Best 10 Free Animation Software in 2021

Free Animation Software

This selection includes 2D and free 3D animation software that is suitable for all skill levels and interests. Lets take about free animation softwares which will surely benefit you in terms of time and money.

These days you dont have to spend hundreds of dollars for the animation software you require. Internet and open-source communities have given widespeard to much more than a few outstanding free animation programs for both 2D and 3D.

Whether youre a beginner or a professional, a Windows user or a Mac user, there are plenty of animation programs to choose from: ranging from the ever-popular Blender with its rich features to the simplicity of Animation Paper. 

So lets jump right into some of the best free animation software you can find in 2021!

1. Pencil 2D The best free 2D animation software

Platforms : Windows, Mac, and Linux

The Pencil 2D, a great free 2D animation program for beginners, is excellent. This powerful tool for bitmap and vector animation is free and open-source.

It is easy to use the user interface, which allows you to create color compositions with a pencil, pen, and brush tools. Even those with no previous experience with animation programs, even complete beginners, will be able see what the software can do.

Free Animation Software 1

This tool has layers, a timeline with simple keyframe manipulation, onions-skinning, colors and pressure sensitivity. You can also arrange panels and workspace toolbars to suit your animation needs.

Animation professionals will love the clear, uncluttered timeline. It is easy to add key-frames to different layers, duplicate, modify the frame rate, and create animations quickly with little fuss.

Pencil 2D lives up to its name. It supports 2D animations only.

You can post a project to Freelancer to maximize Pencil 2Ds potential and see what is possible with free software. Even the most basic tools can be used by professional animators to create amazing effects.

The best thing about this animation software? Its free!

Pros Easy to use interface, great for beginners

Cons We are missing advanced features

Users comments:

Pencil2D is the easiest and most simple program to create 2D animations. This program is perfect if you rely on hand-drawn animations frame by frame for your game. Its just not enough if you have any other needs. - Reddit, u/xTMT

Pencil 2D is available for free on your PC. It has a few features but is easy to understand for those who have never used animation software. - @GaelRice on Twitter

2. Animation Paper: The best 2D animation software

Platforms Windows, Mac and Linux (Android and iPad Pro with Pencil in the works)

The 11 best free animation software in 2021 - Image 2

This software is a follow-up to Plastic Animation Paper (PAP) 4.0.

Mac users will be pleased to know that Animation paper is now available for Windows and Mac, unlike its predecessor.

Youll need to grab it while you can, as its currently in alpha. It will be free for both beta and alpha releases. If you wish to upgrade to the final version, you will need to pay $79 once it is out of beta.

You dont need to upgrade as you still have access the beta or alpha versions that you have already installed.

PAP 4.0 is available for free if you need a finished product but dont want it to cost. This product is only for Windows.

Animation Paper has reimagined PAP4.0 from the ground up. We wanted a simpler and more intuitive design. It will remind of traditional light-table animation.

Free Animation Software 2

There are layers, onion-skinning and light setup. You can also use black, red, green and red pens to plan and draw scenes and poses.

Although the application is simple and straightforward, it has many features that can be used to create traditional animation. It will be worth your time to watch the YouTube tutorials.

Youll be able to do a lot with this free animation program once you become familiar with the many icons placed in small windows. You can use the app with your Wacom pressure-sensitive pen.

It also supports touch-screen support. The app has intuitive shortcuts for zooming, rotating, and switching between draw and erase modes.

Pros : Excellent for traditional animation, hand-drawn; intuitive interface

Cons : Slow release schedule

Users comments:

So, Im looking at the alpha version for the newest Animation Paper ( and I have to say, even in this very small alpha form, it is the most intuitive animation program Ive ever had to use. - @StunnerPony Twitter

I am saddened that it has only gotten about 1/16th the funding it requires, but that doesnt mean it must die! - Hayley, YouTube

3. Synfig Studio: The best free open-source 2D animation software

Platforms Windows, Mac, and Linux

The 11 best free animation software in 2021 - Image 3

Synfig Studio, an animation app with many features, is free to download. Synfig offers advanced features, such as vector animation, bitmap, keyframes and onion-skinning, in addition to the standard tools youd find in similar apps.

The application also automatically adds keyframes to ensure a smooth workflow. Although the tool is compatible with touch-screen computers and pressure-sensitive tablets, there have been some reports of minor offsets between Wacom pen cursors and the application screen.

This free animation software also offers some amazing pro features. Synfig supports gradient routes, which allow you to shade your drawings, create vector lines, use grids, onion-skinning, and select from many blend options for your drawing.

Synfig is an excellent application for people who are familiar with animation software.

Pros This powerful software is great for vector animation

Cons Tough learning curve, lack of tutorials

Users comments:

Synfig Studio can animated almost anything. Its however very complicated to use and will take some time to master.

Synfig Synfig is a polished, beautiful features like interpolated animateds and bones/splines, and decent enough documentation. However, its not popular making it hard to find info and tutorials. u/harfyi. Reddit

4. Blender: The best free 3D animation software

Platforms Windows, Mac, and Linux

The 10 best free animation software in 2021 - Image 1

Blender can be used by scientists, engineers, game developers, artists, and other professionals from the industry. This free, open-source motion graphics software has been around for a while and has grown to be a powerful application.

It is not easy to use the application. Blender is fun to use once you are comfortable with the basics.

Blender provides tools for modeling, lighting and video operations after conversion. Blender works on all major operating systems and platforms. OpenGL support will allow you to have a smoother workflow and better performance.

Pros Large community; many tutorials

Cons Learning curve steep and slow

Users comments:

Blender is the best choice. It is as powerful and evolves constantly, but the comminuty of blender is much larger. It is possible to find a tutorial on blender here.

It is also slow. It doesnt manage millions of polygons well or transform them. Its okay for light work, but it doesnt handle heavy scenes very well. - u/Aniso3d. Reddit

5. Krita: The best free 2D animation program to onion-skinning

Platforms Windows, Mac and Linux

The 11 best free animation software in 2021 - Image 5

Krita, another excellent software, is great for both new and experienced artists. It is designed for digital artists and has an intuitive interface. Krita was a digital painting program similar to Photoshop or Paint.Net.

It now supports animation via onion-skinning as well as frame-by-frame vector animation due to the overwhelming support of a 2015 Kickstarter. Krita supports touch screen and drawing tablet support.

Krita is a strong open-source project that offers a wealth of resources, including video tutorials, documentation on vector graphics, japanese animated templates, and downloadable content like texture packs and brush presets.

Free Animation Software 3

You can even program using Python, the most popular programming language.

This animation program is free and available on all platforms, including Linux.

Pros : Strong open-source community, good for painting

Cons : Random crashes

Users comments:

I tried Photoshop but Krita was so much easier to learn than Photoshop. Its closer to a painting program that a photo manipulation software. - Reddit user u/Nightfallkitten

Please dont tell me krita crashed yet i literally just finished eating my cute jellyfish i loathe this - @hornetsandbees. Twitter

6. The best free 3D animation software for browser-based users

Platforms Any browser

The 11 best free animation software in 2021 - Image 6 cloud-based animation software doesnt require any plugins. It offers both basic stick-figure animation as well as polygonal modeling.

You have a wide range of mesh tools to choose from in the software. There are also features such as sub-object editing and modeling features such as subdivision surfaces. You can also tweak the materials with adjustable lighting.

Its simple and clean. If you have any questions, you can reach the community of 80,000 members that has its artwork posted on the cloud.

Pros : Browser access; simple to use

Cons : Slowing development

Users comments:

Just played with from @ExocortexCom. Its amazing! An online 3D animation and modeling app that uses the web to create.fbx files and renders WebGL and V-Ray. Wow! - @gheedough on Twitter

Further, are free, browser-based and seem very good for simple 3d animated. - @therevmountain. Twitter appears a little quiet these days. It is still being supported? - @CarlBateman on Twitter

7. DAZ Studio The best free 3D animation software

Platforms Windows and Mac

The 11 best free animation software in 2021 - Image 7

DAZ Studio allows you to create, render, and animate 3D models. Register, download the software and youre good to go.

It is easy to use, features a fast design engine, and a huge library of materials that can be used to create high-quality animations. It allows users to quickly cover a lot of information. DAZ Studio isnt just for amateurs, but also for professionals.

Daz 3D is responsible for DAZ Studio. After Corel acquired Bryce, Daz 3D was responsible for releasing Bryce 5.5 as a freeware.

Pros : Intelligent interface; photorealistic images; powerful engines

Cons : Fine-tuning animations may be cumbersome

Users comments:

Daz Studios interface is very intuitive. You will most likely get an idea of the workspace the moment you open it. -

But then, of course, you will quickly discover that Daz Studios tools to fix animations are awkward, to be generous. - TheMysteryIsThePoint,

8. OpenToonz The best free 2D animation program to make anime

Platforms Windows and Mac

The 11 best free animation software in 2021 - Image 8

OpenTOpenToonzoonz 2D software is ideal for animators of all levels, whether they are beginners or experienced. OpenToonz has a fun feature that allows for customization.

It is used often by Studio Ghibli, a Japanese animation film studio responsible to movies such as Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and Kikis Delivery Service.

There are many keyboard shortcuts that can be used to quickly render and animated your projects.

The software also offers a large variety of animation effects, including lighting effects and different styles. You dont need to redraw every frame with the softwares onion-skinning or frame-by-frame animated features.

OpenToonz is available for free on both Mac and Windows. OpenToonz has many features so it is recommended that you have plenty of RAM before installing.

Pros : Professional software with a lot of features

Cons : Crashs; steep learning curve

Users comments:

Opentoonz, another one Ive tried, is a little difficult to get used to but has a lot of great features. - @Jarhingeart. Twitter

Opentoonz is the perfect tool to create a video animated. Although it crashed a few time, I still love it. Have a look at it - Reddit, u/DoubLife89

9. Toontastic 3D The best free 3D animation app for your mobile

Platforms Android

The 11 best free animation software in 2021 - Image 9

Google has developed Toontastic3D, a mobile animation application. Its free to download, and anyone can create amazing 3D cartoons and share them with their friends.

You can include photographic images in 3D models, add storyboards and customize music to your projects.

This app is easy to use and great for teaching children the basics of storytelling AND animation.

Pros : Fantastic for storytelling; child-friendly

Cons : You can only create a limited number of characters; sound issues

Users comments:

Toontastic delivers an unmatched level of quality in digital animation apps for free - ideal for engaging learners in creative writing. - @NFLaFave. Twitter

I would definitely include Toontastic, a brilliant free app that allows kids to create short animated films #homeschooling, - @darynsimon on Twitter

The app was good, but it has limited scenes and characters. Haji fangari. Google Play Store review

10. Stykz The best free 2D animation software to use with stick figures

Platforms Windows and Mac

The 11 best free animation software in 2021 - Image 10

StyStykzkz, as the name implies, is an animation program that can be used to create 2D animations from vector figures. It is a great planning tool for animation. Stykz, like most other programs on this list is cross-platform and can be used on Windows or Mac (but not Linux).

Stykz uses features taken from PivotStickFigure. This includes support for STK files. You can import files in STK format that you have already created into Stykz.

Stykz allows you to work with frames, and also uses onion-skinning in order to allow them to transition naturally.

Pros : It is kid-friendly and powerful for what it does

Cons : Stick figures are very limited and basic shapes are not possible

Users comments:

Some 7th graders worked on stick animations last quarter using #stykz programme. - @npover. Twitter

Excellent software for beginners… Thanks - Kevin Cmaker Software Informer

If Pivot is your favorite but you want more features, then Stykz You can import Pivot projects and make more advanced videos. - Reddit