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If your website is not receiving any traffic (or low traffic), it is probably because it is poorly ranked in the search results. An SEO Agency in Birmingham will help you adopt the right SEO strategy to gain the visibility your business wants!

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SEO in Birmingham

Being well ranked in the Google SERPs does not happen by chance. It requires the intervention of a very specific expertise: SEO.

In this Seo Agency guide, you will discover: 

  • What an SEO agency is about, their missions and advantages;
  • How to Hire an SEO agency (The questions you should ask them before signing with them); And MORE!!

So let us get started!!!

What is an SEO Agency Birmingham?  

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For a good understanding of the elements we are going to discuss, it seems relevant that we all agree on what we mean by an SEO agency. But first, let’s revisit the concept of SEO.

SEO is the set of methods and strategies used in order to properly rank a website on the search engine results pages (SERP).  

The SEO agency is, therefore, a company specialized in SEO practices. In short, it is an organization made up of professionals whose task is to optimize a website for search engines.

They bring results in terms of popularity and conversion and increase the visibility of the sites on which they work in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The Types of SEO Agencies in Birmingham

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With all these skills that he develops, the SEO agency can choose to teach rather than practice SEO. In this logic, you can distinguish three types of SEO agencies:

  • The first one is limited to giving advice and training to allow clients to improve their own SEO;
  • The second is limited to SEO services; 
  • The last one is more complete and offers both SEO training and SEO services. 

In any case, you should know that SEO is a complex process, which implies a lot of small details and complex details to understand in order to achieve a good ranking. 

They also aim to improve the usability and ergonomics of your website for your users. All these details lead us to divide SEO into several subsets: 

  • Content SEO;
  • On-page SEO; and
  • Off-page SEO;
  • Technical SEO ;
  • Mobile SEO;
  • Local SEO. 

They are simply a way to break down SEO into smaller sections in order to address them more effectively. 

The missions of an SEO agency Birmingham

The main mission of an SEO agency is to position your web pages in the first results of Google on targeted keywords. To improve the rankings of your web pages, an SEO agency will use at least the following levers:

  • Technical optimization of your website (optimization of its structure, tree structure, loading times, tagging, etc.).
  • Optimization of the editorial content of each page through the choice of the right keywords and web writing.
  • Link building with the creation of good backlinks to improve the reputation of your site.
  • Analysis of user signals and improvement of the UX.

The main activities of an SEO agency in Birmingham

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1.     Technical and editorial audits

  • Semantic analysis,
  • Choice of key expressions,
  • Ranking reports,
  • Analysis of your backlinks,
  • Identification of blocking factors, …

2.     Joint creation of your SEO strategy in Birmingham

  • Definition of goals,
  • Technical recommendations,
  • The choice of the right keywords,
  • Technical optimization of your site,
  • Optimization of the website’s content,

3.     Implementation of the SEO strategy 

  • The implementation of SEO actions,
  • Drafting of meta tags,
  • Content marketing
  • Link building actions,
  • Optimization of editorial content, …

4.     Reporting and monitoring of SEO actions

  • Monitoring the implementation of recommended SEO actions,
  • Monitoring the ranking of your web pages in the Google results,
  • Traffic and conversion analysis, …
  • Monitoring the competition and the changes in search engines
  • Developments in SEO techniques,
  • Monitoring of search engine algorithms,
  • The evolution of search behavior,
  • Benchmarking of competitor sites and search for partners,

SEO Agency in Birmingham: Why You Should Hire One? 

It may seem like a naive question, but I think it’s essential to try to answer it as clearly as possible. 

The majority of clients hire an SEO agency to increase the number of users that visit their website. This is a pretty good reason, especially when you look at the numbers. 

On average, when a user makes a query in the search engine, the 1st result gets 30% of the clicks, the 2nd result 15% of the clicks, and the 3rd result 10% of the clicks. 

Of course, the further away from these first three results, the less visibility the website will get in the search engine. 

Therefore, the objective of an SEO agency will be to optimize the site and its contents so that it is well-positioned in the response elements that Google returns and get more traffic. 

When should you hire an SEO Agency

Here is a list of circumstances in which you should normally seek the help of an SEO agency:

  • During the initial stages of a website;
  • When Your website is not optimized (on-page and off-page) in a consistent manner;
  • When redesigning your website;
  • To optimize and maintain your website over time;
  • You do not currently have the time or skills for SEO;
  • The mobile version of your website is not working ;
  • You have been penalized by Google;
  • You can’t prioritize SEO;
  • You are not getting the results you want;
  • Your site has been attacked by spammers ;
  • You have failed to rank locally;
  • You have keywords that don’t work;
  • Your website’s SEO traffic has plateaued;
  • You see a steady decline in your organic traffic;
  • You have tried (and failed) to build a team of in-house SEO talent.

Hiring an SEO Agency in Birmingham: What are the benefits?

When you hire an SEO agency for your SEO: 

1.   You Take advantage of SEO experts to optimize your website

An SEO agency has an efficient team Experts. They have the experience and skills necessary to provide a solution adapted to the problems of the site, notably the low conversion rate, the low traffic rate, etc. 

These SEO experts are able to conduct an analysis of the site they are in charge of and propose personalized recommendations tailored to the realities of the site. Moreover, an SEO agency is able to continuously create new strategies to bring a creative touch to the SEO of the sites they are in charge of. 

Creativity is also one of the privileges you offer to your website’s SEO when you hire an SEO agency. Indeed, a good SEO agency is the one that is able to bring original ideas to improve the ranking of your site on the Internet.

2.   You improve your website’s ranking using advanced SEO methods.

When you hire an SEO agency to handle your brand’s SEO strategy, you also get the benefit of expert monitoring. 

Thanks to their experience, an SEO agency will be able to apply effective and proven techniques to guarantee you better results. 

It will mainly consist of: 

1.     SEO audit

The SEO audit is the first step used by specialized SEO agencies because of its importance in detecting the weaknesses and strengths of the site. Thanks to the SEO audit, the agency is able to know accurately the performance of the site and the points to be improved in order to improve its performance. 

Through an SEO audit, the agency can identify: 

  • What is working or not working on the site; 
  • What elements of the site need to be changed; 
  • Sensitive sections of the site that need more monitoring.

2.     Analysis of the competition

In the process of assisting a website, the SEO agency must put in place an SEO competitive analysis service. During the competitive analysis, the SEO agency will study in-depth the SEO strategies used by your main competitors.

This is an extremely important step that takes into account 5 fundamental aspects: 

  • Identifying the main competitors; 
  • Comparing your rankings and content with those of your competitors;
  • Gathering data using specific tools to discover content opportunities that you can use to outrank them; 
  • Analyzing the results in order to develop an effective action plan to create content or optimize existing content based on your findings.
  • Monitoring of the competition and the evolution of search engines. 

3.     Keyword research

Thanks to this research, your agency will be able to generate traffic to your site and convert users into customers. An SEO agency has powerful tools to perform thorough keyword research in order to list the words and phrases that your prospects are looking for on Google. 

This way, the agency will know exactly the keywords to target in your SEO campaign in order to be as effective as possible. The keyword research process is divided into three main steps: 

  • The identification of the keywords;
  • The analysis of these keywords;
  • The implementation of a good strategy to use them.

4.     On-page SEO (On-Page Optimization) 

The on-page optimization takes exclusively into account the SEO techniques used within the website. It initially consists of a global optimization of all the pages of the site.

The on-page SEO of your website also consists of establishing a list of actions to be taken to improve the markup, the formatting of H1 titles, Meta descriptions and ALT tags, images, and more. The SEO agency responsible for the on-page optimization of your site will then offer you advice on how to achieve successful internal and external linking. 

5.     Off-page SEO 

Off-page optimization completes the on-page SEO for a more complete optimization of your site. It works in the background and also helps to improve the positioning of the website on the SERPs. 

Unlike on-page SEO, off-page SEO is not directly accessible from the editor and focuses mainly on link building. It is a long-term process that requires time and consists of obtaining backlinks from authority sites, social networks, and social bookmarking.

Here, the SEO team will have to recommend the best backlink strategy that can meet all the SEO criteria required by Google’s algorithm. 

6.     Quality content writing  

Google advocates quality content and encourages sites that post these types of content by improving their rank in search results. The creation of quality content is almost the first factor that Google analyzes to rank a website.

To provide quality content, the SEO agency will categorize the content of your site. This categorization will then allow them to define the editorial line to apply to obtain results. Quality content is also a way to keep your visitors loyal and improve the user experience. 

7.     Monitoring and implementation of good SEO actions 

The service of an SEO agency is not limited to developing an effective SEO strategy. It also offers a permanent creation of SEO actions and takes care of their follow-up to win the competition. 

The SEO agency will be able to progressively reinforce the natural ranking of the site through link-building campaigns and improve its visibility and notoriety on the Web. 

8.     Save time  

Managing the SEO of a website alone requires a lot of time to invest, and those who have already undertaken it once can testify to that.

The advantage of outsourcing the SEO of your site to an SEO agency is that you can take care of other things while they do the work for you. 

No more stressing about the visibility of your brand on the Internet. You can focus entirely on running your business while the SEO agency brings the good news to you.

You save money 

When you hire an SEO agency, you save money, and this is one of the reasons why some business owners choose to hire an SEO agency for their website’s SEO. 

This is because setting up an in-house SEO team can require a fairly large financial investment. With an SEO agency, on the other hand, you get expert advice and support at a fraction of the cost.  

You are up to date with the latest SEO trends.

SEO, and the entire Web, for that matter, is constantly changing. The job of an SEO agency will be to provide you with the latest trends in SEO so that your site always stays in the race. They will be able to advise and assist you in choosing new solutions for your industry. 

You ensure the security of your site. 

As you will certainly have understood, SEO is a delicate area that deserves to be managed with a master’s hand. If it is neglected, SEO can expose your site to:

  • Sanctions from Google’s algorithm; 
  • Spam;
  • Or even hacking. 

An SEO agency will therefore assess all the possible risks that could arise and ruin your efforts. They will also be able to inform you of the precautions you need to take to keep the site safe from all such incidents. 

So hiring an SEO agency is also about protecting your site for the sake of your brand’s reputation and the protection of your users’ data. 

You increase the company’s turnover.

An SEO agency should also aim to increase its client’s turnover. 

If the keywords are well-targeted, the SEO agency can enable its client to make a lasting return on its investment by bringing qualified visitors to the website. 

By “qualified visitors,” we mean people who are genuinely interested in your service or product and likely to buy it. 

Indeed, it is useless to bring to your site people who have no interest in your services or products and who could be qualified as “tourists.” 

There is, therefore, a clear causal link between a successful SEO campaign and an increase in the company’s turnover.

You invest in the long term. 

An SEO agency also allows a website to increase its visibility in search engines without the need for paid advertising solutions. Unlike advertising, which allows you to get immediate results by paying for them, SEO allows you to get results over a longer period of time, which is often a persuasive element for potential customers. 

In addition, the big advantage of SEO is that it provides the best return on marketing investment. This last point is especially important when you consider the high cost of advertising fees that are only for a short period of time.

You increase your sales. 

SEO aims to attract as many people as possible from search engines without advertising. This implies that you offer them content that really interests them. 

Also, when this content is of high quality and carefully crafted, it responds to the search intent of visitors, who are then satisfied and more willing to discover or buy the products/services you offer on your site.

You build your brand’s image. 

The ability to create a brand is absolutely crucial these days. Indeed, you should know that Google loves brands. Why? Simply because they are a sign of trust. 

If visitors type your company’s name into the search engine a lot, Google will consider your company as “trustworthy” and with a strong reputation.

In absolute terms, the real mission of an SEO agency is to enable a site to increase its overall reputation so that it can increase its visibility on a large number of highly competitive keywords.

How to Hire an SEO agency in Birmingham? 6 Valuable Tips

There are many agencies on the Internet that claim to be SEO experts, but the reality is quite different. Many of these agencies lack experience and competence and offer mediocre services to clients. 

  • But how can you tell a good agency from a bad one? 
  • How can you be sure that a particular agency is ideal for achieving your goals? 

Here are sixtips that can help you make the right choice in Birmingham: 

1.   Define your SEO needs and goals

In order to communicate what you want with your SEO agency, you need to identify your needs and goals. To do this, you need to have a basic understanding of SEO jargon. We recommend that you learn a little about SEO techniques. 

Check the trustworthiness of the Birmingham SEO agencies on your list.

Once you know what you want, you’ll need to find a serious SEO agency that can do the job with you over the long term. But there may be thousands of them out there. It is not easy to find one. There are several ways to be sure of the professionalism of an SEO agency.

2.     Analyze their E-reputation

A good way to check the seriousness of your potential SEO agency is to analyze its reputation on the Web. If it has a certain notoriety, this is a good sign. To do this, look at its actions on social networks: if it is prolific, followed, and possibly generates engagement.

You can also look at her company blog and read some articles to assess her expertise. You can also see their participation in events as a specialist. Finally, you can look for reviews of their work on the Web (Google My business, Forums, social networks, etc.).

3.     Test the ranking of the SEO agency

An SEO agency worthy of the name must be well-positioned in the search results, even if only in its locality. If the agency itself does not manage to rank well in its sector of activity, what can it offer you?

Do not hesitate to type in Google words such as “seo agency” or “SEO agency,” followed by the name of your town. This will allow you to see how well it ranks.

4.     Ask for references and check them.

If this agency has a few years of experience, it must have had some clients. It is a good idea to ask for references, possibly with the results of the actions taken. You can also contact the clients in question directly: this will give you an idea of the agency’s listening skills, communication, and expertise.

5.     Check the financial health of your SEO agency.

Search engine optimization is a long-term job. It can take months, sometimes years, of work to achieve the expected results. You will, therefore, probably have a long-term relationship with your SEO agency.

Changing providers along the way can be fatal. Make sure that your SEO agency is financially sound and not in danger of closing down overnight.

6.     Ask for a meeting with your future SEO agency.

Finally, talk to your SEO agency before you sign with them. Whether by phone, Skype, or in person, ask for a meeting to discuss your expectations and to draw up a quote.

Questions to ask an SEO agency for your SEO

Finding a reliable SEO agency is not as simple as it sounds. You need to ask the right questions to find the Right Agency. So, here are eight questions to ask an SEO agency before you hire them:

What is your philosophy about SEO?

There are several methods to approach SEO in Birmingham. The technical aspects of optimizing a web page, building links, etc. Are just one facet.

There is also a user experience factor that is important to consider. The best SEO agencies approach their techniques as both a science and an art, and they will be eager to explain it to you in the field. 

What is the cost of your SEO services?

The rates charged by different SEO agencies vary greatly, whether they are located in Birmingham, London, or anywhere in The UK. Ideally, your agency should be able to justify its rate in terms of the number of hours spent on your account.

Who will be my point of contact?

If the answer to this question is anything but clear, move on to the next agency! Even if there is no specific person assigned to your account initially, you need to be assured that someone will be working on your account for the time it runs. This person’s job is to understand your needs and expectations and communicate this to your own team. 

How long will it take to see the results?

This is a question usually dreaded by people or agencies doing SEO in Birmingham as often the client is not prepared to accept that optimization takes time and sometimes provides unexpected results. Ask anyway; there is no harm in making your SEO specialist squirm a bit.

Good SEO takes time to develop, usually several months, and results emerge gradually over time. However, experienced SEO specialists can give you a preliminary timeline.

How will I be involved in the process?

Outsourcing to an agency means delegating tasks to free up time, but it should always be a partnership with the agency. With collaboration, you will only strengthen their SEO efforts.

Asking for your specific role in the process will help them set expectations about what they need, and it ensures that you are not kept in the dark about their progress.

What kind of guarantees do you offer?

The harsh reality is that there are no absolute guarantees in search engine optimization. But with prior experience and a thorough understanding of your website, the best agencies are able to achieve effective results for you in an accurate and measurable way.

Be aware that any SEO agency that guarantees you an accurate ranking result will be lying. 

How do you measure SEO success?

Now that we are talking about short or medium-term guarantees let’s look at how to measure success. The answer should go beyond ranking for a particular set of keywords.

What you are looking for in this case is a way to approach and break the phenomenon of seeing more traffic to your site. Once you have ranked your targeted keywords, will you see more conversions and a reasonable bounce rate?

Ask them how they rate the success of their work, and you will learn a lot about them.

Will I get detailed reports on SEO results?

Look for agencies that offer detailed, ongoing reports detailing where they have spent their time, how this has affected the state of your overall campaign and what they plan to do in the future.

A good report expresses a mix of billable hours, results achieved, and continued momentum. Beware of agencies that suggest that all you have to do is call them for an update without them being expected to provide you with detailed and timely reports.

What happens if I decide to terminate our contract?

This can be a tricky question to ask, but you don’t want to invest a huge amount of money in an optimization method and contract that you can never finish.

Even if you plan to stay with the company long term, make sure you have all your options covered just in case. After all, the company wants to be hired, and you are looking to hire someone.


Today, it is estimated that 90% of Internet users only go to the first page of Search Engines for a service or product. This means that hiring an SEO agency can help you expand your business on the Internet. But as simple as it may sound, finding a competent SEO agency that meets your needs can sometimes be difficult. 

Many agencies promise to deliver great SEO without actually being able to do it. Others will go so far as to use questionable techniques (Black Hat SEO) to try to shortcut the normal process of good SEO and bypass the rules of the search engines with all the risks that this entails. 

In this article, I have had the opportunity to discuss several elements that will help you find the right SEO agency.