and make some adjustments to ensure proper formatting and then upload it into those tools.

9. Remove’em

remove'em seo tool

Price: $249 one-time payment for Life-Time plan, $99/ mo for Subscription (one website), or $899/ mo for Agency (10+ websites)

Links that aren’t natural or artificial could seriously hurt your search engine rankings. Remove’em can assist you in getting free of these links. This tool can:

  • Review your profile on backlinks, and locate people who are associated with the domain and links that you’ll have to notify for removal.
  • Make a list of the list and export it if you want to take them off your list using Google’s tools.
  • Instruct Google not to take those “bad” hyperlinks in its crawling of your website.

10. AnswerThePublic

answerthepublic seo tool

Price: $99/ mo for Monthly plan, $79/ mo for Annual plan, $399/ mo for Enterprise plan

AnswerThePublic is a listening as well as a keyword software that is able to listen to autocomplete information of Google as well as other engines. It it then gives you the list of terms and related questions that people are searching for using your search term.

This lets you tailor your website and contents to your visitors to boost conversions and traffic.

With AnswerThePublic , you can also:

  • Be informed when people discuss the important keywords.
  • Track trends in keywords and learn about the patterns of research on keywords in your targeted customer and audience.
  • Check out the terms and keywords that your target audience is searching in real-time.
  • Find ideas for your website and blog content from relevant research into keywords.

11. Keyword Hero

keyword hero seo tool

Price: 14-day trial for any plan, Free for Little Hero, $9/ mo for Big Hero, $49/ mo for Giant Hero, and $149/ mo for Ultimate Hero

Keyword Hero matches your user’s session with the search terms they clicked on to get to your site, in your Google Analytics account.

This tool will give you a better understanding of the intent and the intent of organic visitors.

Here are some other ways to use Keyword Hero:

  • Learn about the traffic from your organic search as well as the conversions you can get from your targeted keywords.
  • Enhance your website’s structure and pages to be consistent with the key words you use to describe your site.
  • Your brand should be distinguished from the search results that are not related to your brand.
  • Enhance your SERP ranking by optimizing your website to focus on specific phrases.
  • Find out what kind or inquiry (informational or transactional) that visitors have made to visit your site.

12. SpyFu

spyfu seo tool

Price: $39/ mo for Basic, $79/ mo for Professional, $299/ mo for Team

SpyFu is a competitor-related keyword study for Google Ads. Apart from search engine optimization, the program assists in PPC competitive research and SEO competitive research and also the creation for custom domains and lists.

The tool can help you drive visitors towards the Google Ads campaigns as well as your website keep track of organic and paid positions for Google, Bing, and Yahoo and get reliable and precise contact information for leads.

SpyFu allows you to do these things:

  • Download rival’s PPC keywords to see the clicks they make and the amount they pay for their keywords.
  • Find out which domains are bidding for Google Ads. Google Ads.
  • Download competitor’s SEO keywords.
  • Check the rate of increase in the ranking of a site or page for a specific keyword.
  • Determine the backlinks that your competition uses.
  • Find keyword ideas and receive suggestions on keywords for Google Ads. Google Ads to increase chances of conversion.

13. Seomater

seomater seo tool

Price: Pay as You Go (starting at $5), $19/ mo for Small Business, $49/ mo for Professional, $179/ mo for Unlimited

Seomater can be described as an SEO auditing and crawling tool. It aids in technical SEO analysis as well as SEO optimization testing on the page.

When the tool is finished crawling your website, you’ll get an SEO report outlining the SEO aspects of your site like external and internal backlinks, links as well as page speed and quality and social media presence, and so on.

The report will also give you tips to help you improve each of these SEO factors. In addition, you can:

  • Utilize this feature to make sure that your site gets crawled automatically , and you are alerted immediately if you notice something isn’t working correctly with regards to SEO.
  • Get up to 13 thorough reviews of your page’s on-page and off-page SEO components.
  • Use This Domain Comparison tool to compare two websites from competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses that they possess in SEO (such broken links, low quality HTML tags for content, and much other issues).

14. ContentKing

contentking seo tool

Price: $139/ mo for Basic, $219/ mo for Standard, $319/ mo for Premium, or contact a rep for an Enterprise quote

ContentKing is a real-time SEO auditing and monitoring tool. It keeps track of your website all the time, ensuring that any problems associated with SEO aren’t left unnoticed for too long.

This tool runs on cloud technology, which means it doesn’t require installation and the reports and data are accessible at any time you require they are needed.

You may also:

  • Utilize ContentKing’s 24 hours a day site reviews (and algorithmic analysis) to get a better understanding of your SEO. You will also receive tasks to assist you in improving your SEO.
  • Be aware when your website’s functionality is damaged or not functioning properly, so that you can quickly solve the problem.
  • Monitor all of the changes in your content on your website (such as changes to individual web pages or modifications to robots.txt) and look up the history of your changes.
  • Visualize information (from all your websites) using real-time dashboards and reports.
  • You can easily connect with the team members or clients within the tool.

Now that you’ve mastered 25 SEO tools, both paid and free tools, choose which will allow you to achieve your SEO goals. Then, get to work on optimizing, auditing, and monitoring your site as well as individual pages on the web as well as your website’s content.